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Message In The Shroud

By Cecil A. Dorsett


The natural and the supernatural combined;

Leaving a true relic of Our Lord's promised sign:

Blood-stains and a "photo-negative" in three-D;

Imaged before modern photo-technology.

The evidence is there in the shroud of Turin:

A crucified Saviour bled and died for our sins;

The finest and most unique "photograph" ever__

Could human ability produce this? Never.

A thousand words is suggested by this picture:

A visual validation of the scriptures.

At Cana the finest wine was made from water;

Miracles with power is our Lord's "signature".

Awesome healing power surged at the woman's touch;

God's resurrection power is the same as such.

Unknown disciples deemed the linen shroud precious;

The sign of Jonah recorded--preserved--for us.

As God's omnipotent power caused the great fish,

To release from its belly the wayward prophet;

Who in Nineveh, moved a repentant people,

To history's greatest spiritual revival;

So His mighty power caused the sealed guarded tomb,

To release the One whose mission was seen as doomed.

In the tomb the shroud was found without the body;

The folded head cloth said that this was no rob'ry.

Ensuring Christ's death--the spear thrust was done in vain;

He laid down His life, and He took it up again;

He was raised because of our Justification;

Through faith in Him we are God's Sons by adoption.

God's sinless Son died--we have been redemed from sin;

Now all those who believe are dead to sin in Him;

Being baptised into the death of Jesus Christ;

We also rise up with Him to newness of life.

The prophesies found in the book of Isaiah,

Is duly fulfilled in the suffering Messiah.

Look, the Living God is the God of Israel;

And the virgin's son, Jesus, is Immanuel.

This same Jesus, within the truth He has spoken;

Testifies that the scriptures cannot be broken.

"Search the scriptures", says He, "because they tell of me";

"The world's only Saviour, Yes, I Am He".

Two thousand years passsed without bodily remains,

Being offered to refute the Apostles' claims;

So if any more doubters or scoffers there be;

Empty tomb, picture shroud, is there for all to see.

Some seek after signs, some after the world's wisdom;

God gave us a visual of the piercéd One.

The sheep--with child-like faith--will hear the Shepherd's voice;

The First-fruits of those who sleep lives! Mankind rejoice!


Cecil A. Dorsett

Nassau, Bahamas


by Graham M Barlin


To be a man of God,

No earthly joy compares,

There is no price that can be paid

No worldly gift so fair.

A tongue that can't be twisted,

Two eyes that can't be lured,

A heart that can't be bought with gold

A mind that can't be snared.

How precious in God's sight are these

And yet to find, so rare.

A godly man that walks the earth

A Glory beyond compare.


Back To Earth

by Graham M Barlin


When the cries of tumult echo

Down the halls of passing time,

And history's page is littered

With conflicts lost or won,

When the bones of men lie scattered

Beneath a blazing sun,

Return to earth my brother,

The battle has just begun.


Though the fallen lie forgotten

In the crust of dusty earth

And she rolls on retarded

By the weight of Adam's curse,

Though the sky be filled with darkness

And our filth infect the sea,

Return to earth my brother

'Tis how He said it would be.


Though memories fade like embers

as the sun begins to set,

He will return in Glory

Yes, He who does not forget.

Though glory to man is nothing

But the glow of passing fame,

Return to earth my brother

And you will be born again.

Graham M Barlin

Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

The Game

by Tricia Van Seters

Life is a game we each must play,

With purpose and design.

The rules of life are in The Book;

The length of it is time.

You may decide to play the game

Without the rules prescribed,

But then you've played another game,

You've played your game..not Mine.


My Plan,

My Purpose,

My Design,


Is meant to bring you through

This game of life so hard to play

Unless you know the rules.


You may play the game with gusto,

With health,

With wealth and more,

But in the end you'll lose the game

Because the rules were yours.


Your Captain played the "Game of Life"

With Beauty and with Grace

He taught you how to play the game

For each one He did taste.


