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Lift up your voices for the suffering.

For those prisoners bound with chains!

Cry aloud and spare not!

Let your tears run down like rain!


Throughout the earth this very hour,

Countless Christians are losing their lives

For the sake of the glorious Gospel,

For the mark of that glorious prize.


Be chained with them, My brethren!

Intercede for them day and night!

Let your own hearts break for love of them

Until the "break of morning light"!


Say not to yourselves, "I knew it not!"

Boldly stand for all that is true!

No! Do not shut your eyes or ears

To My Spirit, Who is alive in you!


Intercede for them, My kinsmen!

Cry aloud! Let your voices be heard

For the countless many led to their death

While their brethren sleep undisturbed!





Will you drink of My cup, dear child?

You know not what you ask!

Yes, I know that you love Me

And your soul on Me you've cast.


Only look deep into My cup,

And I'll cause your eyes to see

That to drink from My cup, My child,

You'll suffer greatly for Me.


You'll be hated for My Name's sake,

And that without a just cause.

You'll be "turned in" by your enemies

For spurning their unrighteous laws.


You'll be ridiculed and scorned

And will suffer even worse.

You'll be greatly misunderstood,

Forsaken, and even cursed!


You'll suffer loneliness, sorrow,

Heartache and great despair.

At times, you'll feel so all alone,

Questioning if I'm really there.


You'll be killed all the day long;

For My Name, you'll embrace your cross,

Daily surrendering your own will

And fully counting the cost.


'Til the day you've entered My gates

When your life on earth is done.

'Til the day you stand before Me

And hear Me say, "Well done!"


Yes, drink deeply of My cup, child

For I know all who are Mine.

Take up your cross and follow Me

And leave the world behind!



Apocalypse... For Such a Time!

Where is the L-RD

In the midst of this darkened world?

Where is His Light,

His banner of love unfurled?

What shall I say

When the storm seems at its worst?

Where is the vision

When all seems lost and cursed?

Where is the hope

Reaching out to humanity?

What peace of mind

Can ever calm this troubled sea?

O' stormy wind,

O' heavenly cloud arising,

O lightning flashing,

O' vision polarizing,

I lift up my eyes

To shattering light steering

Through all darkness:

A vision is now appearing.

G-D's fiery presence

Moving upon wheels and wings,

Arrayed for battle:

Behold the King of Kings!


Your holy vision has become mine.


Truth revealed "for such a time".

G-D is faithful,

Who daily watches o'er His own

Through darkest night.

He still rules from His glorious throne.



G-D is knocking upon nations' doors;

He desires to be let in.

How very cold and dark the night

In a world embossed by sin!


What nation would open up to Him?

What fear of G-D would take heart

In the midst of those who proudly say,

"You're not welcomed here, now depart!"?


Judge for yourselves for all you see;

The end is not so far away!

G-D is just for His loosening

His wrath upon the world today!



You will find no fear in me,

Not even the fear of man!

I have learned to rest secure

In my Father's loving hands.


Let me brag for a moment

(No, for all eternity);

There is no G-D like YHWH,

Not on land, in sky, or at sea!


He is my L-RD and Savior,

A powerful G-D is He!

There are no words to describe

The joys He has given me.


His peace is like a river:

A glorious healing stream

Ever flowing, heart-to-heart,

Refreshing, pure, and serene.


It's a joy to testify

Of G-D's goodness all my days!

I owe Him my allegiance,

Adoration, love, and praise.


I'll not cease to brag on Him!

He's my Truth, my Life, my Way.

Why should I fear tomorrow

When He's in my heart today?



Through much tribulation,

I am bringing My own.

In the Light of My Glory,

I am leading you home.


Every trial and every test

Which have been sent your way

Was sent to perfect you

And to teach you to obey.


Though you might not see

Or fully understand,

The challenges sent you

Were designed by My hand.


I am working My perfect will,

Strengthening you day-by-day.

Soon, child, you'll be grateful

For those life's lessons sent your way.


It's My desire to make you

Flexible for My sake;

For when the storm winds blow,

You'll bend, child, and not break.




Set the watch in the night, My beloved.

Let not the hour fall upon you unaware.

Arise, for the storm is fast approaching.

Do not falter!  In My Name, go to prayer!


Arise, O' My watchmen, stand your tower,

For the enemy roams about in the night.

He is seeking after prey to devour.

Watch and pray!  Stand your watch 'til morning light!


Arise, stand strong in Me, O' My people.

Can you not for one hour watch and pray?

For the hour of destruction is approaching.

Set the watch in the night!  Now is the day!



Spirit of Life, fully divine,

Breath of the Father, His promised sign,

Your holy Presence came down from above:

G-D's goodness, mercy, compassion, and love.

Light of the morning, rich, pure and free,

You are most welcomed to dwell in me.

Shine in my being, enlighten my eyes,

Revealer of truth, Exposer of lies.

Lead me, guide me, and help me to grow.

Bind me fast to You.  Never let me go!

Comforter, Counselor, Helper, and Friend,

Ours is a love that shall never end.


G-D's judgment begins with His people

Before He starts judging the world.

Materialism and compromise

Are the two sins in G-D's House unfurled.


Today, many professing Christians

Are for the most part, running scared.

Compromise has been the pressing issue;

Doctrinal truth is no longer shared.


Holy reverance for the House of G-D

Has been forgotten or tossed aside.

Avarice, adultery, idolatry,

Even sodomy now there abides.


Rejecting the whole of G-D's Holy Word,

Even downplaying the "virgin birth"

And denying the deity of Jesus,

They've truly bastardized salvation's worth.


What's even worse, they've now joined hands

With all religions from every place.

Assuming that all roads lead to G-D,

They've literally slapped Him in the face.


Released this day is a brief word of warning:

Let all who have spiritual ears to hear

What G-D's Spirit is saying to His people,

"Repent, cry aloud with all godly fear!


"How long will you halt between two opinions?

How long will you stand upon unholy sod?

Return, return, return O' My people!

No more Canaanites in the House of G-D!"




Pray tonight for Israel’s nation,

For added strength to see her through.

Pray especially for her safety

And peace of mind for what she must do.


Pray that G-D would guard and guide her

Through the dark and stormy sea.

Pray that He would lead her onward

‘Til secured is her victory.


Hear the sound of revving engines:

Birds on standby soon to take flight.

Pray G-D give Israel added courage

To destroy her enemies’ nuclear sites.





Shame on you and on your leaders

For abandoning Israel tonight!

