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The Worlds Greatest Trade - Ever! A short story by Gordon J. WhiteThe council was gathered in the royal court, and as they speculated on the purpose for this official meeting there was an expectation that something great was about to take place, something never done before.He entered the court with royal prestige and confidence none other in all of time could possibly portray. His presence filled the room with warmth and light far greater than the sun itself. Once seated in His royal throne, He firmly tapped his staff on the solid oak floor in a series of three, the sound echoed through the court traveling down each and every corridor of His Majesties Palace. Silence filled the court as excited conversation abruptly halted. "The greatest purchase known in all time is at hand" exclaimed His Majesty. "One will soon be chosen to carry out this righteous transaction, and one only. Who here is worthy of such a calling and skillful in such tasks?" His voice roared like the sound of rushing water. However, His listeners did not understand such a request. They had no idea of the investment He was referring to. "Who here knows of this trade I wish to make? Let him with wisdom and understanding step forward. I have waited many ages for this day as I've watched it approaching. Who will carry out this plan of mine, a plan of mine since the beginning of time? I know of only one." Just then, throughout all the kingdom, the royal trumpets could be heard as He entered the court room where all were gathered. The One who would do the trade walked in. With the same vision of confidence as His Majesty Himself, this One entered the court. Endowed with splendor and power, His light also filled the room and warmth was felt by all. A presence pleasing to the soul."My Son" exclaimed His Majesty, "Are you willing to give up all you posses, to carry out this request of mine? No other it would appear is worthy or able.""Yes Father." He replied. "I Am willing to do this great trade of yours, though the cost is great. I will purchase the lives of many with my very own blood. Your will, above all, is forever My will. Be it done as you say! I will go."Those in the court all shouted as they instantly gained understanding as provided by Him seated on the throne. "Amen! Amen! Amen! Blessed be the Lamb of God Who was and is and is to come. He takes away the sins of the world and gives up all He possesses to do His fathers will. Blessed be the name of The Lord forever and ever Amen!"His majesty, God The Father, then explained to all that were gathered what was to take place. The very plan He'd set in place even before the creation of all the heavens and the earth was now to be explained. He revealed His strategy from beginning to end. All gathered in the court then listened as the Fathers plans were revealed in full concerning the salvation to be made available to all mankind.His words reverberated throughout the Kingdom:"Since the fall of Adam, sin has covered the earth. Satan has become a ruthless promoter of evil and accusing many since his banishment from the kingdom of heaven. That deceiver, knowing I cannot even so much as look at sin, has done all within his power to turn man against Me and destroy My greatest creation. Those with sin, as you all know, may not enter through the gates of this kingdom of Mine. Though this displeases me greatly and causes me to mourn at this necessity, it must be so. If it were not so, then this could not be named the Righteous and most Holy Kingdom of God."As He paused, one of His listeners humbly requested permission to ask His majesty a question: "If it be thy will, can your humble servant ask a question?"He nodded His head, and as He waved His hand gave the go ahead, this question was asked."My righteous Lord, you alone have created all things. The power of all kings and rulers through out the ages is in Your hands. You hold the balance of all matters. You know all and see all. When You say rain, water falls from the sky. Whatever you say, it is done. This Satan is evil, as you have well said already. He is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing, a roaring lion deceiving and devouring whom he will with his deceit and lies. Surely, with ease, you could destroy him once and for all. Then sin would no longer abound. All would be free. Just speak Your word against this evil intruder, then it will be done and sorrow will be gone from mans life. Joy, gladness and peace will only remain. Speak your word against this evil, is this not wise?" Silence filled the air as all present awaited the Great Kings answer. Then with compassion and great wisdom in His voice He firmly replied:"Yes, I could destroy Satan with a single passing of my staff, and a blast of the smoke of my breath but this would not prove my power, nor my love. This is not My character. Love will conquer over all, and this love will cover a multitude of sin. My love is not such that I should force man to obey by removing temptation to serve another, but rather allow them the free will to do so if they choose; this is love and sound wisdom. If a man chooses to follow Satan, then so be it, as much as it grieves my heart and burdens my soul. If he should choose Me over evil, then this type of loyalty I admire and will surely reward his commitment to Me. No, as hard as it may seem to you, man must be allowed to choose righteousness over sin, and of his own free will. I will not force this upon him, NO! Whatever his choice, that shall be his reward. As a man sows, so let him reap!" He then went on to explain His plan, beginning with the introduction of His laws for man and how these laws were to point out and reveal mans evil in his heart. The torah will lead the way to salvation, my Son. Then torah will be engraved upon the heart of them that accept my trade, the Lamb of God sacrificed for the sin of the world. From a heart of love will they obey. Not from obligation nor of fright, but out of love, for those that love me keep my commandments, and if they love my Son whom will now go, they will obey.""Since the fire and smoking introduction of torah, as provided upon Mt. Sinai through my good servant Moses, seated there to your left, man has not had a chance. Some have said this was cruel, making laws no man could possibly fulfill. This law, was for a purpose, a way of proving that sin abounds in the hearts of all men, and to point lives back to me for guidance and salvation. This torah of mine does show and prove there is none righteous, no not one. Ah my Son, he though is one! The laws of Moses prove but one thing. Man needs My salvation. Many hold these laws close to their bosoms and have written them on the tablet of their hearts, but still, sin abounds. It's mans nature to sin, as it has been since the fall of Adam. Yes, I knew they would fail, as I