So seek to learn the rules of Life

By following the Son,

So in the end you'll be the ones

Who win,

Who overcome.


My Blood was shed for all to share

Eternal Life Divine.

So play the Game

And by the rules,

In the allotted time.....

poem submitted April 2008


Yeshua is the Son of God Acrostic

by Pat McAllister,  Feb. 19th, 2009


Yeshua is the Son of God, Who came to set us free.

Eternal King of all the earth, He died for you and me.

Sacrificial Lamb of God, He cleanses us from sin.

He waits for us to turn to Him so new life can begin.

Until we come before Him in lowliness of heart,

All we’ll know is darkness and from Him kept apart.


He desires that we choose to turn from deeds that are not good.

And purge out the old leaven, such as malice, so we should.

May our lives be pleasing in His sight, should be our aim.

And may we follow all His Ways and of His Love proclaim.

Seek and ye shall find Him, and knock for the door to open.

He will answer if you ask, of this He’s surely spoken.

Image of our Father He did perfectly project.

And if you would be like Him, then His likeness you’ll reflect.

Cast all your cares upon Him, for He truly cares for you.

He gave His Life, what more is there you think that He should do?


He is God’s own unspeakable gift to us so we may know

About how we should live our lives and the way that we should go.

Dearly beloved Son of God, He came to show the Way.

Entrance into Heaven is for those who do obey.

Righteousness is found in those who only Him do serve.

Eternity is theirs because from Him they did not swerve.

Consolation of Israel, devout Simeon would foresee.

He died a happy man for God’s Promise came to be.


Healing Christ did purchase, and by His stripes we have received.

And if in faith you ask Him, it is yours if that’s believed.

Each child of God lives holy and does keep his record clean.

May we remember that to Him all sin He views obscene.

Each one of us does owe Him an account for every word.

Take heed of every word you speak for every word is heard.


He told His own to watch and be prepared for His return.

And if we don’t than we will find no light in our lantern.

Cease from evil deeds and then do draw upon His Grace.

He cautions us to do this so our name He’ll not erase.

A fearful time is coming soon, it’s known as The End of Days.

Yet those who overcome in Him will receive His Word of Praise.

If we’ll draw near to Him in prayer, then He’ll draw near to us.

May we with the Holy Spirit’s help be kept for Him spotless.

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By Lyle Davis, Sarasota, FL


I put the nails in his hands.

And I put the nail in his feet.

I pressed on his crown of thorns.

And used my spear to pierce his side.

My name is Lucifer.

And I will not hide.

I want you as my slave.

For money and or fame.

What ever you want,

It's all the same.

I take the control,

You give me your soul.

What will it be?

Yes or no

God or me?

Oh I see.

God I ll let this one free.

Because he has chosen thee.

There's still so many more.

That hasn't knocked on Christ's door.

What will it be?




I had an EPIPHANY the other day.

The LORD said to me,

AGAPE LOVE is the way!

You can have money and such.

But the love of the LORD,

It can not touch!


I had an EPIPHANY the other day,

the LORD said to me.

AGAPE LOVE is the way!


You can have the things of man,

but bring you to the LORD it won’t.

Try all you can.


I had an EPIPHANY the other day,

the LORD said to me.

AGAPE LOVE is the way!


Believe he died on the CROSS,

it will bring you to the LORD.

Worldly things your only loss.


I had an EPIPHANY the other day,

the LORD said to me.

AGAPE LOVE is the way!


He shed his blood for you and me.

Believe it son.

He will set you free!


I had an EPIPHANY the other day,

the LORD said to me.

AGAPA LOVE is the way!


Believe he cleansed your sin,

with all of your heart.

The devil he can’t win!


I had an EPIPHANY the other day,

the LORD said to me.

AGAPA LOVE is the way!

Agape is pronounced "ah-GAH'-pay".  It is a Greek word. 

Found first in the biblical New Testament,agape expresses

the spiritual, not physical, love of God for his people.  

