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Shields of G-D


O’ shields of G-D, arise and cry!

The time has come to unify,

Not in man’s wisdom, but only in the Cross,

Counting all things as dung to save the lost.


O’ shields of G-D, arise and shine!

The time has come to unify

And be one with Christ. In one accord,

Take up His Word, His Spirit’s sword.


O’ shields of G-D, stand hand-in-hand!

Release His power o’er the land.

For love of G-D and love of man,

O’ saints of G-D, arise and stand!


O’ shields of G-D, obey His will!

Lift up His standards; they are holy still!

Push back the darkness with holy light.

Expose all evil and break through the night.


O’ shields of G-D, lovers of souls,

Don on Christ’s armor. Take courage!  Be bold!

For His infinite glory, power, and praise,

Give allegiance to none but to the Ancient of Days.


O’ shields of G-D, watch through the night!

Arise from your slumber and enter the fight!

Watchmen, prophets, intercessors all,

Heralders of truth, answer His call!


O’ shields of faith, Christ’s holy seed,

Pick up your cross and follow His lead!

Fear only the One in whose name you stand,

The “First and the Last”, the Great I AM!


Spiritual Warrior


Spiritual warrior,

Woman of the L-RD,

Hold up your shield.

Swing your Sword.

Enter the battle.

Stand your ground.

Pray in the Spirit,

An unfamiliar sound.

The enemy approaches

Trying to deceive.

Pray in the faith.

Believe you’ve received.

Spiritual warrior,

Like Deborah of old,

Enter the battle.

Dare to be bold!



In the stillness, quiet stillness,

Breathe in G-D’s holy peace divine.

Soak in His ever-loving presence.

Feast on His holy bread and wine.

Abide in Him.  Be one with Him.

His promises are ever true.

Embrace the fragrance of His love,

Allowing it to freely flow through you

Towards the hurting and the wounded,

Towards the prisoners bound in chains,

Towards the widows and the orphans,

Towards the mentally insane,

Towards all people, towards all colors:

Red and yellow, black and white.

For the glory of G-D’s Kingdom,

Church, arise and shine your light!




My country, L-RD, is found in Thee.

No other country do I claim.

Thy Kingdom dwellest inside of me.

My life is part of Thy domain.


In Thee alone is found my fate.

Wheresoever on earth I dwell, I’m free.

No place or time can separate

Or deviate Thy love from me.


No threat of man or demon foe

Shall shake my heart with fear and shame.

The only source of strength I know

Is found in faith in Thy matchless Name.


Whatever trials Thou sendest my way,

I’ll trust Thee, L-RD, to rescue me.

Help me live my life each day

Fully surrendered and focused on Thee.


Burn, burn within my soul, dear L-RD,

�Til night becomes as bright as day.

Thou alone art my great Reward;

For me there is no other way.


Thou art my L-RD, my G-D, and my King.

I bow my knee to only One.

All glory and honor to Thee I bring,

Most holy, righteous, and risen Son.


My country, L-RD, is found in Thee:

The only “true” nation under G-D,

Comprised of those whom You’ve set free

And redeemed through Christ’s most precious blood.

The Great Falling Away: Which Side Are You On?

By Eva


A new gospel!

No sacrifice.

No blood atonement.

No Jesus Christ.


No cross. No shame.

No guilt. No remorse.

It’s all “offensive”

Of course, of course!


No dying to sin.

No absolutes.

No self-denial.

No one’s rebuked.


Be forewarned!

G-D won’t be mocked.

He’ll crush you to powder

If you won’t fall on the Rock.


The day is at hand!

The separation has begun

Of the chaff from the wheat:

Which side are you on?


(Poem based on Exodus 32:26; I Kings 18:21; II Chronicles 7:13-14; Matthew 3:1-12 & 7:21-27; Luke 3:16-17; John 15:10; Romans 6; Galatians 1:8-9 & 6:7-8; Ephesians 5:11-12; II Timothy 3; II Peter 3).



by Eva


Brother against brother and hand against hand,

Dividing G-D's nation, dividing G-D's land,


Giving up land for the sake of "peace",

But the spirit of terrorism will only increase!


History has proven that appeasement has failed.

Look back and see how your enemies have prevailed:


Enemies who still laugh at your tribulation,

While planning for your total annihilation!


The Voice of the Trumpet is now crying out:

"Separate from the world!  From the nations, come out!"


Remember, HaShem is faithful and true.

What He said in His Word, the same He will do.


It was He, O' Israel, Who gave you the land.

It's time to unite and to take your stand!



By Eva


Freedom of speech is our inalienable right

No matter if were black, red, yellow, brown, or white.

What is good for the Left should be good for the Right.

So, what happened?


Today, more than ever, oppression is the rule!

If we speak out-of-order, we are considered fools.


Our lives dont matter!  Weve really no rights at all

Because the leaders in our government all carry the ball.


We follow their lead or imprisonment we will see

All because weve rebelled against their tyranny.


Does this sound like the America we once loved and knew?

Some might not understand this or even have a clue!


The freedoms we once held are banishing away

Little-by-little, day after day.


Today, socialism has become the master tool

Enslaving our Nation with ungodly rule.


Dont be fooled by what our wicked leaders say

Because all our rights are being stripped away!


So, what in the world can turn this around?

Get out and vote!  Start making a sound!


Free speech?  Our inalienable rights? You betcha! 

Its time to turn it around!  Now stand up and fight!



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