Welcome to the Messianic Literary Corner

An Introduction

The Messianic Literary Corner (MLC) is an independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry launched in 1997 by Marshall Beeber, a Messianic Jew (Hebrew Christian) since 1973.  It's original poetry ministry continues with the works of over seventy poets.  MLC has evolved in its format to encompass studies in gracious freedom, basic prophecy, scientific and archaeological apologetics and poetry. It also has a Facebook Community Page and Facebook Group.   Read more "About the Messianic Literary Corner"

Torah Observances & New Covenant Freedoms!

There is only one Gospel whose power and gracious freedom overcomes sin and death throughout the world. But if the Gospel's freedom is suppressed for the sake of upholding the Law (Torah), then those that put Torah above the Gospel of grace and freedom are scriptually admonished to abandon the contradictory elements of their theology and submit their Torah observance to New Covenant principles. You can read more on this topic at the "MLC Grace Study Series" site. 

Challenging Modern Secular Biblical Archaeology Thought!

In recent years many Biblical archaeologists have abandoned their long held "Biblical-Historical" approach in research to a secular one. Some insist the Bible should no longer be the focus of the discipline. Despite the accumlating archaeological and geological evidence testifying to major Biblical events, many academics refuse to accept such evidence since it contradicts their secular archeological and geological theories . You can read more on this topic at the "Challenging Biblical Archaeology" site.

Science, Supernatural & Scripture!

Articles on science and biblical prophecy challenging the presumption that all biblical prophesy is nothing more than mere myth. Topics include: creation theory, collapsing universe theory, global flood account, and global pollution. Other articles focus attention on biblically related phenomena and their plausible scientific explanations.  Topics includes "comet impact theories", "prophecy and the neutron bomb" and "new Shroud of Turin evidence".  You can read more at "Science, Supernatural & Scripture"

MLC Poetry Collection (Over 70 poets!)

The Messianic Literary Corner,  formerly the Messianic Poetry Corner. was launched in 1997.  It's original poetry ministry continues with the works of over seventy poets. You can browse through our poetry postings in our "New Poetry Showcase" and "Endtime Poetry Showcase" or select from artists by their names in the Poet Index.  You can explore our poetry  at "MLC Poetry Collection".