Poetry of David M. Heischman
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My name is David Heischman. 
I am a Christian Believer in my early seventies who lives in Orlando, Florida. I have written Christian and Messianic Poetry for many years. I love The Jewish People and have been to Israel twice.  I love the Praise Music or Paul Wilbur and Marty Goetz. I write poetry to encourage and be a blessing to The Body Of Yeshua.  I am the author of a Chrisitian poetry book called The Rhyme Of Redemption.  You can purchase my book thru Amazon.com.

David Heischman




Thank You Father, The Son, And The Holy Ghost;

Salvation Is Not Of Our Works, Lest Anyone Boast.

If We Would Be Worthy Of What Would Bring Us To God;

How Would It Be Measured; How Big Is The Rod?

If We Would Come By Our Works; As A Human Would Brag,

Because Our Righteousness To God Is A Filthy Rag.

There Is Only One Way To Come To The Father;

Come As Is To Jesus, Or God Will Not Bother.

We Must Be Washed By The Blood Of The Lamb;

To Be Welcomed In Heaven By THE GREATE I AM.

On That One Special Day That We Kneel At His Feet;

He Will Say Welcome, And Will Personally Greet.

Just Like Israel The Blood Caused Death To Pass Over;

Now A Believer, And No More A Roamer.

There Is No More A Sacrifice For A Man To Be Giving;

Jesus Rose From The Tomb And Is Eternally Living.

The Lamb Without Blemish; Sacrificed In Our Place,

Was Accepted By God; No Way A Disgrace.

A Person Once In Sin, Now Is Totally Healed;

Now Stands Before God And Their Spirit Says Yield.

Once We Were Lost, But By Jesus Were Found;

No Longer In Bondage; Were Set Free And Unbound.



Written This 23rd Of January, 2020

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florid 




And in that day so far away, was the baby born in a manger,

Shepherds watched and kings they came; The Baby Knew No Stranger.

The Babe Now Known; He Came To His Own, And God Proclaimed His Birth,

God’s Promise Fulfilled; A Shout To The Hills; God In The Flesh Here On Earth.

What The Word Of God Had Said, God So Perfectly Gave,

The Son Of God Sent To Deliver And Save.

The Angels Had Spoken As He Came To This Earth,

The Sending Of God’s Prince Through This Birth,

He Came First To His Own, And They Did Not Receive Him,

But He Was Later Put On The Cross And Would Then Believe Him.

Behold Now People, He’s The Lord And The Savior;

You Shall Know The Truth, And Later Change By Your Confessed Behavior.

Bring Your Praises Now To The Lord And Christ,

Know That You Will Know Him, As He Paid A Great Price.

Let the word go forth To Heaven and Earth,

That Adoption Was Sealed By That Of New Birth.

I Came To Your House And Invitation Was Given,

And Through My Mercy, You Can Now Begin Living.

I Am The King; The Prince Of All Peace,

And You Are My Children, From The Greatest To Least.



Written This 18th Day Of December, 2019

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




Jesus Is Lord And The Angels Rejoice;

Some People Don’t Know Him, And They Have a Choice.

Jesus Went To The Cross On Golgotha’s Hill,

To Give Up His Life; It Was The Father’s Will.

There was No Other Way That Our Sin Debt Could Be Paid;

Nails Would Be Driven On The Cross Where He Laid.

A Spear Was Then Thrust Into The Lord’s Side,

And Those That Loved Him Knelt And Did Cry.

The Father Turned His Face; He Could Not Look Upon Sin;

Jesus Gave Up The Ghost So That He Could Begin.

A Trip To God’s Heaven And His Father To Greet;

And Placed His Own Blood At The Mercy Seat.

He Paid The Price For Our Sins And Its Stain;

And Those That Meet Jesus Must Be Born Again.

Once We Were Guilty Of Sin And Its Wages;

But Jesus Died In Our Place, To Be Placed In The Pages.

Of The Book Of Life So Our Names Could Be Written,

By The Lord Jesus Whose Face Was So Smitten.

Please Come Before Him No Matter Your Fashion;

He Will Be Waiting For You; To Be Pleased By Your Action.

Your Are The Lord ; You Are Our God And Our King,

We Are Your Family, And Our Praises We Bring.

Precious Lord Jesus You Are The Lord Of All,

We Are Redeemed By Your Mercy, And Saved From The Fall.



