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The Wild White Dove

Behold Your Bride

Beloved Lord, behold your bride,
broken, tired and gray.
How could you wed a man like this,
who threw so many years away ?

No virgin bride in any way,
seduced by pleasures, lust and sin,
I come to you with broken heart,
Oh husband let me in...

Unclean, impure, before the groom,
I long for your embrace.
Consumed by shame, destroyed by
I cannot look into your face.

Oh tell me Lord, can I be cleansed ?
and if so at what cost.
Can even you heal innocence,
so long stolen, so long lost ?

A worthy bride comes at a price,
but who would pay for one like me ?
You've paid the price ? No further cost ?
Oh love, how can this be ?

With your own flesh, with your own
yea, with your very life...
Is it thus that I must be,
a widow ere a wife.

But no, these are much different vows,
for not by death are we to part.
But by the death of sin and flesh,
were joined together heart to heart.

The wedding table thus is set,
the sacrifice becomes the feast.
 A marriage for eternity,
The Greatest to the least.

Oh Lord, A man I come to you,
and yet a trembling bride.
My heart would sing my love for you,
my lips the same confide.

But it is not my love for you
which brings forth all my tears.
But rather that you first loved me,
And cast out all my fears.
by Daniel Faulkner
Anno Domini 1999


The Blessing for Confessing
By Crystal Daye

The Devil does not confess anything
He's a liar, hypocrite, who is dieing
Inside hiding out though he is trying
To please himself in the work of giving
Glory to all who mimic his mirror imaging
Of pride and arrogance for the knitting
All religious mankind on earth sitting
As god each their own throne residing
Where love and war is negotiating
How to divide the sheep for profiting
So dumb are they that are ever slaving
To be like the rich and famous living
The young to model the Devil using
Others for the satisfaction of abusing
No law to obey for those rebelling
And all laws remain on those painting
Them selves like god in their shining
Both evil and good to GOD are stinking
In vanity and to Hell will be going
For to be a crazy fool is more appealing
To GOD HIS SPIRIT in the knowing
That HE is the source of wisdom growing
Within those meek and humble learning
For the immortal, never to this is an ending
Except for Lucifer of his throne stealing
Power from the Almighty who is obliging
Him to claim those of HIS this surprising
Yet GOD HIS love for Israel is ever lasting
Did not the Prophet marry a ##### nesting
With her confessing all for the restoring
Of her fidelity by him to GOD resting
On HIS WORD of mercy to be erasing
Her sin forever from memory of the asking
Ask yourself now to confess your sinning
So to hate it for a circumcised beginning
For fear of the loss of material providing
You of the Devil will not confess anything
But will gather as vultures to the wedding
Of the repentant ##### who is crying
In labor and near to death is confessing
All her crimes against GOD and shedding
The idols of shame and guilt for a blessing
For condemnation is for those killing
In prideful hate the world destroying
Life on earth all who are not willing
To be a mirror of the Devil his imaging
No mercy for the saint or sinner pleading
The ##### of Babylon consumes those bleeding
In this the Devil won't confess anything
Will you be the ##### for blessing or the cursing?

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The Lord looks down from Heaven

by Melissa Horrocksleigh

The Lord looks down from Heaven at Human beings,
The way they walk through life,
Oh how the Lord Yeshua,
Needs His perfect wife.

The bride of Yeshua,
Like none other,
A perfect body,
With a perfect cover.

>From the mother womb,
We were born to this Earth,
God indeed did know us well.
But, He also knew another thing,
A thing He did not tell.

That Yeshua died for His Bride,
So Humble, without pride.
He died so that the Jewish nations could be restored,
Once more we could come to know.
In Yeshua, Ha Messiach we would love
And show.

To find the freedom that we could have,
With Yeshua through our nation.
And when that day would come,
We would have the perfect revelation.

You can be sure that on judgement day,
Everyone of us will give a a perfect account,
Of every useless word spoken,
But Yeshuah's love is one that lasts
God gave us His son as a special token.

If only people would look and see,
Ha Messiach is standing firmly,
Rooted to the tree.
So that we can all be set free.

Although Virgin Israel has fallen,
Some say never to arise,
Wait to the day comes,
When Ha Messiach,
Will come back,
To take back His bride.

The Lord Yeshua,
Has won His battle,
The very day He died.
He did not die,
But arose from the dead,
To take back His Bride.

Melissa Horrocksleigh
United Kingdom

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(Matthew 25:1-13)
by Tracy B. Barfield

The quiet stillness roused me from sleep,
Then off in the distance I heard someone weep.