Though she’s been your greatest ally,

Still you pressure her to give up her rights.


Who made you lord over My People?

Who made you ruler over My Land?

You’ve become brutish, vain and corrupt!

What powers have you against Me to stand?


I’d raised you up a light to the nations;

You were a blessing from sea to sea

Until the day you’d spurned My Ways,

Turned your back, and departed from Me.


Is there hope in your latter end?

Blessing or cursing:  You must choose!

How you treat My beloved nation

Will let Me know if you’ll win or lose.




America’s leaders are leading us nowhere,

Walking in darkness away from the light,

Leaders “sworn in” with their hands on the Bible

While mocking G-D’s Word and rejecting what’s right.


They’re shameless corrupters with self-serving interests:

Haters of G-D filled with evil contempt.

Look at the course our Nation is taking

Through such leaders who are fully “hell bent”!


Our choices today will affect us tomorrow!

It’s our children’s children who’ll suffer our wrong;

For the consequence of our electing such leaders

Has weakened America: a nation once strong.


What account shall we give one day to our children

In regards to our “sin-sick” society?

What reason shall we give for America’s downfall?

The reason has to do with you and me!


Is there hope for our Nation?  Yes and amen!

America must return to G-D once again.

We must choose to serve Him with all of our hearts;

For only then will He heal and restore our land.


Then we must “break the silence”, “speak out”, and “offend”;

It’s time to kick immorality out the door!

We must vote in strong leaders after G-D’s own heart,

Who will restore America to greatness once more.


 Yes, our choices today will affect us tomorrow.

It’s time to change course while it is yet “day”!

For nothing’s impossible with G-D on our side,

As long as we hearken to Him and obey.




I do not know what lies ahead,

Whatever my life may entail.

I only know that I am His

And that His love will never fail.

He is the Shepherd of my heart;

My life is fully in His hands.

He will ever lead and guide me

On the road to the Promised Land.

Through ever test and every trial,

I've learned to trust Him with my soul,

My life, my breath, my everything.

My G-D is forever "in control".




"Right hand, left hand::

You must choose!

Life or death.

Win or lose.

It's My will that

You choose to live;

No other choices

Do I give."   - YHVH G-D





Launch out into the deep!

Let down your nets for a draught.

I am now calling My fishermen

To believe Me and not doubt.


Though you have toiled throughout the night

And have taken nothing in,

I say to you, "Launch out once more!"

Let not your faith grow shallow or dim.


Believe Me at My Word!

In My Name, go out once again.

Cast in your nets, for heaven's sake,

To the rescuing of lost men.


Only hearken unto My Voice

And allow Me to have My way .

I, the L-RD of the Harvest,

Am now sending you forth this day.


The world is that vast and deep ocean

Where its captives are swallowed still.

Launch out once more, for love of your G-D,

And return with your nets overfilled.



Upon the winds of worship and praise,
My soul doth soar on high
Into the realms of heavenly bliss,
Way past the earthen sky,
Past every earthly care and woe,
Weariness and sorrow,
Rising higher than an eagle
With no thought of tomorrow.
Arise, arise, O' distraught soul!
Enter ye through heaven's door.
Upon the winds of worship and praise,
Be refreshed, renewed, restored
In the holy presence of the L-RD.

The Bible is hidden from the world today;
In many countries, it's strictly forbidden.
In the West, it's far from churches "cold and dead",
where the Holy Spirit of G-D is ridden.
How far we've drifted, we people of G-D,
From the Truth, the Life and the Way!
It's time, O' Church, to clean up G-D's House
And rededicate our hearts today!
It's time to get on our knees and pray,
Reopening His Holy Word and then
It's time to weep sorely and repent
And return to the L-RD once again.
It's our brokenness over our sin
That delays G-D's judgment impendent.
G-D's calling His people to return to His ways
And to receive His grace more abundant.
G-D's Word is alive and ever shall be,
Awaiting those called by His Name
To preach His Word uncompromised,
With boldness and without shame.




O’ fearful heart in a barren land,

Come and find rest for your wearied soul.

Surrender to the G-D of Heaven

And allow Him to have full control.


He has promised to never leave you.

He knows your every need.

Drink deeply of His Spirit, child,

That your burdened soul be freed.


How unfathomable are His riches,

His great mercy, love and grace.

Lift up, lift up, dear child of G-D,

And bless Him with a song of praise!


For He is ever watchful, listening.

He delights in the songs He hears,

Especially during the midnight hour

When the trying of your faith is near.


Trust in the L-RD with all your heart.

Trust in His plan and design.

Hold tight to His hand; He’ll not fail you.

He’ll be with you throughout all time.


There's always been a Haman,

A Hitler, a Hussein:

Satan's evil cohorts

Who would spur the nations to blame

The children of Israel

For all the world's upheavals,

Like economic woes,

Bad weather... unbelievable!

But what is really behind

The vile hatred of the Jews?

You won't find the answer

On the "six o' clock" news.

Why are the Jews so hated?

The answer is not so odd!

They constantly remind the world

Of the True and Living G-D.





Streams of light broke through my window

After a night of torrential rain,

Where lightning flashed and the voice of thunder

Added to my dismal pain.

The grief and anguish that I'd carried

Was much too hard for me to bear.

I'd felt abandoned and all alone,

Believing no one truly cared.

I'd wished my life would be released

To that longed for heavenly shore,

Where peace at last would comfort me

And life's struggles would be no more.

Tired and weary, I'd fallen asleep,

Leaving all cares and burdens behind.

I'd dreamt that I was lifted up

To joys unspeakably pure and divine.

Soaring high on eagles wings,

Far above the mountain heights,

The "child" in me reached out and touched

The beautiful stars that lit up the night.

Forgotten was my pain-filled heart,

Which cried out from a wounded soul.

All hurt had vanished, as did my fears,

Leaving me healed and ever wit whole.

Refreshed, renewed, I soon awakened

To blessed hope and peace sublime.

G-D's radiant mercy had greeted me

As it had greeted me time after time.




There is a holy resting place

My L-RD has set apart for me,

Where streams of living waters flow

Out from that crystal sea.


How beautiful I find it there!

How very peaceful and serene!

Heaven is not so far away,

For I've walked it in my dreams.


But one day soon, I'll fly away

To that far off distant shore

And join the ranks of saints and angels

When my life on earth is o'er.


What love and joy shall fill my heart,

Vanquishing all suffering and pain!  

What blessed peace shall flood my soul 

Like refreshing showers of rain!


