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The Wild White Dove

by Roger L Reeves II

She watched the old man, a wise and stout sage,
he had taken the Raven, leaving an empty cage,
grunting and climbing he rose to the ceiling,
whatever was happening left a frightful feeling.
A window he'd made, he flung open up there,
sunlight flooded in along with fresh air,
she noticed the man spoke something to the Raven,
then with both hands launched him from safe haven.
Now that Raven, at first, had been a bothersome one,
yet as time passed good relations had begun,
but with the Raven gone, his empty cage is so bleak,
he's been gone many days now, perhaps even a week.
She worried and fretted for him these days long,
missing that noisy Raven and his annoying song,
she tried to remember, to bring his song to mind,
but here heart was so heavy, no song could she find.
She knew what she was missing, her heart craving,
it was the image of that nasty old black Raven,
but instead of the Raven, returned only the old man,
now she was the one cuddled in his loving hand.
He climbed and he grunted till they were high above,
yet careful and loving with this white dove,
he spoke something to her, but she didn't understand,
but the words carried a peace coming from this man.
When he opened the window in came moist air,
suddenly she felt confined in this man's lair,
he spoke and kissed her on top of her beak,
what was it this old man would have her seek?
The two hands pointed her out toward the sky,
a gentle launch, she flapped and began to fly,
she soared and stretched toward heavenly blue,
for the first time in months she actually flew.
She climbed and climbed in an abandoned dazed,
being carried away by sudden freedom's craze,
her heart beat wildly as she flew futher astray,
till she realized she had already lost her way.
She fluffed her tail and angled wings to glide down,
looked below and to the horizon, but saw no ground,
she tilted left and spiraled, right and glided around,
nothing in sight, no green, no brown, no land found.
An amazing sight she had never before seen,
a world of blue, no sand, no leafy green,
the water had no breakers, there was no shoreline,
the ocean had no branch, or grew any vine.
Gracefully gliding and enjoying the warm sun,
she'd forgotten flying was such thrilling fun,
just when she thought this was living the best,
she realized below she'd find no place to rest.
Is this what became of her old friend the Raven,
her hope was in G-d, only He could have saved him,
but worse now than worrying for the black Raven bird,
she had to face this predicament, no matter how absurd.
She rested as she glided, down to water's edge,
then she'd flap her way upward to exhaustion's ledge,
she'd glide and rest, spiral left and spiral right,
all the while searching the limits of her sight.
Listening to the heaviness of her heartbeat,
finding no rest for the sole of her feet,
looking back to where her fight had begun,
a place of captivity where she would run.
No surprise to her, just a feeling of dismay,
in all the spiraling and gliding she'd lost her way,
even though she was smart and keen of sight,
she wandered the ocean flying all the long night.
Exhaustion had begun to wear her senses down,
yet at early morning light her weary sight found,
a speck so far away she could not tell,
if she could make it there before she fell.
Her heart beat wildly inside her white chest,
for all day and all night she had found no rest,
and now she was here at strengths very end,
what must have happened to her Raven friend.
While mourning for another concern, not her own,
she'd forgot her peril and flew on and on,
until she realized that home was just down below,
at last no more to fly around, or go to and fro.
She landed by the window, exhausted, and stood,
waiting there, something told her she should,
to her relief it opened and there was the old man,
he reached out, comforting and caught her in his hand.
He drew her inside to safety at long last,
cuddling and soothing, never moving to fast,
comfort she felt now in her small little home,
yet she could not rid herself of feeling alone.
With her thoughts of the Raven and the flight outside,
if her eyes could do so, she would surely have cried,
could he have survived these many days above the sea,
she thought, "I would have failed, the strengths not in me."
Before she could count another week went by,
again she was cooing with a most heavy sigh,
she thanked her Maker for the time she had shared,
with that black Raven who had so pitiably fared.
Yet somehow inside her there still lived a hope,
that over endless waters he somehow could cope,
then suddenly she was surprised by the return of the old man,
it seemed she would leave again in search of dry land.
Her heart was not set on survival unless,
she could find hope that the Raven found rest,
but out that window she flew from his hands,
knowing both shared the hope of a brave new land.
Flying in the sunlight, not so crazed as before,
she kept her bearings on that window, safety's door,
not so long did she soar, search, and fly,
green beckoned out and called her to fly nigh.
Wonderful trees full of beautiful green life,
breeze fluttered leaves that soothed all strife,
branches to rest in, lop around and play,
and quickly she spent playing the entire day.
But the chill of the evening warned her not to stay,
she plucked an olive leaf, jumped and flew away,
and before dusk turned to that old black night,
she was waiting at the window at the end of her flight.
The window opened in a quick and good time,
to the old man that leaf was a really good sign,
he returned her to her cage with very much praise,
all seemed hollow with the Raven gone all these days.
Another seven days in her cage she now rested,
she'd forgotten the Raven, but she'd never confess it,
she really did care, but she had begun to feel odd,
she knew his life was in the hands of Almighty G-d.
Once more the man took her up expectantly,
hoping this time, not only her, but all could be free,
she flew out the window thinking of the giant sea,
but right outside she landed in a nice shade tree.
She and the old man knew she'd never go back,
she was now free like the Raven of black,
this shade tree she'd make a fine homey nest,
right next to where G-d brought Noah's Ark to rest.
Old man Noah was free to now come outside,
from a very long trip and quite a scary ride,
she could see by his face the old man did know,
as he smiled through tears at G-d's rainbow.
Many of us are like that Wild White Dove,
sent on our errands, missions from above,
when tired, ready to fall, as is the way of man,
G-d reaches out of heaven and catches us in His hand.