Written This 5th Day Of January, 2020  ( Poem Number 2 )

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida 





Now is the time for love and for peace,

For without these things there won’t come a release.

Bondage exists in times of great battles,

And only the swords of those fighting will rattle.

The Lord Of Heaven is surely talking,

To Honor Him With The Steps That You’re Walking.

Fight The Good Fight Of Faith; He Has Spoken,

And Faith Will Give Freedom, When His Word Is Not Broken.

Love is the answer to a nation divided,

And He Will Give Peace With His Word He’s Provided.

Called before God is a people He’s chosen,

And they’ll walk before Him in a time not frozen.

God Said You Must Humble Yourself And Pray,

To Seek His Face As Wickedness Turns Away.

Return unto God as a people and nation,

For without this doing you shall hinder His Relation.

Now is the hour for God’s People  to stand,

Proclaiming Love Of The Father All Over This Land.

God Speaks To His People, To Do What He Asks,

And In Your Obedience You’ll Perform His Own Tasks.



Written This 14th Day Of December, 2019

By David Heischman


Our Praise Goes To Jesus, Our Blessed Messiah,

We Exalt His Great Name, As We Lift His Name Higher.

Precious Sweet Master; Lord Of Heaven We Sing,

You Have Changed Now Our Lives, With The Love That You Bring.

Thank You For Healing, A Life Of Great Pain;

Transforming Our Hearts; In Him Born Again.

We Are His Temple, One Not Made With Man’s Hands,

Teach Us To Love; To Be Part Of Your Plan.

You Came From Our Father, Full Of Grace And His Passion;

Filled Our Hearts With Your Love;

Formed Our Frames In Compassion.

Lord God Of Our Fathers, May We Live By Your Spirit,

May You Know Words Of Praise, That All Heaven Might Hear It.

Enrolled In Your School, We Will Learn And Will Live,

A Life Of True Holiness, Which The World Can Not Give,

Our Course Is Now Set, On A Path We Must Walk;

We Must Follow His Footsteps, Not Just Talking The Talk.

When We Were Children, We Were Taught Many Lessons,

We Must Live What We Learned, And Relive Now Those Sessions.

Our Lord Is Now Calling, A Court He Now Raises,

To Fulfill Now His Wishes, And To Hear Their Sweet Praises.

You Must Now Wear Your Armor; For I Now Give My Orders,

To Go Forth To Your World, Which Contains Now No Borders


Written This 18th Day Of August, 2020

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



Alone And Discouraged, I Had Walked Down A Road;

Traveling In Transportation, With A Sign Called Large Load.

Proceeding To Nowhere; To Be Weighed Down With Sin,

What Am I Doing; Oh When Did It Begin?

Was My Life Passing By; Was It On Cruise Control?

Or Was I Just Gambling, For The Cost Of My Soul?

I Treated This Life, As If It Were A Game,

I Looked At It Lightly, And I Had Not One Shame.

I Was Swallowed In Sin, Like A Bear In Its Claw;

Did My Own Pleasures; Did All Things That I Saw.

Now  It Came To A Head, And My Life Was A Mess,

I Must Give This To God, For He Knows What Is Best.

I Was God’s Audience, And I Went To My Knees;

I Said I Am A Sinner; Please Come And Save Me.

I Heard A Long Knocking; Like The Sound Of A Door,

And Said Come In Dear Jesus, And Please Give Me More.

His Spirit Was Gentle, And He Then Saved My Life;

He Pulled Me From Earthy; I Gave Up All My Strife.

Now I Am Free, And My Game Is Retired;

Please Make Me A Beacon, And My Heart Be On Fire.


Written This 27th Day Of September, 2020

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




You Are Set On A Path; In Faith Do Not Waiver.

Be Blessed In Your Spirit, By The Hand Of Your Savior.

The Voice Of Yeshua Now Speaks,  In The Depths Of Your Heart,

To Be Set Free From Hindrance, From The Place You Did Start.

Trust In Me Only, And Be Filled With The Spirit;

Tell The World That I Love Them; In Your Words, That They’ll Hear It.

My Life Did I Give, When I Died On The Cross,

And I Went To The Tomb, And The World Saw No Loss.

This Place Could Not Hold Me, For I Rose From The Grave;

Come Forth To Me Sinners; It Is You That I Save.