It's there that I'll meet my Savior,

Who'll say "Welcome home, child!  Well done!"

What joys there are awaiting me!

What victories for me He had won!


There is a holy resting place

My L-RD has set apart for me.

It's a place I often come to

Where my Savior meets with me;


It's a place of great refreshing,

Renewal, and so much more;

It's a place where I am welcomed

When I knock on Heaven's Door.




In a world filled with hatred, violence, and crime,

Great depression, sorrow, and woe,

There is still hope for you, dear child.

I wouldn't tell you if it were not so.


You're of great value; you're not a mistake

As the Devil would want you to believe.

G-D loves you more than you'll ever know.

Trust in Him, precious one, and receive.


His Salvation awaits you with opened arms.

Look to the Cross, to Messiah's victory!

No greater love will you ever find

Than the love displayed there to set you free.


Turn to G-D and turn away from your sins.

Allow Yeshua to enter your heart.

True peace and joy will then flood your soul;

His Holy Spirit to you He'll impart.


He'll lead you and guide you everyday.

Through the Bible, you'll discover His ways.

His truth shall uphold you wherever you go

If you will follow His Voice and obey.


It's not "by chance" you are reading this note.

G-D's love has been drawing you through the years.

He knows who you are and where you have been.

He knows your anguish, your doubts, and your fears.


It's my solemn prayer you'll surrender your life

To the One Who is called "Faithful and True".

Your new life can begin this very day.

The decision, child, is now left to you.


"For G-D so loved the world, that He gave His only

begotten Son [Yeshua haMeshiach] that whosoever

believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting

life." - John 3:16





What shall I do, L-RD?

What shall I do?

Bless and not curse, L-RD:

This shall I do!


I'll pray for all sinners.

I'll pray for the lost.

I'll carry life's burdens

To Calvary's Cross,


Where flows the fountain

Of Your glory divine,

Where's found forgiveness

For all of mankind.


That's where I'd met You,

Your love and Your grace,

Your heart of compassion

For the whole human race.


I'll now live my new life, L-RD:

This shall I do

For love of my neighbor,

And for love of You!



July 2012



Unfolding revelation

Now in our time.

G-D's Spirit of Wisdom,

Fully divine,


The purified mind


With understanding

Of end-time events.

G-D's holy messengers

Throughout earth will be sent

To pronounce His judgment

Upon governments,


Upon nations and rulers,

Upon great and small,

Upon kings and priests,

Upon one and all:

Upon the countless ones

Who've rejected His call.


A great shaking of lands

Both far and near

Will soon escalate,

For His coming draws near.

Prepare, O' prepare

And with all godly fear!


Great persecution

Of G-D's faithful is come,

Upon those who believe

In His Risen Son.

Stay true to His Word!

It is finished!  It is done!


"Be bold and courageous!

Stand fast and stand true!

The line has now been drawn

Between the world and you.

Hold tight to My hand,

I AM the Faithful and True!


"The ruler of darkness

Has no place in Me,

Though he mocks and he jeers

All those I've set free.

His time will be short;

He'll soon bend his knee!"


July 2012


When the forces of Hell are arrayed against you

Stay the course, child, and steady your soul.

Be determined, persevere, and never give up,

For the L-RD your G-D is still in control!


Perseverance will lead you through the fiercest storms,

Unleashing your courage through life’s troubled seas.

It will guide you towards the right direction

As long as you keep your eyes stayed on Me.


Press on, My dear child (and against all odds),

Allowing nothing and no one to hold you back,

Neither family nor friends nor life’s tragedies.

Whatever your need, I’ll be more than you lack.


Boldly run the race that is set before you!

Though Hell fights against you, it cannot prevail.

Persevere, don’t give up, stand and stay the course!

Hold tight to My hand, child!  My love will not fail.


July 2012



"Cast aside your doubts and reasonings.

Trust in Me and in My Holy Word.

I will give you all understanding,

Eyes of enlightenment undisturbed.


"My Holy presence will e'er be with you.

My strength will carry you through life's race.

Follow Me in all My leading

And you'll bear witness to My love and grace.


"Heed My call to ascend My Mountain;

From there you'll see a much broader view

Of Mount Olivet, of  Jerusalem,

And of Golgotha awaiting you.


"Such is the path for all who would follow

The Truth, The Life, and The Way;

For without a cross, there can be no crown

On that glorious resurrection day.


"The hour is late! Gross darkness is looming.

Arise, O' arise, ye Children of Light!

I will not leave you nor will I fail you.

Be clothed in My armor, now enter the fight!"


 Eva, August 2012



G-D's grace and mercy intensifies,

Though end-time tensions abound.

Heard in the top of the mulberry trees

Is a heavenly, rustling sound.


Enlisted by G-D's Holy Spirit,

G-D's army awaits His sign

To go forth and to conquer,

Following His orders divine.


"Go out, go out to battle now,

You soldiers of the L-RD!

For G-D has gone before you

With His ever glistening sword.


"Therefore, arise, you intercessors!

Stand guard, you watchmen of the night!

Be fully clothed in G-D's armor!

He's your covering, now enter the fight!


"His victory there awaits you.

No, you'll not fight alone!

The L-RD G-D of hosts is with you,

Ever with you 'til you get home."




Who can destroy a nation

Whose Maker and City is G-D,

A nation He redeemed to Himself

Through His beloved Son's precious blood?


Tell me, what demon from Hell

Against G-D's power can stand?

None!  No demon from Hell

Or evil power from man!


Our G-D is Majestic,

Worthy of all our love and praise.

He is our blessed Creator:

Our Holy Ancient of Days.


Awake, O' soul, and humbly bow!

Awake, O' soul!  Rejoice and sing!

Awake, O' soul!  The time is now

To stand in honor of the King!


Tell me, what demon from Hell

Against G-D's power can stand?

None!  No demon from Hell

Or evil power from man!


Our G-D is Majestic!

He's still sitting high on His throne.

He's still the strength of His people

And He'll never leave them alone.



Though the world is seething in darkness,

Do not fear, you children of Light!

For My holy power shall sustain you;

Walk by faith and not by sight!


Your enemies are My enemies.

I am your Buckler, Shield, and Sword.

No weapon shall prosper against you;

Stand fast to My Holy Word!


Though the night is growing darker,

My Light is brighter, brighter still,

Shining through the lives of My people

As they continue to do My will.



Day and night the trains keep rolling,

Rolling, rolling down the tracks.