Roger L. Reeves II
Copyright 1994

Amcha – עמך – “Your People”

To Yitzhak Katzenelson


With gentile eyes I see the world, not knowing,
and you see what I miss, generations flowing,
but I cry tears tender at those times I read,
and you have not tears, but inwardly bleed.

What place is this, Sobibor, Treblinka, Dachau,
where all look now not seeing, and wonder how,
any man can do what should never have been,
as if taught of demons full of Satan’s own sin.

Death! Jew! Death! Echoes words spawned of hell.
always rising over and over from hates ugly well,
aimed at the ones who brought us the real truth,
Torah and G-d our only hope or everlasting proof.

How can anyone hate so insidiously and deny love,
murder and kill the chosen people of G-d above,
their hearts were worse than the ghetto of Krackow,

And their souls condemned to the shadow of Dachau.


Dare I touch on the pain of those in Sobibor,
those there for moments and on earth no more,
those who loved the ones who burned before them,
such sacred suffering, to compare to this is sin.

Yet my soul cries out for some sort of reason,
how these animals could bring such a hateful season,
and I am not different in what must be the solution,
never to forget must be the final resolution.


Written by Roger L. Reeves II, CR 2009

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All the children fell to search.
No deeply graven hole held this angel light.
Nor did we unearth in our thick birch,
richly wrapped homes, that we were Divine -
that would come later.

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by Rachael Haines

Who truly Loves Yah?
Who truly blesses Him?

Not those who fail to keep His Torah,
which is everlasting.

Who holds the Heart of Yah?
Who are His Children?

Not those who boast at the vine,
which so graciously grafted them in.

Who knows the Name of Yah?
Who has kept it sacred?

Not those who use it in vain,
which have brought it to mean NOTHING.

Who has seen the tears of Yah?
Who has felt His pain?

Not those who reject His son,
who have never themselves watched their child's death.

Who has Yah's spirit within?
Who has fruits which are good?

Not those who have no Love,
who know not patience, and forgiveness when not deserved!


You HAVE forgotten!

Rachael Haines

this poem is dirrected to so many New Testament Churches,

who have forgotten who grafted them in!

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Why do you love me? Oh, great is the err of my ways... Yet, you stay beside me and lift me when I fall. You saw me from afar and you sought me. When I defy you, you look at me with compassion. When I trample your love, you wait patiently for me to return. I look at you sometimes and dare you to stop me. I shouldn't treat you that way. When you reach out to me, I sometimes slap your hand away... So much I have longed to be with you, and you call out to me... your words fall on deaf ears... So many times you place yourself in front of me and offer a direction for success, but mine eyes are dim to truth. I hear you call to me, and I turn not aside. Oh, tell me why, why must you love me so unconditionally? When I say I am not worth your time, you seek me out even more. When I dream my existence to naught, you give me reason to hope. I hang my head with such shame... My heart sinks deep into the oppression I call myself. The darkness that captivates my soul drowns my vision. Yet, in the midst of the storm raging with in me, your peace still seeks my pain, calling to me, and this is what you say...