know all and see all, even the hidden things in a mans heart, yes even his secret sins hidden from all others. His secret things I know all about, and this grieves me bitterly. Had not all of these things been so, I would not have been afforded the opportunity to prove My unfailing love for my prized creation."As He spoke, tears filled the eyes of all. They could sense the compassion of His sincerity to be united once again with His creation mankind, not by means of force, but by willing hearts as He awaited patiently for each man ever to choose Him over evil. Love, He explained, would be the victor. He then went on to explain this great investment. The greatest trade - Ever!"A trade needs to take place." His voice echoed as lightning burst forth from His throne. "My Son, the righteous one, go now, live and abide by all my laws and journey through earth to live as man does. Tempted as all men are, you shall overcome and learn obedience like no other has or ever will again. Flesh and blood shall be your calling, and you will live a perfect life. Carry out My perfect will, my Son, go in peace and do my will. Man has an evil heart ###### with pride, greed, and lust. All these, My Son, you must overcome. Satan himself will tempt you harshly." "Though My Son will prove Our love continually all the days of His life on earth, and will show many signs that He is who He says He is. Man, till the last day, will yet refuse to believe that He is the Mashiach, save a small number of souls. The majority will condemn unjustly My beloved Son, and will crucify Him, not only in the flesh but in their hearts until that day I have spoke of so much through my prophets. This must be, in order to conquer sin with love. My Son will trade His life for the sins of the world, purchasing their lives, and redeeming their souls with His Holy blood. My sacrifice, My Lamb, whom I will make King, will then conquer sin and death by rising from the dead and forever live. My power will make sure of that! He alone will pay the penalty of sin, which is death, but He will endure this sentence for all men, whoever will receive such a gift of royal grace. Yet many will still deny Him as their Lord."As He paused a moment, He perceived that one had a question. He pointed at this one and ordered he make known to all his concern."Lord, with such a gift of forgiveness and sacrifice on Your part, do you mean to say that man will no longer need to obey your ten commandments. Can they freely sin without penalty?" "Certainly NOT, My Holy ten commandments will always be enforced and in full, but when failure of obedience exists, the blood shed by My Son will cover those failures for all who ask this to be done, though they must mean it in their heart sincerely and repent. They must return to me and from their sin. Since I know all that is in a mans heart, I will know whether his request for forgiveness is true or not. Man will have the choice to receive the Spirit of Messiah into their very being and will upon doing so receive a new nature, a circumcised heart and will be spiritually born again, adopted children of the Most High. Forgiven for the past, and redeemed from their future, Our love and sacrifice will cover a multitude of sin. They shall be my chosen vessels, a royal priesthood, an holy nation. I will graft them into Jacob and once again plant them in the land assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole soul. This shall be done for all who accept this gift of grace. Man cannot lead sinless lives themselves, so We will do it for them. Then, entry into My kingdom will be granted as washed souls we will freely pardon. They will then receive eternal life in the presence of their Creator. I have spoken it. Now let it be done! Jew and gentile, they shall be one!"The Greatest Trade - Ever! Yeshua Mashiach/Jesus the Messiah, The Son of God, gave His life for you. Why? So that you might be saved from your sin and the penalty it deserves. Sin is sin. A lie is just as guilty a sin to God as is murder. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory God. There are none righteous, no not one. Romans 10:13 "The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart," that is the word of faith we are proclaiming: That if you confess with your mouth, "Yeshua/Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with the heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. As the scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame." What is this word?John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.Yeshua Mashiach was the fulness of God in bodily form thus the name "Emanuelle" meaning "God with us."John 1:14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.This Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus, is the savior of your soul. He IS the Word of God, as he only speaks truth. He says:John 3:3 "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born again." How can a man be born again you ask? Yeshua says to YOU:John 3:5 "I tell YOU the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water AND of the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit."Each man is born in the flesh, we all understand this, but each is also born with a spirit. This spirit of man is alive to the natural desires of the flesh but is dead concerning the things of God. When you ask Christ Jesus into your heart and confess Him as Lord, His Holy Spirit gives birth to your spirit and THEN you really come ALIVE!Taste and see that the Lord is good!Pray this prayer and see the warmth of Gods great love enter your life as it did for me and every other soul that has requested this of God throughout history:"Adonai Yeshua Mashiach. I admit my inperfection, my sin. I fully admit my faults and sin to you now. Thank you for trading all you had in heaven so that you could be my sacrifice, my sacrificial lamb. I ask you Lord to please forgive me and to come into my life, to be my Lord and circumcise me heart. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I surrender all to you Lord. My life is yours, and all I own. I ask now for your will to be done in my life as I now accept Your love and gift of grace for me. I believe in my heart that God raised you from the dead. Yeshua, I believe that you are alive. Give birth to my spirit now that I too may live. Help me now to live a life worthy of your calling upon me, and teach me your ways through your word. Open my eyes of understanding that I may understand all you have done for me. In Yeshua's name, Amen. If you just prayed that prayer, I would appreciate an E-Mail <> from you so I can pray that God will continue a good work through you. I would also like to help you in any way I can by answering the many questions I'm sure you'll come up with as you read Gods word the Hebrew Bible. If you need to talk in person with me, call me at 1-250-337-8288.