Hear their eerie whistles blowing

What deep, dark secrets do they mask?


Awake you slumberers, awake!

Arouse yourselves from your sleeping!

Look around you and discern;

History is again repeating.


Rise up! Rise up! 

Lift up your voices!

Break through the silence!

Be ever concerned!


Stand up!  Stand up!

Be a voice for the voiceless!

It's well past the hour

For history's lessons learned.


The horrors of the Holocaust

Are not myths as some suppose.

Its evil specter is still around

Hear the death trains' whistle's blow.





The past is not past

But ever present.

History still points us

To great lessons unlearned,


Such as the Holocaust

(The Sho'ah - "mass slaughter"),

Where fiery ovens

Continuously burned.


Systematic evil,

State-sponsored evil,

Mass killing, mass murder

Without neutrality,









Great malice,

Bloody gore.


The past is not past

But ever present

Knocking, knocking

On the world's door.




Though the night is growing ever darker,

The Light of G-D’s glory shines brighter still

Upon those who name the Name of Yeshua,

Upon those who seek to do His will,

Upon those who love His soon appearing,

Upon those who work His work divine,

Upon those who bring Him all the glory,

Upon those who believe for His wonders and signs

For the saving and healing of the lost and the hurting,

For the deliverance of captives bound in chains,

For the Cross of Meshiach that proved victorious,

For the King of Kings Who ever reigns.

Though the night is growing ever darker,

The light of G-D’s glory shines brighter still

Through the hearts and lives of His dear children

Who desire nothing more than to do His will.




They say wisemen still follow

That Daystar that leads them home

To that Holy City, Jerusalem,

Where YAHUAH rules from His throne.

In all life’s generations,

Wisemen still point to Him,

To thattiny Babe in the manger

Born todie for all of mankind’s sins.

[ JOHN 3:16-17 ]





Whatever lies before you, child, your path in Me is set.

Fear not about tomorrow.  No!  Do not worry.  Do not fret.

Though trials and tests await you, you'll never walk alone.

Fear not about tomorrow, for My light shall lead you on. 

Though tribulation awaits you, under My wings you'll securely abide.

Fear not about tomorrow, child.  You shall not be denied.




We've an almighty Intercessor 

Sitting high upon Heaven's throne,

Who is ever interceding. 

No!  We've not been left alone!

What joy, what peace He has given

To those who seek His face,

Who humbly bow before Him:

Partakers of His Amazing Grace!

Yes! Our L-RD is interceding

For His beloved day and night,

Delivering us out of darkness

And into His marvelous Light.



Just beyond the veil, I see

A heavenly throng around G-D's throne.

Such holy worship I've never seen:

A glorious vision in me He's sown.

What pain and sorrow I've endured

In earthly life, no one has known

But G-D alone, Who prods my soul

And lifts me up to world's unknown.

O' heavenly bliss, on wings I'll arise

And sail towards shores awaiting me,

Where I shall gain the victor's crown

And join those saints in Yeshua set free

Beyond the veil and crystal sea.



On foreign fields,

Their feet did trod

For love of man,

For love of G-D.


They lost their lives

For freedom’s sake.

In CHRIST alone,

They did partake:


They shared His bread.

They shared His wine.

They healed the sick,

The lame, the blind.


They raised the dead.

They preached G-D’s Word.

They cleansed the lepers,

Whose cries He’d heard.


They delivered the captives;

From sin, they set them free.

They heard G-D’s voice calling.

“Come follow Me!


“Come follow Me

To lands unknown,

To fields of green,

To lands unsown.


“Rejoice in Me


Go through, go through

My opened door.”




L-RD, I give You all my yesterdays.

Help me to trust You for all my tomorrows.

It’s today, I’ll live my life for You:

For from the future, I cannot borrow.


Thank you for daily opportunities

To glorify Your Name,

To live for You, to die for You.

No! I’ll not live my life in vain!


For all the todays that You give me, L-RD,

I’ll live to the fullest for You.

And I’ll trust You for all my tomorrows,

Believing that You’ll  bring me through.





Today, tomorrow, and forever, L-RD,

Lead me on towards Your Promised Land,

Where days are bright and there’s no more night

As promised by the Great I AM. 


For I love You, L-RD, with all of my life:

My mind, my strength and my soul.

Lead me on, Dear Shepherd of my heart,

To that pasture I’ve so longed to behold.


“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that entereth not

by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some

other way, the same is a thief and a robber.  But he

that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the

sheep.  To him the porter openeth; and the sheep

hear his voice:  And he calleth his own sheep by

name, and leadeth them out.  And when he putteth

forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the

sheep follow him:  For they know his voice.  And a

stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him:

For they know not the voice of strangers”

(John 10:1-5).




Let faith arise in you, dear child.

Soar away to that higher ground.

Look up!  Look up!  Be free in Me!

Look up!  Quit looking around!


Be baptized in My holy presence.

Trust Me with all your heart.

Allow My Spirit to have My way

And I promise I’ll do My part.


I’ll open your eyes of understanding,

Enabling you to see

That I am ever with you, child.

Keep your eyes fully focused on Me.


Claim every promise found in My Word;

For I’ll not fail you, never!

I’ll awaken in you such holy desires.

I’ll be with you, forever and ever.


My grace is your sufficiency;

It’s in your weakness you’re made strong.

Lean heavily upon My strength, dear child.

Trust in Me, and follow along.


Within you rests all Heavenly Hope.

My Spirit Who will see you through.

Let faith arise in you, My child!

Believe Me, and watch what I’ll do.





Help me to fulfill my calling, L-RD,

According to Your plan.

Help me to follow You all my days.

Lead me on towards Your Promised Land.

Help me to “daily” live for You

From “sunup” to “sundown”.

Help me to run the race to win,

That I might receive my Victor’s Crown.

I need Your strength and Your wisdom,

To daily see me through.

Yes, help me to fulfill my calling, L-RD,

For love and devotion to You.



The reins of America must return to the godly

In order for America to thrive.

Integrity must be restored to her government;

Only then will America survive.


Renewed obedience to G-D’s laws and commands

Must rule o’er America once more,

Along with compassionate care and sympathy

Towards her needy and poor.


America’s society is spiritually dying;

Revival is the only solution.

The only cure for her problems and ills

Is through a “godly revolution”.


But it first must begin in the House of G-D

Through a people called by His Name,

Who’ll humbly seek His face in prayer

And turn far from their wickedness and shame.


GOD is well able to deliver America

And to heal her sin-sick society.