It is an unconditional love and concern for others. 

Agape is a love that accepts everyone for who they are.

This is the same love that God expressed for us through the

death of Jesus Christ, His Son (1 John 4:9,10).   It is a selfless

love.  Everyone has capacity foragape love.


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The Poetry of Damian Balassone

Melbourne, Australia


The Pulpit and the Parapet


Once I stood on the parapet

and looked out over the crowd,

            wine in my hand,

            women at my command,

I stood tall, mighty and proud.


Now I stand before a pulpit

and sing these songs of praise,

            shaking my tambourine,

            surrendering to the unseen,

I no longer count the days.



Jeremiah’s Lament for Josiah


            Then Jeremiah chanted a lament for Josiah.

              – 2 Chronicles 35:25


Weep for Josiah! He is dead,

the child-king has been killed,

and Judah could go to the grave,

the promise unfulfilled,

And precious Zion stands condemned,

Who will save Jerusalem?


Josiah, the resilient king

who overcame the odds,

and led us back to Je-ho-vah,

and trampled pagan gods,

Oh people hear my lamentation:

Who will heal this broken nation?


Josiah, who reformed our land

and strictly kept the Law,

Josiah, the courageous king

who led us out to war,

Once a promised land for slaves

is now a mass of tombless graves.


Weep for Josiah! He is dead,

the child-king has been slain,

the Egyptian king has murdered him

upon Megiddo’s plains,

And precious Zion stands condemned,

Who will save Jerusalem?

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Never Again!

(In Honor of Lieby Kletzky)

Sandra Carlton Duncan

July 17, 2011


Lock your doors and hide your babies, Certify and arm your ladies!

There's a war which we must win, our battle cry is, "never again!".


The war is evil against good, which it would stamp out if it could,

knowing not the irony that even it would cease to be!

For even evil is sustained by the goodness-upheld frame,

supported by the righteous ones, bound to G-d's Word, through His Son!

Yet a time is coming soon, that time will cease; then sun and moon,

will find they've been retired - replaced (!) by light from our Messiah's face!


For then, at last, must evil cease, and all will serve the Prince of Peace,

and dwell within the loving Home of Melech Ha Olam's Shalom!


But for now, still, the heathen rage, and daily go on their rampage!

Will we sit by, idly, while they sin? Or will we fight on, for - "Never Again!"?


Sandra Carlton Duncan

July 17, 2011

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by John Zarbo


He has brought you forth and gathered you out of the nations! 

From the dried bones he has made you a great nation, and given you Jerusalem as your inheritance.

He has given you the strength to stand firm against the entire world.

He has restored your holy language, resurrected from the dust that once covered it through the ages.

A land that was once dry and barren he's has caused to prosper and flourish once more! As promised, you have been a great blessing to the nations, your genius, your industriousness- all the world is in your debt!

Does history have any rival of so much being brought forth by so few?

But, as was also foretold- Oh Israel, you have become a burdensome stone for the world. 

The Paschal sacrifice that you once welcomed and then rejected yearns to finally gather you unto himself.

Emmanuel- whose Temple was torn down and rebuilt in three days!  

You did not recognize The Lord when he came, nor have you paid him homage in hindsight... Stubbornly, you wrestle with God even still!

It is because of this, that in spite of God's blessings, You have not known peace. It eludes you like the wind itself. Your enemies are as thorns in your eye, and all about you. Hence, true peace will not come from men or nations or treaties of paper. 

Only The Lord can lift the veil and finally reveal the peace he has prepared for you! May he bring the Holy Feasts you have celebrated in great faith through the millennia to divine fruition. Behold, the one true shalom you have endured and longed for- Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach)!

 It is you, sons and daughters of Israel that he has gathered together. Longing in such patient vigilance to finally hear you proclaim, "Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai." 


"Blessed is he who comes in the name of The Lord."

Hallelujah, Hosanna in the highest!


John Zarbo

poetry submitted 4/20/2016

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