The World Is So Desperate; They Long To Be Free;

I Now Wait On Those Lost. To Fall To Their Knees.

More Deadly Than Virus, Is The Cancer Of Sin;

Give Me Your Heart, For In Me Shall You Win.

Step Free From Bondage, And The World Of Great Strife;

Let My Peace Be Within You, In The Eternity Of Life.

The Father Is Speaking; Time Draws To A Close;

Flee Now To Messiah, That He Sees And He Knows.

That A Heart That Was Empty, Has Now Answered The Door,

And Invites Now The Master, To Come In And Take More.

He Will Take Now Your Sin, And Give Peace In Its Place,

And Give Life In Its Fullness; So Much More Than A Trace.


Written This 29th Of January, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




Our Blessed Messiah; The Sacrificed Lamb,

Let Us Lift Your Name Higher; You’re The Great I Am.

We Once Were So Lost; In A Pit We Did Fall,

And You Stretched Forth Your Hand, And Our Names You Did Call.

You Gave Us A Mission, To Go Forth To The People;

To The Streets You Have Sent Us; Not Just Sent To A Steeple.

You Must Speak To The Heart That Is Empty And Lost,

And Point Him To Jesus; Spare Not The Great Cost.

A Time Is Upon You That Surpasses All Other,

And Hearts Cry Unto God; Hoping They Will Recover.

They Search For An Answer, For A Life Full Of Pain,

They Must Call Unto The Savior, For A Peace To Attain.

The Lord Gave His Life, To Save Us From Sin,

And Rose From The Dead, So New Life Could Begin.

The Clutches Of Darkness, Gave Way To His Light,

He Then Cancels Our Sins, So All Wrong Becomes Right.

We Are His People, And A Chosen Generation,

Who Are Given A Charge, To Go Forth To The Nations.

Fill Us With Your Spirit, And Give Us The Power,

To Speak To A Blindness, In This Selfsame Hour.

We Now Bow Before You; Our Master And King;

Our Prayer Is To Bless Us, With The Word That We Bring.


Written This 4th Day Of February, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




It Is Time For God’s Family To Pay Close Attention.

To The Voice Of Yeshua ( Hebrew For Jesus), So You Hold Your Retention.

The Time Is So Late, And It Comes Oh So Quickly,

To A People In Waiting; Be Strengthened And Not Sickly.

There Is So Much To Share, And A Short Time To Share it;

Be Strong In Messiah, Put Your Trust In The Lord; Like A Garment Shall You Wear It.

Open Your Eyes, And You Plainly Shall See,

The True Meaning Of Words, That Shall Now Set You Free.

Things In This Hour, Have Made You Discouraged;

Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus; He Will Give You Much Courage.

Sharpen Your Vision, And You Shall See Clearly,

For The Vision I Give You, Shall Make You Strong And Not Weary.

Put On My Armor; Look At Me, Your Sovereign Lord;

Prepare For The Battle; At This Time In One Accord.

I Am Your Lord; I AM Strong In This Battle;

I Go Now Before You, As The Sabers Do Rattle.

I Have Commanded As General; Go Forth In My Strength,

And This Battle Is Won; For I’ve Gone To Great Length.

To Win Now This War, For My Word Has Declared,

That I Speak A Great Victory, And My Army Shall Be Spared.


Written This 5th Day Of February, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



Lord, You Have Given Me Answers, Of Some Questions I’ve Asked,

And You Gave Me A Peace, For The Issues That Passed.

For When I Am Troubled, And My Spirit Is Troubled,

You Comfort My Heart, And Your Spirit Seems Doubled.

When Life Seems Intense, And My Load Does Increase;

I Must Talk To The Lord; That He Sends Me Release.

Trust In The Lord;  And Not In Thy Understanding;

Our Lord Is Our Master, And Our Faith He’s Demanding.

Now Faith Is The Evidence, Of The Things We Can’t See;

Walk In God’s Presence, As His Spirit Sets Free.

When Our Spirit Is Burdened, By Affairs Of This Day;

Let Our Voice Rise Before Us, As Our Heart Now Must Pray.

Release Now What’s Heavy; Let The Burden Be Lightened;

If You Let Go The Weight; It’s Hold Won’t Be Tightened.

The Lord Is Our Refuge, And He Now Is Our Strength;

We Must Go To Him Always, As He Goes To Great Length.