He alone is the Key to America’s restoration;

What’s required of her is her bended knee.




Great oppression, deep depression,

Hatred, envy, murder, wrath,

Trembling terror, fear, anguish,

Death and destruction along the path;


Gossip, slander, libel, cursing,

Accusation, endless strife,

Mischief, guile, flattery, lies,

Wagging tongues that cut like a knife;


Arrogant pride, incontinence,

Avarice, lust, and slavery:

These are the tactics of the one Christ defeated

When He bore our sins at Calvary.




Hear the voices in the wind

Calling you, Jerusalem

Hear the voices in the wind

Calling you to worship Him.

Worship Him! O’ worship Him!

Worship Him, Jerusalem!

Worship Him! O’ worship Him!

Worship Him, Jerusalem!

Hear the voices in the wind

Calling you, Jerusalem.

Hear the voices in the wind

Calling you to worship Him.

Lift your heart! Lift your mind!

Lift your soul, Jerusalem!

Lift your heart filled with praise

To the Mighty Great I AM!

Hear the voices in the wind

Calling you, Jerusalem.

Ancient voices in the wind

Calling you to worship Him.

Magnify His Holy Name!

Join those voices in the wind!

Glorify His Holy Name,

You who love Jerusalem!


Man has seen what man could do.

Now, the world needs to see a more different view:

G-D’s people returning to their place in Him,

Divorcing themselves from worldliness and sin.

With prayer, G-D’s power, and proclamation,

Let the Church arise in renewed dedication.

As G-D’s children of Light: His holy seed,

Let us take up our crosses and follow His lead.

It’s time to rally around the Cross,

Remembering Christ died to save the lost.

Away with pride and men’s applause!

Let’s return unto G-D and to His holy laws.

When man’s wicked laws rule o’er the land,

We have nothing “solid” upon which to stand.

There’s a Judge over judges we live for today,

Who alone, is the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

Let’s hold up G-D’s standards, His laws and His commands;

We’ve a choice to please G-D or to please man.

Let the “true and living” Church arise now and shine

Obeying G-D’s voice, supreme and divine!

It’s time to move forward in G-D’s purpose and plan,

For we’ve been brought forth in this hour to stand.

What’s written in G-D’s Holy Word is ever so true:

“Draw near unto G-D and He’ll draw near unto you”.

Gross darkness is coming and will soon cover the world.

G-D’s judgments are set and will fully be unfurled.

The death angel o’er Egypt will await His command.

“Get your houses in order!” says the Great I AM.



Who are you that you should silence my voice? 

I will speak, though you gag me with a thousand “gag orders”. 

Try to catch the wind!  It is there that my voice is found joined together

With those ageless voices who are still crying out for justice in our time.


My voice will not be silenced by tyranny!

It will not be silenced against all wickedness and oppression!

It shall not turn away a “blinded eye” or a “deafened ear”

To the suffering, wretched sounds surrounding my soul.


Catch the wind if you can!  Can you tell me where it goes and

From where it comes again?  You shall hear my voice in your sleep

And you shall be weary of it!  Like a fire wildly burning out of control,

It shall consume you and cause your heart to tremble with fear.


The winds of time shall continue to cry out against you

And your venomous hatred of all that is good!

Try as you may, with daily threats, imprisonments, or even death;

You shall not silence my voice!  It shall cry out the “louder”!


I have a voice!  A voice that refuses to remain silent, 

Rising far above the ashes of life and of death and saying to you,

“Let G-D’S people go!” But you would not! 

For you have made yourself superior over Heaven’s rule.


Your mass enslavement and brutality have not gone “unnoticed”!

Throughout all generations, they’ve been recorded by witnesses that still speak today.

And like Pharaoh, Haman, Caesar, Hitler, Hussein, and _ _ _ _ _,

You shall not stand guiltless before a righteous G-D!  You shall fight but you shall not win! 


I have a voice!  I am the pen of the ready writer!

You shall neither silence me nor all who stand for truth and justice!

We will continue to speak, even from the grave,

Until you are no more!




When the acts of G-D only become a memory,


Hopes and dreams shattered.


“Dried up” expectations.

“There are no miracles”, they say,

“No, not today!”




Empty hearts.

Hardened hearts.

Lack of fire.

Lost zeal.

“The Divine”, they say, “is no more!

“Rewrite the Bible for our good!”

Spiritual sophistication cloaked by

Sin, arrogance, pride and

Doctrinal heresies.



Spiritually bankrupt.


Boasters of self.

Empty of G-D.

Having a form of godliness but

Denying the power thereof.

All religious formalities:

Revival’s number one enemy.

When the acts of G-D only become a memory,





Our YAH is our Strength and our Refuge:

A very present help in time of storm.

HE is ever so near HIS children

To protect them from all harm.


HE is the mighty YAH, the powerful YAH,

Who forever rules from HIS throne,

Who jealously guards o’er HIS beloved:

Those whom HE has redeemed as HIS own.


For YAH dwells in the midst of HIS people;

They shall neither be moved nor pried.

YAH shall aid and comfort them early;

HIS Holy Word has been proven and tried.


Look to the mountains of YAH’s holiness,

For our help comes solely from HIM

And not from the arm of human flesh,

Whose guarantees are ever so grim.


YAHUAH TSEVA’OT is with us;

The YAH of Ya’akov is our Defense.

Stand still and see the Salvation of YAH,

O’ children eternally blessed!


For HE has not given us the spirit of fear

But of power, of love, and of sound mind.

No! YAH has never forsaken HIS own

Or has ever left them far behind.


Though the heavens shake and the mountains quake

And the oceans tumble and roar,

Though the earth be moved and the heathen rage,

Our YAH is with us evermore!


“Be still and know that I am YAH,

The YAH of all creation.


Will be exalted by all peoples and nations!”




While my pen is free, I will write!

I will transpire words of truth on paper white with

Pen dipped from heart’s crimson flow.

And what shall I write?

“Roses are red, violets are blue”?

My youthful “love” poetry is now far passed!

Maturity has now taken over.

What then shall I write? 

What of socialinjustice: 

Yesterday’s “-ites” cloaked in today’s “-isms”?

Shall I write of poverty and shame,

Oppression and tyranny’s rule,

Enslavement, imprisonment, and

Murderen masse?

History is once again repeating itself!