I had hoped to married that particular day,
But still weary from slumber, I soon lost my way.

The darkness was thick, the air seemed so damp,
Yet I still somehow managed to find my good lamp.

Suddenly I felt  foreboding, a feeling of doom,
So I quickly lit the lamp--and saw the eyes of the Groom!

It was just for an instant, the lamp quickly went out,
The Groom's eyes looked so sad as I started to shout.

"Please, wait just a minute!" I cried out in vain,
"Let me find some more oil, so I can light it again!"

Then I heard a door shut, which I now cannot find,
Then, with horror, I realized I'd been left behind!

So tend to your lamps often, have your oil so stored,
That you keep your light burning to find the narrow door.

Be ready for the Bridegroom with a love so sincere,
Yes, be ready for the Bridegroom, for his coming is near.

Tracy B. Barfield
© May, 2003

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        My Child

              by Richard Krutsinger

         Bow down your "ear" to me my child,
         I'll anoint your "eye" to see,
         I'll pour out my words for the my child,
         They last eternaly--
         Yes, they last eternaly.

         My Words are finer than pure gold,
         I am a tree of life,
         I am the well for the thirsty soul,
         The bright and shining light--
         Yes, a bright and shining light.
         If you abide in me my child,
         I,ll abide in you,
         ask me what you will my child,
         and that I'll do for you--
         Yes, that I'll do for you.

         Now take my yoke upon you child,
         And you will learn of me,
         My yoke is easy,
         And my burden is light,
         You will find rest in me--
         Yes, you will have rest in me.
         The Word


    I Am That I Am

    by Richard Krutsinger
     I AM That I Am, and there is no other
   No father or mother, nor sister or brother
     I Am That I Am, and this I Proclaim --
   Though I have been called, by many a name

     I Am That I Am, the giver of breath
      I hold the key's to life and death
     I Am That I Am, and this I remain--
      Never to change, always the same

     I Am That I Am, and forever shall be
       The God of them that call on me
     I Am That I Am, and that is my fame --
    Though I have been called by many a name

                    "I Am"

       Richard Krutsinger


What if...

by Paul Michael Hallelujah

What if I had turned that time into the light
 not shrunk away horrified
And followed paths not often trod to Father friend and God
What if words had been enough to hook my faith through rain and rough
And born again into the right allowed myself with him to die
Not running falling flowing rather into the song
A lullaby for babes and wise then all would hear the hallowed cry
Arisen! He is alive and you and I are loves of Love and born to fly
Free at last a cup betrothed to hearts of purest gold
A solace in the womb to kindle fires upon the loom eternity

paul michael hallelujah

Stand Ready, II

by Rev. Edward A. Vinson

The stirrings to return arrive.

My soul is moved, my spirit stirs

to spread its wings

and turn toward home,

mount up on wings of eagles, borne

closer to ‘places’

on His heart.

His whispers draw us to arise.

The heart is like a water-brook

that in the Hand of God, responds,

wells-up, swells sweet, runs clear, sings out

to wend its way

to places where it may be still

partaking of The Shepherd’s Peace,

reflecting light, reflecting Light

the rays of which, the Rays of Whom




pierce us with Love

and stir the deep

to call upon the Deep in God,

the unseen Spring

that dug, that hewn, that carved

now fills

with Living Waters from above

at depths perceived

by God alone –

to overflow

with His Good Will

where He shall send us

in His time.

The Stirrings to Return have grown,

cause me to groan, labor with pain

with what He births, with what we carry

kept like Treasure, deep in us,

"the Mystery", "Christ in you", alive.

The Stirrings of Return have grown,





Rev. E.A. Vinson
 Gloucester Pt


  "DAY OF HIS RETURN"            

    by Craig Hendrix

     copyright 04, 1-10-04 poem    

       Sitting in the house, feeling all but dead inside
       Finding myself watching the evening news
       Worrying about all the business decisions I made
       And all the money that I could lose
       Walked into the cold, empty kitchen
       to grab another beer 
       All at once ,there was a loud explosion
       In the distance ,I could hear

       A cold grim feeling started coursing
       through my weak, frightened mind

       Beheld a sight from my childhood dreams
       Became, real ,I soon would find

       Looked out the window and I never had seen
       Such colors that glow from the moon

       Suddenly the moon disappeared, from the sky
        The dark night had reversed into noon