To Rest Our Concerns; For The Lord Is The Way;

Let Our Hearts Be At Peace; And You’ll Know If You Pray.

The Lord Jesus Is Coming, As He Comforts Our Souls;

Worry Not For This Hour; He’s In Total Control.


Written This 7th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




We Rise On Each Morning, To Be Thankful To God,

And To Dwell In His Kingdom, As Our Feet Touch The Sod.

Oh Lord Of All Mercy, Filled With Love And Much Grace,

May We Walk Hand In Hand, As We’re Sent From This Place.

Please Open The Door, So That Life Might Be Shared,

And Give Us Your Wisdom, And Please Send Us Prepared.

Fill Us With Your Knowledge, As You Touch From Above;

Please Give Us Compassion, And Fill Us With Your Love.

Let The World See A Difference, In Our Hearts And Our Lives;

That We Walk In Your Peace, And Do More Than Survive.

We’ve Received Now A Mission, As We Go To All Lands;

To Touch Hearts Of Lost Souls, And Extend Now Our Hands.

Many Needs Shall Be Seen, As We Go To The Streets;

Let Us Send Forth Our Prayers, That Won’t Sound Their Retreat.

Be Thankful To Jesus, For He Hears Our Petitions,

As We Know That He Hears Us, And Sees Lost Souls Conditions.

We Have Been Sent, To A World Starved Of Love

As Our Lord Now Reverses, Through His Spirit Above.

Our Lord Goes Before Us, As He Touches Men’s Hearts,

And He Heals Their Own Souls, From The Moment He Starts.

He Is Returning So Soon; As We Approach That Great Hour,

May We Do Of His Will; Through His Word Filled with Power.


Written This 5th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





Things That Now Happen, In These Days And Late Hour,

Have Arrived Center Stage, As God Shows Us His Power.

The End Is Soon Coming, And The Eyes Do Now See,

And The Love Of Our Kingdom, Does Equip You And Me.

Our Lives Are Now Challenged, And Our Mission Is Sure;

With Our Lord In Control, He Sees Love That Is Pure.

The Gate Is Now Open, And We Hear Now A Chorus;

With Our Enemy Raging; Our Lord Goes Before Us.

To Make Straight The Crooked, That Our Spirit’s Prepared;

Our Understanding Is Nurtured, And His Word Shall Be Shared.

With Our Past Now Behind Us, Our Course Has Been Set;

He Has Sent His Own Spirit, And Much Love We Will Get.

The Lord Now Sends Us Forward, To All Cities And Lands;

To Preach Now His Gospel, And Fulfill His Great Plans.

The Time Now Slips By, And It’s Ever So Late;

Share The Love Of Our Jesus; Binding Spirits That Hate.

When Discouragement Comes, We Must Pray For  Revival;

Hold On To Your Faith; It Will Clinch Our Survival.

We’ve Been Chosen To Serve, And To Conquer All Fear;

For Our Lord Is Now With Us, And Our Voices Will Cheer.

Please Give Us Compassion, And A Heart Filled With Love;

Our Father Has Touched Us, From His Throne Up Above.


Written This 2nd Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



The Lord Has A Story; It’s About His Own People;

Who Will Go To The Lost, And Will Preach In The Steeple.

He Now Sends Us To Sinners, Who Have Lost Their Own Way,

And To Tell Them Of Jesus; To Receive Him And Pray.

This Hour Has Brought Them, To The End Of Themselves,

And Without God’s Salvation, Their Lives Have Been Shelved.ave Been Shelved.H

They Go Through The Motions, But Inside Have No Life,

They Live By The Moment, And Consumed By Great Strife.

Our Lord Has A Purpose; He Waits For Their Answer,

He Looks Down From His Throne, And Now Sees Their Life’s Cancer.

The Curtain Is Closing; It’s No Time For Their Games,

If They Turn From Our Jesus, The End Is The Same.

Hear Now The Lord, As He Talks To The Sinner;

Your Time Has Been Shortened, Lest You Come Out A Winner.

Your Sins Have Consumed You, And This Hour Is Late;

Come Forth From The Darkness, And Be Free From All Hate.

He Waits For You Now: That You Make Up Your Mind;

He Has Planned Now A Purpose, And Saves Creatures So Blind.

Fall Down Now Before Him, For He’s Lost Now A Sheep;

He Now Looks For That Creature; Whose Soul They Must Keep.