Evil rulers and justices: “Tyrants” all,

Are sitting high and lofty,

Calling evil “good” and good “evil”,

Demoralizing, demonizing,

Passing laws and rulings

Contrary to the Laws of G-D,

Vilifying and slaughteringen masse

Christians and Jews,

Babies, the elderly, and the handicapped

Throughout the world,

And without a public outcry.

And all those who stand in the way of their “agenda”,

Political dissidents from all walks of life,

Are either silenced or removed.

“A ‘One World’ Order!” They say.

In their supremacy, they desire

To brainwash and indoctrinate the “leftovers”,

Like refuse discarded.

Shall I remain silent when I, in the past,

Wondered how the Holocaust was allowed

By countless many who hid in silence

For fear of reprisal?

No! I shall mercilessly speak out

Against all inhumanity metered out

By evil tyrants’ blows!

Go far away from me if you seek half-truths!

Go far from me if you desire

To hear words that tickle the ears!

For you shall find no such words written

Within the pages of my heart.

I shall not lull you to sleep

With comforting words!

What choice do you have?

What choice do I have?

The sinister walls of delusion

Have to be destroyed!

While my pen is free, I will write

And I will speak!

For I have a voice

That has finally found its platform.




They say the road less travelled on

Is the choice not many take

For fear of what might lie ahead

And of placing one’s life at stake.


It’s a rocky road, not smooth or soft,

Beneath one’s fragile feet.

It’s a road that leads to mountain heights

And craggy cliffs, narrow and steep.


Life’s journey is much like that

For those who choose the L-RD,

Who daily follow after Him,

Who on eagle’s wings have soared,


Who willingly want to follow Him

Through life’s uncharted paths,

Trusting in His Holy Word

While the world around them laughs.


Though the jagged rocks cut deep and bruise

And the mountain climb is high,

Their course is set, who love the L-RD,

Far above earth’s darkened skies.


The road that is less travelled on

Is not an easy road to take.

You’ll be mocked, spurned, and persecuted

For love ofthe Gospel’s sake.


This road is not for the faint-hearted

But for those who’vefully counted the cost,

Who freely follow their L-RD and SAVIOR

For love of G-D and winning the lost.


Feb. 18, 2016




Absolute silence!


Dark shadows of indifference.

Apathetic “living dead”:

“See no evil!”

“Hear no evil!”

“Speak no evil!”

Spiritless ostriches

With heads in the sand,


Afraid of what?

To stand up?

To speak out?

To be counted?

“Innocent” bystanders

Whose excuses are inexcusable

And whose fate awaits them

At the end of the road,

When earth and sea

Give up their dead.



The Pen of the Ready Writer


My pen is ready but nothing comes.

Inspiration has left me for the moment.

I can only write what I see and what I hear

And right now, there is nothing but absolute silence.

Soon, there will come another time to write,

To take dictation from Eternal’s throne.

For now, I am called to rest, to eat, to sleep, and to dream

Not of golden sunsets and azure blue skies

Or of peaceful islands of the sea

Or of fragrant rose gardens that caress the soul,

But of frightful prophetic insights that tear at the heart,

Of visions and dreams unleashed

To warn and to prepare uncaring, apathetic souls

Of G-D’s impending judgment.

Soon, I will be summoned

To rise and reenter into that higher realm,

Where men and angels walk together;

Where lightning and thunder are seen and heard;

Where one’s soul bows in reverence and fear

Before the holy, living G-D;

Where “deep calls to deep”

To transpire upon tablets of white, fiery words

Which cannot be rationalized, silenced, or washed away with tears.

For the power behind them emanates from Kingdom’s throne,

Where sits the Majestic, Almighty, Ancient of Days,

Where the angels cry, “Holy, holy, holy is the L-RD!”

And where the commissioned pen of the ready writer awaits.



True and Lasting Peace.


Human suffering.

Ravaged land.

New captives forced

By cruel master’s hand.


Exiles, forlorn.

With no songs to sing.

Fear-ladened hearts to

What the future might bring.


Winds of adversity

Soon brings about change,

With purpose and value

And lives rearranged.


Notable victories

Over cruel, wicked foes,

Through terrible sorrows

And unbearable woes.


Unjustly condemned.

Beaten and scorned.

Blessing, not cursing,

The day one was born


Purposeful sufferings

With deep scars to show

New depths of character

And new life that flows


Which speaks to the captors,

That no matter your fate,

G-D’s love rules your heart

And not vengeance or hate.


“Father, forgive them

They know not what they do”;

Let my life be an example

Of following You.


No matter the circumstance,

No matter the pain,

Be most assured, child

You’ll sing once again.


For you’re never alone,

Not in sorrow’s midnight,

Where glorious praise

Breaks forth in G-D’s Light,


Where prison doors open,

Where Angels release

G-D’s children forever,

With true and lasting peace,


Where fragmented souls

Are healed and restored,

United forever

With their Risen L-RD.



And the Clock Ticks On and On and On!


Nine years old,

A beautiful little girl,

An innocent child

Repeatedly raped,

Ravaged by cruel dogs

Without conscience.

What is a young girl’s life worth today?

What market value?

Very little!

A “religion of peace” you say,

When left behind are broken,

Abused “dolls”;

Children torn apart

And tossed as refuse

In piles that know no limit;

Children, whose screams are silenced

By those bold, impudent men,

Dastardly cowards all,

Who take their pleasure by them?

There, blood runs down guilty streets

As the offenders slowly walk away

Smiling, full and content

While wiping their rotten mouths of

Precious innocent blood.

Only one rose lays upon her grave.

Only one voice speaks out

Against that great evil perpetrated

While countless others are left to mourn

Not for the child,

But for themselves.

There is no escaping for

Those who try to hide or

Erase their identity.

It’s only a matter of time!

“The child was as old as my granddaughter!”

You say

In your pious, apathetic nobility?

Look again!

Look long and hard!

She is your granddaughter,

Your daughter,

Your sister,

Your _____!

What mercy, what utterly amazing mercy,

Made void by worldwide indifference!

This is no dream!

You are already awake!

And the clock ticks on and on and on!










For standing for


Out of sight!

Out of mind!

Truth covered up.

Eyes plucked out.

Artwork unseen.

Voices unheard.

Pen and paper,

Brush and canvas

Forcefully buried deep within

The sands of time.

Voices silenced.

Ideas quelled.

Leaving society








“Brain dead”,



Without hope,

Without dreams,

Without insight to

Freedom from










Stand up!


Now is the time!

Now is the day!

Now is the hour,

The very moment

To pick up

Pen and paper,

To pick up

Brush and canvas,

To tell the truth!

Now is the time!