I love you. So great are these words, written by many a poet? But these words came by me. My love was formed into the world. My love created the day and night. My love created the sun, moon, stars, animals and you. It is my love that reaches to the depths of your soul and my love that will never let you go. It was my love that found you where you were and my love that will go where e'er you go. My love for you is greater than the mighty oak that lives so many years, my love for you flows stronger than the rivers that have cut the earth so low. My love for you flies higher than the greatest bird and my love for you comes with in a single word... Jesus. I have chosen you to walk with me. I have chosen you great things to be. All that I am, I place in you, and so I call and wait, so come. I hope and listen. Someday my hopes for you will grow within and make you true. I love you are the words I chose. I hung them up for all to see. I hung them up to grasp and hold unto the hope that ne'er grows old. Oh, come and see that I am here and that I'll hold you e'er so near. Let your grasp upon the lies be released, fall into my tenderness. I will warm you from the chill and your heart with my love I will fill.

So, I called out from my pain, seeking that tenderness I hoped to gain. I reached to you and my ears they heard, that wonderful sound of that single word... Jesus. Oh my God I asked again... Why do you love me so? This time I heard your voice and saw your hand... I felt your love and asked again... Why do you love me so? Your warmth surrounded me, and your presence ###### my soul. Your peace touched me and my heart was made whole. So I asked again... Why do you love me so? And you spoke and this is what you said...

A poet puts his heart deep into his work. An artist paints his soul on each canvas. A carpenter carves his very being into every groove. I have made you and placed myself within. I created love, nurtured love, and guided love since the beginning of all creation... because you are a part of all that I am, I love you...

So I said not this time, why do you love me so... but I said ... Lord, I love you...

Pernell R. Rodocker 1/19/00

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The Messiah: Wild, Untamed and Free

by D.J. Tyrer

The messiah, logos bearer,
Wild ferocious, sword bearer,
Untamed, unconquered, life bearer,
Free, defiant, truthbearer.

The Human Condition

by D.J. Tyrer

The human condition
is one of self-abuse:
We inflict spiritual pain
Upon ouselves, then
Beg for The Lord's forgiveness.

Prayer in Temptation's Shadow

by D.J. Tyrer

Oh, lord Yeshua
be with me now
And guide my way.
you have walked amongst us
You have seen our ways
you have suffered with us
And shed your blood in sacrifice.
Tell me now the path to take,
I give myself to you
But my heart does stray.
Do not reject me
Rather lift me up
Not death but life to taste.
Lord Yeshua pity me,
I who am weak of will
Who am tempted of heart
Please strengthen my will
Gladden my heart.
for you have known temptation
and shunned her,
let me shun her too.

 By DJ Tyrer

Six days before Pesach
yeshua came unto the house
Of Simeon Eleazar, a rabbi;
Simeon seated Him at his table
Which was there all spread out,
Around it gathered guests
Many of good standing
And the Teacher's disciples
While servants came and went
Attending all about.

The meal was under way
Everyone there was eating
Simeon and Yeshua talking
Moralistic debating.
Then in came a woman most beautiful
An alabaster jar in her hands,
A container full of perfume.
As the Teacher ate,
She fell before Him all a-weeping
And performed an act most dutiful.

She took the stopper from the jar
And poured the contents upon Him
The smell of perfume ###### the house
While all looked on stunned
And full of disbelief
Then her tears washed His feet
As she crouched there
And wiped them dry with her hair.
Then her sobs began to cease
Followed by by a sigh of relief.

Simeon knew her, his sister, and
Her impure ways.
He thought: 'If He really were a prophet
He should know she is a great sinner.'
The Teacher spoke: "She who baptises my head
With perfume and my feet with tears
Is blessed. She was a great sinner
But has made a great repentence to receive
A great forgiveness. She prepares me
For my funeral, for I shall soon be dead."

Now those there that were watching
Were angered at the sight
Of perfume so expensive wasted
That could have been given to the poor
And so in hubbub did exclaim:
"Lady, no! Go!
What a waste!"
(Though for Iscariot, it was covetousness
That was hurt).
"Lady, for shame!"

But the Teacher said: "No!
She has done a wonderful thing,
Having prepared me for my burial.
The poor remain, but I shall go.
Lady, thy sins are forgiven."
And they said: "Who is this that
Forgives sin? Is He man or God?"
"Because the lady believed, she
Is saved from her sins. Lady, go in peace.
For thou shalt be recalled on Earth and in heaven."