You Must Walk To The Cross, Where He Bled and He Died;

He Purchased Our Hearts, When He Hung Crucified.

He gave His Own Life, That You Might Be Free,

And He Sees Now A Future, For You And For Me.

Thank You Oh Lord, You Have Taken Our Pain;

We’ve Received A Great Pardon, And Salvation We’ve Gained.


Written This 8th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



Messiah Yeshua, You Anoint And You Bless;

You Send Us Forth To Your Kingdom, And We’ve Entered Your Rest.

You Have Taught Us Your Word, In A Time We Have Need;

We Must Preach Now Your Gospel, In A Way They Will Heed.

Your Word Is So Sharp, As It Cuts To The Heart;

It Brings Warmth And Conviction, From The Time That It Starts.

Please Give Understanding, To The Words They Shall Hear,

And Give Them Assurance, At This Time Of Their Years.

As The Shackles Come Off, They Will Know Of My Hand,

And Their Burden Is Lifted, In The Place Where They Stand.

By My Blood I Have Cleansed Them; At My Feet They Did Bow;

They Shall Enter New Life, And That Promise Is Now.

Their Names Have Been Written, That All Heaven Might Know,

That Forgiveness Was Granted, And Their Hearts Will Now Show.

There Is No More Darkness; They Came Forth From A Grave;

I Shall Touch With New Life; By My Grace I Have Saved.

Be Free From What Bound You, As I Breathe Life Anew;

Worry Not Of Direction; For My Spirit Sends You.

I Have Called You By Name, As You Share A New Life;

Rejoice And Be Grateful; No More Filled With Great Strife.

A Brand-New Creation, Shall Now Go To The Sinner;

To  Preach Love And Forgiveness, As They Come Forth, Now A Winner.


Written This 9th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



It Is Such A Great Privilege, To Be Part Of His Plan;

A Special Free Gift; From Our God Called I AM.

God Sent Us His Son, To A World Racked With Sin;

He Was Placed On An Altar; So Our Lives Could Begin.

The Lamb Of Our God; He Was Pierced And He Bled;

A Red Crimson Flood; From The Life He Now Led.

He Came Down From His Father; This Bread Now Of Life;

Our Sins And Their Evil, Had Consumed Us With Strife

We Were There In Such Darkness; And Was Not In His Light,

But Our God Showed Him Holy, And His Way Was Just Right

Then A Cross Now Appeared; When Our Lives Were Undone;

It Was Then In Sin Nature; We Were Saved By God’s Son.

Our Hearts We Have Given, Had Now Taken Our Stains,

And Has Freed Us Of Guilt, And It Showed Of Our Pain.

Our Lives He Now Gives Us, Have Been Healed And Set Free,

And He Gave Us Free Gifts; Sent For You And For Me.

We Now Are His Children, And We Have Now A Reason;

To Live Lives Filled With Love; In This Lateness Of Seasons.

God Has Shown Us His Grace, And Now Teaches His Love,

And Gives Joy To His People; Through His Spirit Above.

We Thank You Our Lord; For Your Love And Your Grace;

We Shall Live Now In Goodness; As We Dwell In This Place.


Written This 29th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




I Have Found My Messiah; His Grace He Now Gives

And I’ll Follow And Love Him, For Each Day That I Live.

His Name Is Yeshua ( Jesus ); He’s Become Now My Lord,

And I’ll Praise Him Forever; All My Heart  Can Afford.

You Are My Savior, And The Son Of The Father;

You Have Cleansed Me Of Sins; Oh Now Why Would You Bother?

I Have Given My Heart; As I Now Do Believe;

Your Mercy And Goodness, Is Now Mine To Receive.

You Are With Me Each Moment; In All Times Of My Day;

You Now Give Me Compassion, And For That I Must Pray.

Lord, Teach Me Of Love, As I Dwell On This Earth,

And Fill Me With Kindness; As I Now Have New Birth.

I Am Now Your Own Servant; Whose Been Sent And To Preach;

The Words You Have Given; To The Souls I Must Reach.

You Have Opened A Doorway, So That I Might Receive;

The Words From Your Lips; That Must Now Be Believed.

Lord, Share With Me Your Love, And Please Give Me Compassion;

To My Heart That You Saved; And A Life You Have Fashioned.