Stand up!

Speak out!

Withhold not!

Be counted

For love of G-D,

For love of man,

For love of you!



Munich newspaper editor Fritz Gerlich abhorred Adolph Hitler and it cost him his life. His “last ditch” attempt to derail Hitler with his March 9, 1933 newspaper report remains unknown, as journalist Ron Rosenbaum summarized the situation:  “Storm troopers burst into Gerlich’s office, ripped his last story from the presses, beat him senseless and dragged him off to Dachau”.   Gerlich was imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp for more than a year.  Then his wife got word that the Nazis had killed the journalist who’d seen through them all.  The notice of his death came without words; it was manifested through his blood spattered, steel-rimmed glasses.


Fritz Gerlich, my dear friend, what happened to you?  What atrocities did you witness?  What did they do to you behind Dachau’s dark, Iron Gate with the mocking slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei!” (“Work Makes Free!”)?   You were marked for death for exposing Hitler’s lies, deception, and “Hell-bent” intent on annihilating G-D’s chosen people, Israel.  And because you’d stood against tyranny’s rule, you’d paid the ultimate sacrifice!  You, dear brother, had soon joined the ranks of those who, from the very beginning of time, heard a “higher calling”.  You’d never once turned your eyes away from the evil monster who’d sought to overtake Germany and the world.  I feel your smile right now my friend, encouraging me to stand against all evil and injustice in my own generation.  Your heroic example continues to minister to the living today.  Your bloodied spectacles were sent to your wife without words, describing what they did to you.  One cannot imagine the brutality that occurred to you on that day.  But the reason you were hated is ever so clear.  You’d stood with G-D in the face of evil and have gained the ultimate victory in Christ.  You’d picked up your cross and followed Him.  I will see you, my dear friend, one day soon, in that Land of “No More Sorrow”. 


“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13).


VOICES:  Elie Wiesel, Sighet, Hungary:

Famous Holocaust Memoir of the Time Spent in Auschwitz’s Forced Labor and Extermination Camp in Poland, 1944-1945.


“From the depths of the mirror” you wrote, “a corpse gazed back at me.”  As a young man, you had experienced the most heinous crimes perpetrated against humanity.  Though physical liberation came to you, you could never be free from the great evils and injustices perpetrated against you and your people.  You knew too much!  You’d seen too much! You’d felt too much… pain!  What did you see when you looked into your eyes that day?  You saw a lost soul open, broken, bemoaning, and there was pity looking back at you saying, “I am you!  I am your people (your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, your friend, your…).  I am the voice that speaks in you, through you to all eternity.  Listen to the wind, the grave of your heart.  There is life there from the dead!”  Your “Kingdom of the Night” pilgrimage, speaks that “the beginning, the end; all the world’s roads, all the outcries of mankind, lead to this accursed place [Auschwitz-Birkenau].  Here is the kingdom of night, where G-D’s face is hidden and a flaming sky becomes a graveyard for vanquished people.”  Yet, you survived, dear friend, with other survivors to tell the story of lost families in that place where the wind blew relentlessly upon your souls.  “Hear, O’ Israel! G-D is our G-D!  G-D is One!”  The eyes that gazed back at you in the mirror still remain as a constant reminder to you and to all those who have gazed upon the same eyes, “Ani Ma’amin” (“I believe with all my heart in the coming of Messiah!  Though He tarry yet will I await Him.”)  And He shall wipe away all tears from our eyes!  And we shall rest!  And the dry, dead bones shall live again!




“And they said, ‘Go to, let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven.  Let us build us a place where we might observe the stars, where our high priests of Baal might ascend the heavens to touch the celestials and be at one with them!’  How incredibly wicked you are!” says the L-RD.  “Go and chart the stars!  Go and predict the future, you wicked charmers and magicians!  Go, you beggarly wizards, soothsayers, and teachers of evil, idolatrous practices!  Go and teach ignorant man saying, ‘The stars are the means that control one’s destiny.’  Preach it, you treacherous whore!  ‘All glory to Babylon’, you say!?  You and your fabricated tales will soon come to an end!  Your life is but a vapor before Me!  Who can save you, O’ mother of all abomination?  Go and build your ziggurats and I will utterly destroy them, one and all!  In every generation, you have succeeded in garnering to yourself ambitious tyrants and fools for followers.  ‘A one world government’ you say!?  Under whose rulership?   Yours?  Poor and wretched ‘Mystery Babylon’, you have not changed!  You are no mystery to Me, the Holy One Who’d created you!  At one time you’d honored My Name.  Now, you’re found lacking, vain, and brutish, O’ daughter of Belial.  ENOUGH!  You boast day and night saying, ‘Widowhood shall not visit me!  I will not lose my children spawned from Hell!’ O’ Babylon, mother of harlotry, your pride and arrogance have brought you low to the ground!  And yet you say, ‘There is none besides me!  Who sees me?’  I, the Holy One of Israel, sees you!  Did you think you could escape the all-knowing, all-seeing eye of G-D?  Sit in the dust and be silent before Me!  Get you into darkness, O’ daughter of the Chaldeans!  For you shall no more be called the ‘queen of the kingdoms.’  The abundance of your evil enchantments and sorceries cannot save you!    ‘Let us build us a place where we might observe the stars, where our priests of Baal might ascend the heavens to touch…’  HA!  Come and sit in the dust!  There is no throne for you, O’ daughter of the Chaldeans, evil corrupt priests of Baal!  You shall no more be called ‘tender and delicate’!  Sit in the dust and be thou silent before Me.  O’ vile Babylon, My judgement is awaiting you, and it’s even at your door!  Your own sorceries have snared you.  Let your pagan priests save you!  Where are those loathsome star-gazers now?  You shall utterly be destroyed!  The fires of Hell await you!  Who is he who desires to sit on My throne?  Hear O’ sacred scribes of Babylon, and all your enchanters, magicians, false prophets, and teachers who dwell in your midst!  I AM THE L-RD G-D, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH AND ALL THAT IS IN THEM!  I share My glory with no one!  Look to Me and be saved!  It is My Will!”  Thus says YAHUAH TSEVA’OT. 


“And I heard another voice from Heaven, saying, ‘Come out of [Babylon], My people that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  For her sins have reached unto Heaven, and G-D hath remembered her iniquities.  Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works:  in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.’” – Revelation 18:4-6


“The Urgency of Memory”

(posted 3/5/18)


The urgency of memory.

The horrors of the past.

Industrialized inhumanity:

A present day forecast.