Letter From heaven by Deborah Dear Son: I have taken every tear you cried and made them as showers on a field of wildflowers. And I led you to a place alone, so you know this is between you and me. It was I who grabbed hold of the sun at midnight and made it a light for the whole world to see. I made your voice as gentle as the morning, when bombs went off at noon. I set your face in perpetual peace, and the whole world was confused. I showed you the hearts of those who adore you, and broke your heart with hatred. You wandered, searching for your place in this world, and prosperity at your hands. Some day, my son, some day soon, you'll write a letter from heaven.~Deborah~
Living Poet

by Deborah

There is a place where unicorns prance

Unfettered, tamed in freedom

And parakeets are told

They too, can go to heaven.

Kittens are fascinated by butterflies

and the common bond of motion

There are ladybugs in this place

And gentleman bugs, too.

Swans are married forever here

And bees never die

For if they did, God forbid

Flowers would disappear

There is a raibow in the eye

The very same rainbow in the sky

There is a star that rises in the morning with the sun

Calling out from darkness, each and everyone

And if you never thought such a blessed place could be

Welcome today to paradise

Children of the Lord.


On This Side Of Midnight
On this side of midnight
I can see my enemy
But he can't see me
On this side of midnight
I can love my enemy
And hope one day he'll see
On this side of midnight
The darkness turns to day
I traveled far to get here
What more can I say?

Your email to Deborah is welcomed!


Where once I walked
The path now fades,
The steps of youth
This path I made.

Farewell to paths -
Foundations sure,
Farewell to youth -
A path secure.

A different path
I now must trod,
But, not alone...
I walk with God.

by: Debra Dickson



Today I pat a baby bumble bee...
I did! I really did!
A few years back I wished a white dove to see...
God sent a white robin instead!

O' the wonderment God's creation brings...
I see Him in the smallest things.
His voice cries out as nature sings...

by: Debra Dickson

And, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the tragic loss of Princess
Diana (08-31-98), I am also including a poem I wrote in tribute to her.
(You also have my permission to include this one if you so choose.) The
poem follows:


'Twas England's Rose
This lovely flower,
Spread forth her vine
Toward majestic tower.

Covering with beauty
So fragrant, so rare,
Her season has ended...
The vine, now, so bare.


Where is our Elijah,
To sound a prophetic warning in the land?

Where is our David,
Against the giant to take a stand?

Pharaoh rising...
Plagues following close behind.

Where is our Moses,
Our Promised Land to find?

