MLC End Time Poetry Showcase

The Messianic Literary Corner,  formerly the Messianic Poetry Corner. was launched in 1997.  It's original poetry ministry continues with the works of over seventy poets. You can browse through our poetry postings in our "New Poetry Showcase" and "Endtime Poetry Showcase" or select from artists by their names in our "Poet Menus".  We hope you will enjoy the wealth of poetic "God-Praising" talent we have at MLC.  If you are or know of talented Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian) or Gentile Christian poets who love the Jewish People and would like to post their poetry at MLC, feel free to contact me.

In Messiah's grace,

Marshall Beeber (MLC Director and fellow poet)

Poems of Marshall Beeber

Shalom Shalom

Through A Dimly Lit Corridor

The Shofar's Blast

Will It Matter

From Her Mouth To God's Ears


Poems of Leelia Cornell

The Nations Assemble

Birthed to Living Hope

The Great Day of the Lord

The Crushing

The Fury

The Shaking


Poems of Eva

Next Year In Jerusalem

The Dream

For Jerusalem's Sake

The Mighty Exodus

Will You Drink of My Cup?

Apocalypse..For Such a Time!

G-d's Wrath Is Just!

Set The Watch In The Night


Poems of James F. Hill

Light The World

Captured Spirit

Solid Israel

Loving Warrior King

Jerusalem As Always

To The Mount: Moriah

History: Your Messiah Till Then

In Search of Home


Poems of Fred Klett

Hymn For High Holidays


Poems of Pastor Edward Ludwig

A Homicide Bombing In Jerusalem


Poems of Peggy McIlveene

I'll Pour My Spirit On Mankind

Were Not Destined For Wrath

New Heavens & A New Earth

Marching Towards Eternity

The Lake Of Fire


Poems of Dee Sadler

The Jewish People

His Portrait

Get Ready

The Cohen Ha Gadol