Poetry of Bruce Buckner

My name is Bruce Buckner, I have been a believer my whole life of GOD JESUS CHRIST. I was baptizied in 1983. I spoke in tongues as GOD poured into my soul  and blessed me throughout my life.  I am a follower of his works and his deeds. There is so much more that needs to be done on this planet and just getting HIS WORD out there and letting other folks no that there is a GOD means a lot to me.  Give it to GOD when your burdens are heavy , Give it to GOD today so that you may have a internal  life in GODS Kingdom. They All Said Amen!

Never again will I forsake him!Never again will I forget him! Because he is my savior & friendHe is the Alpha & OmegaThe beginning and the end. By Bruce Buckner 24/7He is always there when I need him 24/7 He is my friend, when I am down and bluAll I got to do is get on my knees and prayJust ask for his forgiveness, my lord is quick To cleanse me. Praise Jesus, Praise GODThanks  to you lord. I love you Jesus! By Bruce Buckner  

The Truth
I am the seeker of one faith, one GOD.So many denomination who is right? The Person who knows his heart Knows GOD. Amen! By Bruce Buckner  

The Son-Father-Holy Ghost
My eyes have turned to the one above.The Son of GOD is who I speak of, he the Lord GOD almighty who I love. I put my trustIn him. So come of people of this world. Put You faith to the test, let Jesue know you are Going to do you best! He gave his life so thatWe may live. That we would be forgiven of our Ungodly sins. So turn eyes to the Son ask for his Forgiveness, for Jesus is the only one. By Bruce Buckner

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