Let Me Show To All People, Of Your Mercy And Grace,

And To Love On The Needy; As I Dwell In This Place.


Written This 24th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




He’s Been Sent From The Father, And Is So Much Alive;

He Is God In The Flesh, And Our Goal Was To Survive.

He Now Speaks To The Poor, And Helps Those In Great Need;

He Gives Hope To The Hopeless, Blesses, And Tells Them To Succeed.

Some Fish He Did Give Them, And A Few Loaves Of Bread,

And He Spoke To Their Weakness, And Raised A Man Who Was Dead.

He Spoke Life To The Weary, And Gave Sight To The Blind;

He Made Cripples To Walk, And Spoke Peace To Mankind.

To The Lepper He Cleansed, And Gave Love And Great Peace,

And Gave The Will To Go On, As He Touched And Released.

He Walked With The Twelve, And Spoke Love To Each Heart; .

And He Promised Them Life; From The Day He Did Start.

He Gave Them Provision, And He Taught Them To Pray.

And Gave Joy To Those Changed; That Would Not Go Away.

He Was Judged By Those Leading, In A Court Of That Year,

And Condemned By That Court; Led Away By Their Spears.

He Was Led Through The Streets, And He Carried His Cross,

And Was Sentenced To Death; Which Would Bear Them No Loss..

Soldiers Did Beat Him, And His Flesh Was Then Torn,

And They Stripped Him Of Clothing, For A Loss They Would Not Mourn.

He Was Nailed And Was Speared, And His Blood Did Now Flow,

And He Gave Up His Life, For Those He Did Not Know.

In A Tomb He Was Laid, As His Death Now Took Place;

In The Third Day He Rose, And His Life Was Replaced.

He’s Gone Back To His Father; As He Rules King Of Kings,

And He’s Bought Our Redemption, And His Peace He Now Brings.


Written This 26th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



The Lord Showed Me Love., And He Gave Me The Space;

To Repent Of My Sins, As I Dwelt In This Place.

I Had Lived In A Darkness; In A Void Starved Of Love,

And He Shined Forth His Light; From His Heaven Above.

His Mercy And Grace, Had Now Entered My Dwelling,

And I Cried Many Tears, And My Eyes Were Now Swelling.

I Did Fall To My Knees, And I Asked Him To Come;

Into My Heart; I Was Alone And Undone.

Our Messiah Yeshua ( Jesus ), Came To Me  And To Save;

A Sin Filled Young Man; Who Was Shy Of His Grave.

I Lacked Of Real Purpose; In My Life I Had Pain;

I Gave Him My Heart, And Had Salvation To Gain.

God Gave Me An Answer, To A Life Filled With Sadness;

Receive Now New Life, And Be Filled With Much Gladness.

A Faith I Now Give You, Is Alive And Will Grow,

And Your Spirit Now Hears Me, And All Peoples Shall Know.

That I Plucked You From Darkness; You Were Placed On Your Feet,

And Have Shared Now My Word; With All People You Meet.

Give Hope To The Hopeless; For You Now Have The Answer;

So A Man Has Life Eternal, And Is Free From Sin Cancer.

I Have Taken Your Sins, And Have Thrown Them Away;

You Are Freed From All Bondage; I Have Come Here To Stay.

I Have Sent My Own Spirit; To Heal And Set Free;

The Burdens Of Life, Sent For You; Healed By Me.


Written This 31st Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





I Grew Up In A Family, Where Religion Was Tops,

But When I Met My Messiah; My Thoughts Of That Stopped.

He’s The Lord Of His People. And The Savior Of Man;

Please Trust In Him Only; It’s The Father’s Own Plan

A Building Won’t Save You; In That Way You Shall Perish;

You Must Give Him Your Heart, And His Name You Must Cherish.

The Lord Came From Heaven, And He Reins From On High,

And He’s Returning Real Soon; On A Cloud, In His Sky.

Our Lord And Our Savior; You Now Wait For Returning,

And Your Own Blood Washed Children, Have A Heart That Is Yearning.

For The Angels Of God, To Roll Back As A Scroll;

The Clouds In The East; As This World Takes Its Toll.

The Trumpet Will Sound, And Our Lord Shall Appear,

And The Curtain Will Fall; We Shall See Him And Cheer

Our Precious Redeemer; We Shall Hear Your Small Voice;

It Will Happen So Soon; By The Father’s Own Choice.