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The Tree From Which Yeshua Sprang
Written by Connie Saffle

The Tree from which Yeshua sprang
Cut off His Branch without a pang.
Yet to all He says "I am the Vine,
Come to Me, drink Heaven's wine."

"Jewish or Gentile, pruned or wild,
Each branch of My Tree is a much-loved child.
Come, My children, sit and eat
Of the Bread of Life, which tastes so sweet."

I sat beside Him, at the Table
And asked Him "L-rd, about my label?"
He said, " Daughter, all are Mine alone
Who believe their sin I have atoned."

"But why do I hear 'I'm just a Gentile,
I'm grafted in, but I'm still wild.'?"
"Men don't get it, they can't agree
Those I've made free, are free, indeed."

What Makes Us Messianic Jews?
Written by Connie Saffle
June 8, 2000

Chupah, mitzvot, tzit-tzit, nu?
Tallit, kippah, Torah, too.
Who we are, or what we do?
What makes us Messianic Jews?

Centuries of faith, fraternal?
Candles lit by those maternal?
Or belief in Him, Who is eternal?
What makes us Messianic Jews?

Lives lived out Torah-observant?
Talmud learned by sons so fervent?
Or faith in Him, the Suffering Servant?
What makes us Messianic Jews?

To place our faith upon the Rock,
To place ourselves within His flock.
To love the Son, the Stumbling Block.
That's what makes us Messianic Jews.

Holiday Lights

Written by Connie Saffle, Dec. 2005

Chanukah and Christmas – such controversy they cause in the Messianic community…. Both are full of Light and mercy, both remind of grace and unity.

First, the glow of the Chanukkiah…nine lights that burned by Adonai’s hand. They remind us yearly of this great idea: miracles happen in the Promised Land!

Then the Jewel of Heaven’s crown: the Light of the Christmas star…. The joy of perfect Love came down to draw us near, from Sin afar.

The lights I see shine brightly. Would that we could get along! Both lights shine – are lit up nightly: Ma’oz Tzur/Immanu-El our song.

There’s no room in Adonai’s home for petty bickering and fights. Chanukah and Christmas, both in our home…Let us celebrate the Light!



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My Yeshua
  by Hannah Christie

The one who brings the joyous sunshine
After a night of tears and pain,
The one who births a new beginning
in a heart that's crushed by pain,
The one whose love can touch you so that
you will never be the same;
  It can only be
  My Yeshua.

The one who takes life's trials and struggles
and turns them into something right,
The one who sets the lame ones dancing
and gives back blinded eyes their sights,
The one who has defeated Shetan
and helps us win our every fight;
  It has always been
  My Yeshua.

Can it be
That the Saviour of the whole wide world
is touching me? 
And can it be
than in spite of all the things I've done
he's come, to pour his love into me?
  He must be   My Yeshua.

It's he who gave me a new life
so in his love I'll never die,
It's he who comforts all my sorrows
and hears me every time I cry,
It's he who give me peace and hope
And joy to make my spirit fly
   He IS  My Yeshua!

And he will always be
My Yeshua.
Throughout all eternity
My Yeshua
will be all that's life and love
to me.

Birth of Samuel

by Hannah Christie

I'd known of you for a long time,
though when we first met
I wasn't sure how I was supposed to serve you,
Or even who you really were.
Though we were ordained from the beginning
To be as one - echad,
I was afraid you'd reject me, because
I wasn't good enough, didn't bear enough.
The other has so much more to offer.

So I watched you to see how I could serve you,
how I could make you pleased with me.
I tried so many times,
and so many times I remained unfilled
and I once again stumbled.
So I did the only thing left,
and that was to beg you to love me,
trying to earn your favour.
Many times I cried, and only faith
convinced me that you were there.

Though other times I felt your embrace, your comfort,
and then I seemed to know what you wanted me to do.
On my knees I say your face, with my hands outstretched
and not in the toil of shame and guilt
or the noose of obligation.

And now...!  My dream-child has been born
through pain and suffering.
My new life, the one I now leave here
with you to care for,
has finally made it's lusty cry
and entered this world.

So now I have something to show those who think
that the virgin, or the barren
leave no legacy.

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The Poetry of Wynne


A Christmas Wish

Oh why have so many gone astray.
Who is this beast* of the Middle East.
Oh how they will pay, for soon will
be the day.
Let's not forget His birthday.
Let's not forget His sacrifice.
Let's begin to pray for His
return this day.