The people grow weary,
Our journey has been long.

Where is our Joshua,
To guide us safely home?

by Debra Dickson

God's love

God's love came down
His Perfect Lamb
Was nailed upon the tree.

His blood ran down
Onto the ground
And now it flows in me.

by Debra Dickson


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A Paid Lover?

By Ronald Shultz, May 17, 1980

Do I praise only when the sun's not under cover?
Do alleluias come only when the waves of blessing roll?
Oh God, am I just a well paid lover
Or do I love you from the depth of my soul?

The skies often grow black and life is so cold.
No beams of love I perceive.
Does then my Christian testimony remain bold
Or do I, alone, in bitter silence grieve?

The tender words of a well paid lover,
Is this what the Master truly desires?
No, not ones who around the paymaster hover,
But those whose hearts are raging fires!

Old Job, your love was certainly tried,
Your soul sifted and doom your only cover.
From the Bible's pages, God hast cried,
"You're not well paid, but truly my lover!"

Yes, God poured out gifts from above
And gave you more than you had at the start.
These were not wages. They were tokens of love
To the one who always loved God from his heart.

In my testings and trials that often abound,
When there is no sense of peace from above,
O, then in such a state let my heart be found
That when Satan screams, "Paid, Paid!", I whisper, "Love."


by Ronald Shultz, May 5, 1983

Life is nothing but grabbing for dollars.
There is no God or Hell or so say the scholars.
A gasp, a giggle, a gurgle, a grave,
That is all there is unless Jesus will save.

I must sing, dance, and definitely get high,
Since this is it, there is no by and by.
If I lie, steal, and cheat I will do rather well.
There is just one rub, what if there is a Hell?

I have studied Rousseau, Kant, and Descartes, you see,
So what is this crucified Saviour to me?
I have got money to burn and fine wine to quaff,
But, what if this resurrection thing is not a laugh?

I have followed Buddha, Mohammed, and done yoga awhile,
But being a repentant sinner is just not my style!
After all, a gasp, a giggle, a gurgle, a grave
That is all there is unless Jesus does save.


by Ronald Shultz, Apr 28,91

This old life is short on love and awful long on pain.
For just a little rainbow, we endure a torrent of rain.
We laugh so briefly and seem to forever sigh and moan.
Warm love is shared for only seconds, while for years we cry alone.

The dreams of youth flash so quickly by.
Nightmares of old age haunt us till we die.
At twelve, life seemed to go eternally on.
At forty, we see it all too soon is gone.

A thimble of error yields buckets of guilt.
On one brick of sin is a house of horror built.
A few cents of folly brings a wealth of shame.
One slip from the narrow way can leave us ever lame.

Oh, that we may learn from life's measures
To be careful what we value in our hearts as treasures.
It is agony to awake one day when old,
To find all we possess is only fool's gold.

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by James Tazelaar

His Blood my blood? Nay!

Except ... His Spirit be my

inner man's zoe.


My good health you ask?

It is His in whom I live

being to this world dead.

His Spirit my guide

His Word my staff, my day's food

His faith mine at work.

Freed, delivered, I

now bind, forever, myself to

Him who died for me.

Penitents still search

for what's been freely given:

His Grace, Life, Peace, and Joy.


Philosophies, books,

man's wisdom, greatness - all nil!

God's Word, I AM, the sum.

An urge within that

God is leading? Do not fight.

Surrender! Be led!

Be awed constantly

by unspeakable glory:

His alone exists.

With Him already

seated, our spirits rejoice

forseeing freedom.

Pray for your leaders!

I do. "Lord, may he know You

before he dies - here."


Our task? To know Him.

Wherever. However. Look

for His hand. Listen!

China's mummies, old

before David, carried tales

of the Flood still fresh.


Paul's revelation,

Christ in you, speaks not of flesh

but of Him within.

God's Wisdom came not

by Socratic dialogue

but in flesh of man.

From existence here

to Life there, one step is all.

The door? Yeshua.

Yeshua heals all:

leper, psycho, weary of soul.

M.O? Faith in Him.


God's wiseness is found

on whom His anointing rests,

the unction Himself.


Holy mystery.

Three in One. How so? "I Am!"

Father. Son. Spirit.

"Truth?" Pilate shouted.

Before him IT stood, naked,

bloodied, eternal.

Prove Yeshua lives?

Act now on His name, in faith:

Speak in unlearned tongues.