Our Father’s Made Plans, And Knows The Day And Its Hour,

And Knows The Return Of Our Lord, And The Word Of His Power.

Our Precious Messiah; We Now Wait For That Time;

As Yeshua ( Jesus ) Comes Back, And Rids Earth Of Its Crime.

Much Excitement’s In Heaven; As We Wait For That Day;

Until Then My Dear People; Be Now Humbled And Pray.


Written This 24th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




I Was Once A Lost Sheep; All Alone In A Pasture,

And My Shepherd Was Searching; To Keep Me From Disaster

I Was Wondering Alone; In Some Field I Was Grazing,

And Knew Not Where I Was; I Was Lonely And Dazing.

I Heard A Voice And I Listened, To The Words Of This Man;

He Was Calling My Name, And His Words Had A Plan.

I Have Come Here To Call You, And I’ll Show You My Way;

It Is Time To Stop Wondering; You Must Stop On This Day

The Shepherd Drew Near; With His Eyes Fixed On Me;

I Have Come Now To Save You; Repent And Be Free.

I Am No Longer Lost; In His Hands I Must Stay,

He Has Planned My New  Life; With His Word I Shall Pray.

I Was Bathed In Blood Crimson, And Now White As The Snow;

I Now Have A New Path, And His Way I Shall Go.

I Will Wonder No More ; For His Ways Have Been Shared;

I Am Now A New Creature; Not In Need Of Repairs.

He Now Speaks To My Heart, And He’s Opened The Door;

To Share Life With The People, And He’ll Give So Much More.

This Shepherd Is Jesus ( Yeshua ), And He Dwells In His Glory;

You Must Go To The Lost; To Share His Great Story.


Written This 30th Day Of March, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



I Was Lonely And Bitter, And My Life Was Undone;

Could The Lord See My Tears; I Thought Evil Had Won.

Like A Child I Searched, And Would Say Some Short Prayers,

And The Lord Saw Me Empty, And Consumed With Great Errors.

My Life Had No Purpose; I Was Sad And Confused;

There Was Death And Some Life; Which One Would I Choose?

The Lord Saw My Emptiness, And A World Filled With Pain;

Could He Hear Me When Praying; I Had So Much To Gain?

Confused And Alone, And Surrounded By Problems;

Could I Start A New Life; Did I Know God Could Solve Them?

Can You Hear Me Dear God; It Is Me Who Is Praying?

Could You Help Me and Hear Me; In This Life I Am Staying?

I Was Filled Of Myself, And All Wrapped In Delusion;

Could The Lord Save My Soul, And Now End My Confusion?

Dear Father In Heaven; It Is Me Now That Prays;

Please Send Me The Lord Jesus; In My Heart Now To Stay.

God’s Holy Spirit Came To Me; In His Mercy And Grace;

I Gave Jesus My Heart; As I Prayed In That Place.

I Was So Filled With Joy, And Surrounded With Peace;

He Came Into My Heart, And My Spirit Released.

I’ve Submitted My Life; To Christ Jesus My Lord,

And He Continues My Journey; That His Power Can Afford.


Written This 22nd Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





Our Lord Jesus; The Christ; You’re The God Of Creation;

The Father Has Sent You; To Rule Over The Nations.

You Have Sent Us To Share; Of Your Love And Great Peace;

With A Starved Lonely People; That I Can Not Release.

My Spirit Is Searching; For The Hearts Of The Lost,

And He Looks For The Sinner; And His Love That It Cost.

Please Tell Us Dear Lord; For What Shall We Do?

You Must Go To The People; Till Your Mission Is Through.

Take Now My Gospel; To The Souls All Nations;

That They Come To My Throne; To Enhance Our Relation.

My Spirit Now Travels; To The Ends Of This Earth;

To Search All Men’s Hearts; That They Come To New Birth.

In This World There Is Darkness; At It Reaches For Light;

I Now Go To The Lost; In My Time That Is Right.

They Now Look For An Answer; To The Problems They Face;

I Now Give Them My Answer; As They Dwell In This Place.

Thank You Lord Jesus; For Making Alive;

Our Spirits Inside Us; And The Will To Survive.

You Have Touched Us And Healed Us; And Have Spoken New Life,

And Have Given Us Hope; From A World Of Great Strife.

We Accept The Assignment: For The Souls That You’re Giving;

We Will March With Our Orders, In This World We Are Living.