Let Christmas be His again,
for Him we owe everything.
His day is not for just
exchanging foolish gifts
and thinking only of ourselves.
But it is still His Day.
My wish is to reinstate His day
and His day is Christmas .

It is my Christmas Wish just give
us this day and our daily bread
and thank you for the day
everyday. Let's celebrate the day.
It puts my heart in such dismay!
Let's get into the fray for the way 
it used to be so long ago.
Pray for the day and a new day
beginning this Christmas day.
Let the bells of mercy ring
around this world this day
Peace on this earth.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow;I am the diamond glints on snow.I am the sunlight on ripened grain;I am gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am  the swift uplifting rushOf quiet birds in circled flight,I am the soft star that shines at night.Do not stand at my grave and cry,I am not there; I did not die.  I am the soldier in spirit  fighting for my home land .My soul lives on thru Gods great mercy.We will defeat in the heat of battle.We will sacrafice for the day of feast.I am the Israli soldier who lives in me.          

* in reference to Satan


Mirrors Of Love

Mirrors of love reflecting the glitters.

Lights bouncing across the spacesthose lusty looks that we dare!Oh"

God please don't stare.

The morrows of life's reflection So torments me,

and can only lead to the inner temptations of lust I have for you.

Dreams cascading all around meat once tantalizing

and swishing me away into the spirit of lights,

that's what mirrors create as I fallasleep this night,

I'm dizzy in your eyes of lusting love.

The mirrors have captured me my love.            


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F aith, H ope and L ove

by Yahkleen Tamar

F inding what is truth, wanting only what is right.
A sking for Adoni's guidance, to show me His holy light.
I have been a Hebrew, for as long as memory can reach.
T he prayer is that I know, and others I can teach.
H elp Torah to stand and bind us up again.

H ealing the blind, blessing the poor!
O h! That's what my pray is. What is yours?
P eace is essential, to bring back His chosen.
E very part of me shutters, when I know that I've sinned.

L earning and living, as days breeze on by.
O h thank Him for familes and friends from on high.
V ery empty is my soul, when I don't work for heavenly affection.
E arthly father I've lost, but when I see him again, I'll run in his direction!


'Men's Meeting'
      Swirling, whirling, jolly sounds;
      Spreading ideas all around.
      Scratched beards, babbling tongues;
      Sharing thoughts among everyone.
      A nod, a snap, a whisper, too;
      Filtering thoughts up and through.
      Turning, yearning, again being heard.
      Listening closer to a humble word.
      Slanted heads and dimpled chins;
      Pecking subjects like mother hens.
      Folded arms and waving hands;
      Taking it's turn on every man.
      Yahning sighs and foggy glasses;
      twidling thumbs and sideways glances.
      Intwining hearts; reaching Yah's call.
      May I be for Messiah, or no one at all.

'Tehillim in Tears'

      Who can avenage me, but Adoni?
      For I wait for His counsel in my fear;
      What should I do, but bring myself low,
      even when I know not of my own conviction.
      When I wander wearly along, Ha Elyon
      puts me back to the place I've been appointed -
      where I ask not anymore, nor test my salvation,
      For He is the mighty one who judges.
      Why I am being tested?, I do for see a desire
      of strength from He who is greatest.
      How the weight bears on my shoulders,
      I cannot share; because Yeshua's love
      reaching back shouts 'I care!"
      Sink me back to the depths of true happiness.
      For every time I fall a little harder...

One more okay?

'Crying Faith'

      I danced with fragrant joy before my G-d.
      Steps for which I knew not;
      But inheirited through peace
      (away) from iniquites.
      I was not afraid as my brethern,
      but now are trembling with fear from guilt
      I have not brought before Elohim sanctifacation.
      My feet have now become a pair of bricks,
      and my hands as if tied to the floor.
      Again I cry to my Adoni, wishing to see
      fruits of humility from this shame that has spread,
      not knowing how to ask, only wanting to cast stones
      against thy Holy One's abombinations!
      Cover our own rebellion, YHVH, for some sin may
      be greater than we know;
      Revel to us truth quickly!
      That WE may trust in Yeshua, our salvation,
      again - and not ourselves.
      My tongue tastes like mortor in my mouth;
      Some see delieverance as a proclamation;
      But I see NOT humility in a false repentance...


Shakings - Part I

When I was distressed; You set me free;
Now hear my prayer, have mercy on me!

I waited patiently for Adoni,
Till' he turned towarded me, hearing my crys.