Paul's revelation,

Christ in us, the hope of glory -

Yeshua within!

The world is bondage

my senses hostage to it.

The key? Yeshua!

Seamless, endless love

the Father's all, Messiah.

Lord! How threadbare, mine.

Hypocrites! They play

pious games in their pulpits

meantime being watched ...

Your email to James Tazelaar is welcomed!

The Hermit.

By Bernard Shaw

As he sits a pondering there,
With shining eyes and snow white hair.
What is going through his mind,
Is he thinking of mankind.
Or are thoughts of Heaven his,
With Manna, Harps and Godly Bliss.
Has he found the truths of old,
That cannot be weighed with pots of gold.
Is it nature tht he fears,
As he sits there through the years.
Is he tired of earthly things,
With its traps and deadly stings.
That place of his is vacant now,
Did he sit there for a vow.
If I take his place maybe,
Some of the answers will come to me.
So, If you see me sitting there,
With shining eyes and snow white hair.
Don't ask yourself, what does he see,
Perhaps you are the one to replace me.
Bernard Shaw.

Christmas Carol.

By Bernard Shaw

What star is that so shining, bright,
Lighting up this blessed night.
Shepherds watchful, without sleep,
Keeping guard on restless sheep.
A guiding omen, Heavens sign,
Pointing to that child divine.
Earthly kings are on their way,
To greet the new born, on this day.
Costly presents, gifts of love,
For that baby from above.
Signal of mankinds greatest need,
God's own son for us to lead.
Mary's child in poverty born,
Riches in this life to scorn.
Come to lead us to the light,
On that wondrous, Heavenly night.

Your email to Bernard Shaw is welcomed!


The street of gold
Where YESHUA reigns
Shall be my home
With saints to sing.

The light of Heaven
His glorious Face
The joy of HIS presence
Will never erase.

YESHUA will be
The song we will sing
With Heaven the theme.
Of our Saviour the King.

The work to be done
Will be for HIS pleasure
The fullness of Heaven
Is YESHUA the treasure.



Values challenged
Sin creeps in
Immorality as white caps
Hit the shore & blend.

The tide now has covered
us & the shore
Seduced by the tide of perversion
As we sat in a state of ignore.

We stand up in amazement
Looking for someone to blame
Covered with sin & corruption
This is no longer just a game.

The flood of evil & wickedness
Crept in as a thief
How did it start? Shere did it come from?
satan and his deceit.



Behold the Fire!
But Father,
where is the Lamb?
Issac, the promised seed spoke
to his Father Abraham.

The L-RD will provide,
The faithful servant said.
With a heavy-hurting heart,
An a wondering bewildered head.

Is my son to be offered?
He must have thought,
that faithful day.
But not my will,
Your will be done -
I will not, L-D
get in Your way.

There on the alter,
He bound his son
and must have looked away.
With a broken spirit and contrite heart,
when he heard the Angel say,
"Lay not thy hand
upon thy son,
For G-D has prepared the Lamb,
the bictory is already won".

His eyes beheld with relief,
the sacrifice was there,
With a grateful but faithful heart,
It was all that he could bear.

For one brief moment,
He tasted,
The sorrow of the L-RD.
As he offered up his promised son,
It ripped his heart so hard.

Abraham had passed the test,
His obedience was true.
He never questioned G-D'S request,
He's the Father of the Jew.


Joseph was a chosen son

From an even dozen brothers

Born of Jacob's well beloved

The first born of his mother.

He bragged of dreams of leadership

He was a spoiled child

Where elders bowed before his feet

It drove his brothers wild.

He went one day

Into the fields

To bid his brothers well

Tempers flared

Some voted to kill,

While others voted to sell.

They sold him to an Egyptian house

For a while there he did fare,

Until the wife of Potiphar

Chose her lust to bare.

She framed him by her own deceit

with charges so unfair

And into prison he was thrown

where no one seemed to care.

An interpreter for the dreams

Of the king could not be found,

Joseph's wisdom had gone before him

He was brought before the crown

Deliverence had surely come

And with royalty it came,

He carried on with fruitfulness

G-D'S plan was still the same.

When Canaan fell to famine

Joseph's brothers came a-bidding

Their families were hungry

Theirs journeys end, so fitting.

Joseph was the paymaster

G-D had prepared his way

What the brothers meant for evil

G-D meant to save the day.


BY: Betty Feldman-Ames

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