       The smell in the air was calm
       warm sunlight ,in a summer day

       In an instant there was a wrath of thunder
       The wind brought warning ,sweet colors turned to gray
      I ran outside, the blood in my heart
      Would race from sudden fear
      Was a sound that shook the highest mountains
      A sound like terror , what I ,did hear

      When the earthquakes and whirlwinds moved away
      And the Storms finally began to cease

      There came a Celestial silence
       Surrounding , a feeling of Eternal Peace
       Like waves in the ocean that carry
        Water across the lasting tide
       I heard a choir from a band of cherubim
       That could be heard throughout Nationwide

        Then there was an endless sound of Panic
        That had consumed the smoldering air

        People running aimless in the streets
        There was darkness everywhere

        The echo's of a wicked  planet
        would roar like the blaze from a fire

        The developed language reduced to screams
        For the whole world ,would soon expire

        Losts souls, stretched their arms to Heaven
        With supreme praises to the sky

         The Bankers, the Lawyers, the Real estate broker
         For the first time heard themselves cry
         The drunkard suddenly dropped his bottle
         The teller closed down his booth

         The Madman had, regained his sanity
          The Liar proclaimed the truth

          The leaders of the Nations would crumble apart
          Like dusty, dried up clods

         The Naturalists and all the Pagans
         Would begin praying to their gods

         Then there was a great sound of a Trumpet
         Shook the Earth and rocked the seas

         And out of the clouds came the face there of Jesus
         Then the whole world suddenly dropped to it`s knees
         With eyes of pure lit Fire
         Looked upon man's shameful wretched face

         And one by one, He called to his children
         From out of every creed and every race

        Descending into Heaven like
        A midst of morning rain

        The Firmament  was filled with Glory
         As the Angels formed their wings into a chain

         The sorrowed, that were plagued with sickness
         The crippled and the blind

         Were given fair comfort with a golden plate
         They'll be welcomed, First In Line

          And I watched all of this from my home
          Lying there on the ground

          Listening to the sounds of misery
          That`s left here all around

          The churches are gone, Evil will rein
           The beast will rise this day

          Millions beg for one more chance
          As they see that Christ has gone away

          Just yesterday the World seemed alive
           Laughing with drink and fun

           Now the sound of anguish fills the Land
           As if it were blotted from the sun

           The last thing that my ears beheld
            Was a mournful pitiful scream

            And then I suddenly woke up, shaking
            From what was to be my dream

             I now can see the dangers of a world
             That the Lord's, mercy took
             I pray that when He comes back for us
             My name would be written in His Book
  craig hendrix
     Down From the Mountain
 po box 508
 potts camp

O Captain ~ You Are My Captain!
Written by  Giselle Celeste Smith

You are the Anchor of My Soul, by Your Instructions I am sown, letting go of my own will, in place of your own,
Which causes our enemy to always moan and to groan.  Your precious Holy Spirit is the wind in my sails.
Your Living Word, is the Rudder guiding me through all my trails. Your Word in me is always abiding and it always prevails.

Holy Father, your love is my Mainstay and you are my solid Mast, This I know that your Love for me will forever last.
Help me to forget, those things that are behind, by Your Precious Holy Spirit's Love Divine.
Teach me to live in the full presence of your Living Word,
 With your full assurance, I know that in Heaven all my prayers are always heard.
Give me Your Hope, Joy, Success and Gladness,
Always replacing discouragement, disappointment, failure, and sadness.
Empower My Soul to soar with Your Plan for My Life, teaching me to replace Faith in place of all fright.
Help me to maintain my Most Holy Faith, by Daily continually seeking Your Face.

Enable me to stand in the face of adversity then I shall not be weary in well doing by your Kindness and Your Mercy.
Let the Surety of Your Word be for me the Security of Your Love, along with the help of your guiding light from above.
Launch me out into the deep waters help me to stay awake, watch and pray and not ever to quake.
Guiding me ever upward with Your Confidence, I choose to only look forward into my Captain's eyes.
Master Carpenter I choose not to be in dread, but rather Plead Your Blood instead.
I shall continue to stand, holding firm onto Your Hand,
Always fighting my good fight, towards Your Heavenly Plan.

One Day in the Presence of My Captain's Quarters
Out weighs, a thousand days in uncharted waters.
Holy Spirit equip me with Your Success,
 Your Full Armor do I possess.
Naked I did come into this world,
 But now I am fully clothed in the Splendor of Your Word.
I shall Forever Behold the Beauty of Your Holiness.
By Christ Bloodline, I belong to you and you are mine, you are my holy rest divine.
The Banner of Your Resurrection Love helps keep me in line,
Your leadership to me is my Glory sublime.

