Poetry of Graham Barlin

African lion

Graham Barlin is a part time writer who was born and has lived in Southern Africa all his life. Living in this part of the world it is inevitable that his outlook should be influenced by both the political turmoil and the natural beauty that it has had to offer.
Many of his poems are concerned with spiritual realities stemming from his deeply rooted personal Christian faith and his great love for the written Word of God.
Graham lives in Pretoria with his wife Janet and two teenage children Sarah and Timothy.
Blessings in the Messiah,

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by Graham M Barlin


To be a man of God,

No earthly joy compares,

There is no price that can be paid

No worldly gift so fair.


A tongue that can't be twisted,

Two eyes that can't be lured,

A heart that can't be bought with gold

A mind that can't be snared.


How precious in God's sight are these

And yet to find, so rare.

A godly man that walks the earth

A Glory beyond compare.


Back To Earth

by Graham M Barlin

When the cries of tumult echo

Down the halls of passing time,

And history's page is littered

With conflicts lost or won,

When the bones of men lie scattered

Beneath a blazing sun,

Return to earth my brother,

The battle has just begun.


Though the fallen lie forgotten

In the crust of dusty earth

And she rolls on retarded

By the weight of Adam's curse,

Though the sky be filled with darkness

And our filth infect the sea,

Return to earth my brother

'Tis how He said it would be.


Though memories fade like embers

as the sun begins to set,

He will return in Glory

Yes, He who does not forget.

Though glory to man is nothing

But the glow of passing fame,

Return to earth my brother

And you will be born again.


Graham M Barlin

Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa





(Written in Gutu 1st August 1980)


Dare we take Thee at thy Word

God of thunder, God of Sword?

Dare we trust the things You’ve said

About the living and the dead?

Dare we hold You’re promise fast

That Abraham’s seed was never lost?

Dare we doubt that You will come

To rule from Zion, battle won?

Dare we believe that You are King

Master of all and everything?

Dare we put all our trust in Thee?


If we do not, how dare we?




(Bulawayo 30/06/86)


As a ship upon the ocean

So is life’s race to me

The end from the beginning

Upon a mighty sea.


Fresh from the harbor fleeting

Across the mottled bay]

Out into high adventure

And youth’s sweet fragrant spray.


With pregnant heart pulsating

And dreams traced in the skies

With compass true directing

To far and distant shores.


To ride the wind of favor

And catch the Eastern Trade

Laying hold of all life’s promise

With every stretch of sail.


To face the storm clouds darkening

And breach the heavy swell

To breast the batt’ring billows

And the screeching squalls of hell.


To lie becalmed at sunset

‘Neath star bespangled sky,

Awaiting soft wind’s whisper

And comfort’s gentle sigh.


Then to the distant city

With portals winged with gold,

And steadfast heart rejoicing

And banners bright unfurled.


As a ship upon the ocean

So is life’s race to me

The end but a beginning

Upon that mighty sea.





He’s the Sheriff of the Universe

Yahshua* is His name

He rides a white horse called Glory

And Salvation is his game.


He’s got us all well covered

By the power of His Blood

And He holds the worlds to ransom

In the greatness of His love.


With the six-gun of His Word

He keeps the devil on the run

At the Calvary Corral shoot-out

Satan lost,Yahshua won.


His posse is a happy band

Of pardners like me and you

And He’s called us to His party

At the Heavenly Bar-B-Que.


So make sure that He’s your closest friend

Not just a hired gun,

Yahshua is the Sheriff

God’s brave and fearless Son.


* Yahshua, the correct Hebrew, namecan be

substituted with King Jesus for those who prefer.