Those who remain prideful, cannot stand
before Your eyes - You will destroy
them who remain in lies.
You encourage me, listening to them;
So they, Your people; won't feel terror again.
You probed mine heart - though I did fight...
You visit me Mighty One! Within day and night.
Arise, Ecad, confront them! Bring them down!
My enimies long to crush me in the ground!

But I say lo! Dustruction is in his wings -
Yet it is never to the Evil One that I sing!
Behold! Forsee what strength He's given for battle.
I can still hear the sound of thier footsteps rattle.
Without speech, word, or even voice being heard -
It is through the Counsoler, His mercies stand assured.
And in the faith that His servant's are warned;
in righteous acts of my heart, there is reward.
We will shout for joy with the angels in victory
As in spirit, in all good things - His glory!
For we keep Y'hshau our souls greatest request.
Remember! It is the love of unperfect hate we protest.
Despite thier avid scheme, they won't succeed.
If you watch, you will see, it is YHVH that leads.!


The Shakings Part II

See YHVH sitting in the heavens - yet He does not abhor.
The lowliness of some - the sighting of the poor.,
Let the Ruach breathe - keeping us alive.
A testimony for the next generation - of Adonis.
Come forth as Ya'acov, who seeks his face;
Lo! Yeshua anoints our heads and opens gates!
Come closer to kiss my cheek, Holy one! I'm oppressed.
Put upon me Messiah, the garments of grace from distress.
Send me to walk around the altar, Adoni,.
This is the place where hope comes forth and glory abides.
Watch Him! He hides me in the folds of His tent.
When I am humble, I see such compassions sent.
Do not be quiet, Ha Kodesh, spilling empty silence -
Mine heart cannot bear that! It forms a yearning alliance...
See the light we are blessed in - the riches of Shalom -
Conceal not your faces - oh peoples - make it known!
Though I am unworthy - He shows great favor,
Through the promised Lamb - my Savior.
In truth, He did not hand me over to the enemy;
He has set my dancing feet where I can move freely.
Behold the flooding water of those in angry rages;
Yet the think they're free; but are as if in cages.
Adoni! Save me from evil troubles and thoughts;
Yet rescue me from mocking, bitter assaults.
Let the people refresh themselves in a stream of delight;
'Yet hear Ammi' Saith Him 'I am the judge and good fight'
Yeah, L-rd don't let me boast; lest my foot slip.
Oh deceit - your not welcome! I cannot lie with my lips.
And when I do die, will my name disappear...?
But with Messiah my shelter, I have nothing to fear.

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A Chanukah Poem
by Nancy Westbrook

More than 2000 years ago
The land of Israel did glow
Until a Syrian king
who ruled everything
Forced Jews to denounce what they know.
Antiochus was the Syrian king
his contempt of religion did ring
Idols were placed
In the temple so graced
And to idols he told them to sing.
Yohuda was called *Maccabee*
meaning, O God, Who is like unto Thee.
An army was cast
and his followers at last
would fight to set the jews free.
The Syrians sent in their troup
Maccabees fought off the group
They fought for their souls
and the Torah scrolls
Their temple a must to recoup.
The Maccabees were heros in war
They fought forty thousand in score
The Syrian's were defeated
The Maccabees succeeded
God's miracle the Syrian's abhor!
Upon the Maccabees return
To the temple where idols did ruin
All idols removed
God's love was proved
A valuable lesson learned
The menorah they wanted to light
The cruze holding oil was slight
Just enough for a day
To light their way
But it lasted through the 8th night!

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Simplist of ease!

Composed, Michael A. Henzel "98"


My lord you thought of me then said the word- and I came to be!

By the work of your hands, you shaped, molded and structured me,

so that I reflect the image of thee.

Your knowledge is beyond belief,

Yet- one is able to see your majesty in a flower,

or in an infants little feet.

My lord I hope all come to see-

that your the cause to be-

the one who makes things happen with the-

simplist of ease.

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Captured Spirit  

by James F. Hill


We the people are Israel!

G-d hath robed us

with this land

and we have put it on.

A garment of fine thread

woven through the loom

of persecution

dyed with bright blood

of Jewish martyrs.......

helpless babes,

mothers clutching their sacrifice,

children without memories.

Oh Jerusalem!

Coveted of the world


Jewel of our crown


Come down!



(c)2002     jfrancishill                

flinttexas  usa  

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