O Ancient of Days, You truly are the Captain of My Ship
Your Word and Your Spirit, prevents dangerous collisions with any other Ship.
Steady is my journey, Hopeful is my final destination,
On earth as it is in Heaven, with Triumphant Jubilation!
Solid is your Love, planted in me by Your Precious Holy Spirit from above.
Sturdy is my Destination, for you are my Revelation Dove.

My vessel though it may sway from time to time,
 It may seem to falter with the cares of the waves of this world intertwined.
Yet steady, onward and upward it will go,
For It is by your Rudder, that causes our enemies plans to abort..
Yes, you are the Anchor of my soul, O Captain My Captain.
My Master Builder shall not desert me, but He will remain aboard and keep me afloat,
Steady on, steady on, Sturdy she will float..

This Vessel shall continue on the Captain's journey don't you know.
With purpose and direction in the Captain's hand,
 Guided by the compass of Christ's Resurrection plan.

This sailing vessel is built by - the Master Carpenter Himself.
He alone knows every part of its stealth.  He alone knows where my next port of call shall be,
Forever above and beyond all that I could ever hope to see and still remain free.
For He alone is My Heavenly Door.  I give His Word entrance to this Divine Ship that He adores.
I shall never be lost nor falter or sink. For I know above all else just what the Master Carpenter shall think ---
He shall say, that I shall always sail in safe waters,
 If I will stand a faithful watch over my lips, and will not allow my Faith to falter,
Yes, I will keep a watch over my lips, and I'll reach a safe harbor,
 what are the risks - For trusting in my Heavenly Father's lips?
O Captain, You are My Captain...You are My Faithful Loving Heavenly Father .

Giselle Celeste Smith
Son Harvest Graphics
San Marcos, Texas USA



Fifty Days Further

A morality play for Shavuot and Pentecost

by Paul Deane


Note: This play was originally written as a drama for performance by the children of the congregation that I attend during the week that encompasses the Jewish feast of Shavuot, celebrated by the Christian church as the occasion of Pentecost. It dramatizes the events of the first chapter of the Biblical book of Acts. It illustrates rather nicely the effectiveness of alliterative verse as a vehicle for verse drama.

(In the distance voices are chanting … )



          Rise up! Rise up! The road goes before us –

          The pilgrim’s path to the place of joy!

          These heights are near heaven – how we rejoice

           At the glitter of gold from its glowing walls!

           May my soul be swifter than a swallow’s wings

           and rise to its resting place, Jerusalem, my goal!


(enter pilgrims, carrying first fruits, sacks of grain, etc.)


(enter priest. Priest blows a shofar.)



           When Passover has passed, the chief priest shall

           count Fifty days further. Then from far and near

           God’s people shall gather gladly to praise him.

           So bring in the fruits of your fields and pastures,

           Heap up the harvest till hearts overflow,

           show it to God, then share with the poor.



           Such a mass of men from so many nations!

           From Egypt, from Italy, and from Asia Minor,

           from Phrygia, Pamphylia, and far-off Persia,

           from Libya, Galilee, and this land of Judah

           we have come to proclaim that our King is God,

           and give him due glory for all his great wonders!


(This has by now become a crowd scene. Enter two Pharisees, one of them named Saul, though he may not be the Saul of the New Testament. It is a common name.)


First Pharisee:

           Saul, are you certain?



           This deception is over!

           We’ll have no tall tales of tombs standing open,

           No prophets on donkeys, no palm branches waving!

           This fantasy is finished!


First Pharisee:

           I fear that our people still hunger for marvels.



       Ha! That they may!

       But the Law is the lesson they must learn to respect!

       They seek false Messiahs with sin in their hearts.

       Just give a good show, and that’s good enough

       to make happy morons! But more is required.

       To be obedient is better by far,

       And the proper approach to pleasing our God.

       Our life is the letter of the law. Yeshua –

       that man was a maniac or maybe possessed

       with parables for prostitutes, preaching that love

       made law-breaking legal! I’d like to believe

       we’ve heard nonsense enough. Never mind him –

       What’s this?


(A crowd of the disciples suddenly spill out onto the street.

They are praising God in many different languages.)




First Disciple:

Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Et in terra pax hominibus

Bonae voluntatis.


Laudamus te. Benedicimus te.

Adoramus te. Glorifcamus te.


Gratias agimus tibi

propter magnam gloriam tuam.