The past is ever present.

The present is ever past.

The urgency of memory

Just doesn’t seem to last.


Today’s religious cleansings,

Pogroms, and genocides

Are set against the “Sunday People”:

Christians vilified.


“Never again!  Never again!  Never again!”

You say,

And yet the urgency of memory

Is quickly fading away.


Past shadows of indifference

Are now present everywhere,

Affecting apathetic souls

Who haven’t got a care.


“If thou forebear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and

Those that are ready to be slain; if thou sayest, ‘behold, we knew

It not’; doth not He that pondereth the heart consider it?  And He

That keepeth thy soul doeth not He knoweth it?  And shall He not

Render to every man according to his works?”


(posted 3/5/18)


Hide!  Distort! Misuse!  Abuse!

Weaken all thoughts, leaving minds confused

About the Holy Scriptures (GOD’s Word divine),

His power and authority, His works and signs.

“No sin!” you say.  “No Savior!”  “No Cross!”

“No throne of G-D!”  “He’s dead!”  “No loss!”

Deception has entered the House of G-D.

False prophets and teachers on His Holy Word have trod.

Seducing spirits have entered in:

Deceiving spirits encouraging sin.

Satanic confederacy is fast at work;

Around every corner, great evil lurks.

O’ Saints of G-D, keep G-D’s camp free!

Obey His voice and with His Word, agree!

Be not afraid!  Be strong and true

In your allegiance to Christ: G-D’s Hope born in you!

Come out of the world and be one with Him!

Let not the Light of His glory in you grow dim!

Stand guard!  Stand faithful! Stand ever so true!

Do all for G-D’s glory in all that you do!


Knowledge of G-D’s Holy Word is the primary safeguard against all deception.



Thou, O’ L-RD, art my Blessed Savior:

My kinsmen Redeemer born from above.

I will go and tell the whole world

Of Your wondrous, matchless love.


I will go and tell the whole world

What great things You’ve done for me

How You’ve saved me from sin’s bondage

How You’ve set this captive free.


L-RD, make of me a holy vessel

Sanctified, set apart.

Flow through me, sweet Holy Spirit,

Through my consecrated heart.


Take my life, L-RD, ever lead me.

In all Your ways, I shall abide.

You are to me life everlasting.

Through Your servant be glorified.


In the Name of CHRIST my Savior,

The Hope of Glory Who dwells in me,

I will preach Salvation’s message

With signs and wonders following me.


Anoint my mouth, my hands, my all;

Then send me forth to set men free

From the throes of Hell’s dominion,

Pointing all men back to Thee.


Yes, I’ll go and tell the whole world

What great things You’ve done for me

And what great things You’ll do for others.

Hear my prayer, L-RD; please send me!





You speak loudly to me O’ Wilderness,

Though you’re quiet and very still.

I must find my personal place in you

That I might discover G-D’s Holy will.


O’ the wisdom and the knowledge

That’s safely hidden within your soul:

I desire to know your secrets,

Then treasure them as finest gold.


Though I’ve feared your lonely solitude,

Your vast night skies glisten bright

With the glorious stars of heaven

Birthing in me new hope and delight.


It is here my Infinite Creator

Is found dealing sore with me

In this place of trials and testing,

Where He desires to deliver me.


In this place of painful yearning,

I was allured and brought to You

That I might clearly see His Glory,

That I might gain a greater view.


I now sense G-D’s love so freely.

I now hear His tender Voice.

I now feel His great approval.

Far above all worldly noise.


The L-RD desires me to trust Him

And to continue in all His ways,

And to give Him all the glory

And to serve Him all my days.


His is the Voice that I will follow

Leading me to His Promised Land

One day, soon, I’ll be crossing over

And my wilderness journey will end.





Before Thee, L-RD,

I bring my passion

And the yearning

Of my heart

To Thine altar

Of Sanctification,

Where holy vessels

Are set apart.

For Thy use

And for Thy glory,

In Thine Infinite

And matchless Name,

Purify me

With Thy holy fire!

Fan in me

Thine eternal flame!

For Thy use

And for Thy glory,

A vessel of honor

L-RD, make of me!

‘Tis my passion

And constant yearning

To serve Thee, L-RD,





The LORD is my Rock; my beloved Staff and Stay.

He’s my blessed Redeemer; my Truth, Life and Way.

The LORD is my Savior, my Deliverer, and more.

He’s my Anchor of Hope and Heaven’s wide-opened Door.

The LORD is my Eternal Reward and the New Song I sing.

He’s my Almighty GOD and my “soon-coming” King.

The LORD is my Faithful Shepherd. I shall never want!

He’s my Well of Salvation, my Heavenly Fount.

The LORD is my Comforter, Provider, Healer, and Friend.

He’s my Alpha and Omega, my Beginning and End.

The LORD is my Sunshine through all my life’s storms.

He’s my Almighty Defender Who protects me from all harm.

The LORD is my Lamp and Light Who guides my every way.

He’s my Joy in the Morning each brand new day.

The LORD is my Warrior Who puts my enemies to flight.

He’s my Power when I’m weak.  He’s my soul’s Pure Delight.

The LORD is my Best Friend Who daily walks with me.

He’s my Kinsmen Redeemer Who sets my heart free.

The LORD is my Heavenly Father:  My Eternal “True Love”.

He’s my Joy and great Peace streaming down from above.

The LORD is my Righteousness; His love for me never fails.

He’s my Divine Wind blowing gently upon my sails.

The LORD is my Beloved Captain, leading me to His Heavenly shore.

The LORD is mine forever!  And I am His forevermore!





O’ the greatness of G-D’s love! 

OMNIPRESENT (all-present),

OMNIPOTENT (all-powerful),

OMNISCIENT (all-knowing)! 


I can’t hide.

I am weak.

I know nothing.



HE sees me.

HE holds me.

HE knows me. 








GOD’s Holy Word is unchangeable!

It’s His most sovereign, irrevocable Law

From Bere’shiyth (Genesis) to

Cepher Chizayon (The Book of Revelation).

And within it lies the “Greatest Commandment”,

The Sh’ma:


“Hear O’ Israel:  The L-RD our G-D is One L-RD: And

Thou shalt love the L-RD thy G-D with all thine heart,

And with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

[Deuteronomy 6:4-5; St. Matthew 22:36-38].




If ye love Me, keep My commandments.” [St. John 14:15].




“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word

Shall not pass away.” [St. Matthew 24:35].


No exceptions!!!

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