Domine Deus, Rex caelestis,

Deus Pater omipotense.

Domine Fili unigenite Iesu Christe.

Domine Deus, Agnus Dei,

Filius Patris.


Qui tollis peccata mundi,

Miserere nobis.


Second Disciple:

Khosh be hale un kasan ke

Faghre roohe khod be danand

Khosh be hale mardomi ke

Malekane un jahanand.


Khosh be hale frutanan

Khosh be hale rahiman

Khosh be hale meskiman

Khosh be hale shoma.


Khosh be hale pakdelan ke

Khosh be hale salehan ke

U ra binand chonke

Aanan farzandane khoda hastand.


Khosh be hale gham-gosaran

Khosh be hale maatam-daran

Khosh be hale ma ke dadim

Ghalbe khod ra be massiha.


Third Disciple:

 Alleluia: fai pe pi eho-oo eta

 ep Chois thamiof: maren thelil

 en ten oonof emmon enkhitf:

 O Ep Chois ek-e nahmen:

 O Ep Chois ek-e sooten nen moit:

 Ef-esmaro-oot enje fi ethnioo

 khen ef raan

 em ep Chois:



Fourth Disciple:

       Axios ei labein to biblion,

       Kai anoixai tas sphragidas autou,

       Hoti esphages kai egorasas toi theoi en toi haimati sou

       Ek pases phulys kai glosses kai laou kai ethnous

       Kai epoiesas autous toi theoi hemon basileian kai

       hiereis, Kai basileusousin epi tes ges.


       Axios estin to arnion to esphagmenon labein

       Ten dunamin kai plouton kai sophian kai iskhun

        Kai timen kai doxan kai eulogian.



           How dare they! They’re drunk! Dowsed to the gills,

           filled with the fruit of some fervent vine!

           They are stewed! They are stoned! Stripped of all

           sense, like mumbling madmen or muttering fools!



           Sir, we are sober! Be certain of that.

           It’s the middle morning, and when men get drunk

           partying past midnight they pass out cold

           by the middle morning, or maybe they stir

           with hammering head, or with heaving guts.

           But look! They’re alert and alive with joy,

           Filled with the fruit of a fervent heart!

           Their speech is inspired, for the spirit moves them

           As was plainly prophesied by the prophet Joel.


                 In the last days – lo – as the Lord proclaims

                 all flesh shall overflow, filled by my Spirit.

                 For a sign shall be seen in your sons and

                 daughters – Visions revealed to the very

                 youngest, a deluge of dreams dealt to their

                 elders. Man and maid servant will be moved in

                 spirit with a prophet’s power –


Saul (aside):      (How perfectly mad.)


Pilgrims (together):

                Glory to God! Is this gift upon us?



       Consider the man whom miracles attested,

       Yeshua of Nazareth. You know what wonders

       God sent, what signs you saw him achieve.

       Yes, his life was taken by lawless men,

       But who handed him over, helped or stood by?

       Yet all this was planned in the presence of God,

       by whose power he passed the perils of Hell.

       As its says in the Psalms, Messiah's too holy

       for the Lord to allow Him to lie in the Pit.

       He lives now as Lord whom the Lord has raised

       And we on whom this wonder fell witnessed His glory.


Saul stands in utter astonishment as the

pilgrims crowd around Peter and the disciples.


First Pilgrim (tearing his garments):

     We are blind! We are blind, and bound up in darkness!


Second Pilgrim (sinking to his knees):

     Sodom and Gomorrah are safer from judgement!


Third Pilgrim (looking at his tzitzit, and speaking quietly):

     The law is no comfort – I am lost indeed.


The Pilgrims together:

     Men and brothers – what should we do?!



     Repent and confess in the presence of God.

     Accept the Messiah’s sacrificed blood

     as the water that washes you whiter than snow

     Then you too will be filled with fire from heaven,

     Till the Spirit of God spills from your hearts.


(The pilgrims crowd forward in a kind of babble, speaking variously) :


           Save me!

                                   I’m sorry!

                                                     My sin is so great!

           Forgive me

                                   Be gracious!

                                                     O God, I am yours!


(Saul then turns away in disgust, saying):


       Let’s report to the priest. He’ll put down this folly.


2nd Pharisee:

        I fear Saul you may find yourself fighting God.


(Peter, the disciples, and the piligrims now join together and march joyfully along.)


     We have gathered together that God may be praised!

     The fields are full, but few come to work them,

     So haul in the harvest, and heap it up high!


Pilgrims and disciples together:

           Rise up! Rise up! The road goes before us –

           The pilgrim’s path to the place of joy!

           These heights are near heaven – how we rejoice

           At the glitter of gold from its glowing walls!

           May my soul be swifter than a swallow’s wings

           and rise to its resting place, reach heaven my goal!


Copyright © Paul Deane, 2001.
All rights reserved.

Lawrenceville, NJ

Visit Paul's Poetry Website at:



A Christian Prayer at Auschwitz

for 1-27-05 Remembrance

by Elizabeth Best


Dear God and Father,

Through the Blood of your Jewish Son, Jesus,

We pray

On a day when 60 years ago

the Killing Center of Auschwitz

Was Liberated

Divorce us from the Spirit of Retribution

and Violence

Which we run to when we are wronged

Which started the War

That would not End

Deliver us from Retailiation

And envy

Which devoured millions of

your Souls

Which we took and still take for granted

Give us repentance

>From greed and pride

Which to this day

Causes us to spoil and ruin the lives of others

Lives you gave as a gift

>From our robbery

Of all that is precious and good

In the Lives of Others

Purge us of the desire

To enslave those who are

Less powerful than we

Of the desire to bleed

The other soul

Of all they own and are

God of those who died

Write on our hearts every death

Which in terror went unnoticed

And which some count now

As insignificant

Our lives are all significant

God of those who Survived,

Who walked, like you,

>From a tomb one morning

Remember the Jewish Sons

and Daughters of the Earth

Who Like You,

Seldom had a home

Or Rest

Accomplishing God's Glory

God of History

Let us never deny or forget

The suffering of a Nation:

Not the nation that perished in Auschwitz

And the Merciless Camps

Nor the ones who perish now

Wondering why we refuse

Their Call

God of all we own and breathe and are

Soften our hearts to remember

The Uncovered truth

Of the depth of Love

You have called us to

Help us to walk in your

Perfect Holy Spirit

In the Spirit of Peace

And rest,

Write on our hearts your Word

Cause us to see as brothers

The Ones you have called Chosen

>From the beginning

And to stand forever in

their defense and mercy.

Lord, in your Perfect Suffering

And Divine Cause of redemption

Cause our brothers and sisters

The Jewish people to find

Meaning in theirs

Rest in the Heaven of God

And Perfect Healing.

God of Auschwitz and Now

Bring real repentance and truth

In a world gone mad

With death and power

Bring us in Repentance

to Auschwitz

The exact end of Our


Without You.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,



Elizabeth K. Best

Judah's Glory

Reno, NV, USA



Hear My Dearest Israel

By Shirley Scurlock



Hear My Dearest Israel

Heed my gentle call

Today, I'm reaching out to you

I'm calling one and all

I know your heart is broken

By the hate through out the world

I've heard the weeping in your closet

Though you never speak a word

Please let me hold you near me

I want to pull you close

Where nothing can ever reach you

Oh, children I love you so

Like a Father with his children

I'll shield you from all harm

I'll keep you from your enemies

In The shelter of my arms

I watch the persecution

With a tear drop in my eye

If you could only trust me

And flee here to my side

Hear me dearest Israel

I long to be your friend

Like your father Abraham

A friendship without end

Hear me dearest Israel

Hear my gentle call

I'll take you to my bosom

I'll receive you one and all



Shirley Scurlock

The written word

Chillicothe, Ohio


Oh Hills Of Israel!

By Shirley Scurlock


The Light of grace comes shining from your distant hills

Mercy incomprehensible, self righteousness dispelled

Righteousness embodied, stood on Israel s land

Weeping for Jerusalem, for she couldn't understand


Soon her holy mountains; would be covered with the truth

Through valleys deep and beautiful; Jerusalem made brand new

From the top of old Mt Calvary, Messiahs love dispersed

God s love for all of Israel, evident throughout the earth


Oh he has not forsaken, the object of His love

He came in flesh to save her, His tender turtle dove

Out of the creation, He made with His own hand.

He brought forth a body His fullness dwelt within.


Man born of a virgin: He lived before the world began.

He gave that life: a sacrifice: to pay our debt of sin.

So sing, oh hills of Israel; do not linger in despair

The promise of the Torah, finally has appeared


Mercy s in your doorway and grace has ###### your house

Joy runs through out your cities; lifting its voice to shout.

Oh Israel you are beloved, for father Abrams sake

You need not mourn in sorrow: sin s debt has all been paid!





(c)2002     jfrancishill                

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