Written This 21st Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





We Welcome You Lord Jesus ( YESHUA ); Can You Send Forth Your Light?

Please Give Me Your Truths; For Your Words Are Just Right.

When A Soul Is Upset, And Sometimes Discouraged;

You Have Placed Words Inside Me; That Will Build And Encourage.

In This Day Of Great Problems; It Is His Choice To Give;

A Pillar Of Hope; So In Time They Might Live.

He Is Our Great Answer; To Our World And Its Problems;

And He Is Our Consular; And It’s He That Will Solve Them.

The Time Is Now Coming; For His Children To Pray;

Let Thy Will Be Done Lord; To All Times Of Their Day.

Messiah Yeshua ( JESUS ); We Give Thanks In This Hour;

Please Give Us The Strength; By The Word Of Your Power.

Please Deliver From Fear, And Give Compassion And Love;

To The Hearts Of Your People; From Our Father Above.

Gather Us Close Lord, And Fill Us With Compassion;

That We Go To All People; With The Hearts You Have Fashioned.

We Are Your People; Give Us Joy And Your Peace;

Baptize Us In Love; Let Your Spirit Release.

A Powerful Anointing; To The Hearts Of Your People;

To All Blood Washed Children; Not Just Under Church Steeples.


Written This 20th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





There Is Such A Small Interest, For Our God In This Day ,

And The People’s Of Earth, Are Too Busy To Pray.

The Lord Is Now Watching; As Our Days Start To Close;

What Is Now Happening? And Nobody Knows.

The Perils Of Earth; Have Appeared On The Stage,

And The Problems Of This Hour; Have Come Down On This Age.

Earthquakes And Pestilences; Have Appeared In This Hour,

And Man Looks At These Issues, And Does Not Have The Power

To Speak To The Darkness, And To Tell It To Leave;;

He Must Pray To The Father; For Him To Receive.

In The Name Of Yeshua ( JESUS ); The Father Responds,

And He Sends Forth His Word; To Those Things And Beyond.

The World And Its Issues; Will Hereby Retreat,

And Will Listen To Yeshua ( JESUS ), And They Will Not Repeat.

The Things Of This Hour; Will Obey Now His Voice;

They Will Stop What They’re Doing; As They Have Now No Choice.

The People Must Listen; To The Lord And Our Savior;

To His Word In This Hour; For In Him Was Found Favor.

Please Speak To Them Jesus; Let This World Pay Attention;

May You Want Their Repentance ; For The Prayers They Will Mention.

Please Open A Door; To The Hearts They Will Give,

And Grant Them Forgiveness; In This Time That They Live.


Written This 20th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




Messiah Yeshua ( JESUS ), Is The Lord Of All Glory;

He Is Now  Speaking To Us; To Tell His Great Story.

He Was Sent As A Baby, And Was Placed In A Manger;

God Spoke Through A Dream; To Protect Him From Danger.

Kings Bowed Before Him, And They Gave To Him Gifts;

They Would Honor His Presence, And Their Spirits Would Lift

This Baby From God, Would Grow Up And Would Preach;

The Truths Of God’s Word; To All He Would Reach.

The Prophets Of Old; Foretold Of His Birth,

And Gave Him A Title, And Did State His Great Worth.

He Was Send By His Father; To Teach And To Give;

A Great Hope To All People; So In Time They Might Live.

He Healed Now The Crippled, And Gave Sight To The Blind;

And Spoke His Word To The Sinner; That Could Heal God’s  Mankind.

God’s Word Has Gone Forth; To The Ends Of This Earth,

And Gives Hope To All Sinners; From The Time Of Their Birth.

In This Day Of Great Turmoil; The Lord Calls Your Name,

And Summons You To Him; That You Not Be The Same.

Be Free In His Presence; For Salvation Is Free;

He Paid For The Sins; Of You And For Me.


Written This 19th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






I Was Selfish And Useless; As My Life Did Begin;

Alone And Was Hurting; All Wrapped Up In My Sins.

Love Was A Mystery, And It Stayed Far Away,

And I Treated It Roughly; Every Time Of My Day.

What Was My Purpose; In A World Filled With Hate?

Do I Suffer With Sadness; Did I Arrive Here Too Late?

As A Child I Cried, And Would Wade In My Tears;

Rejected By Loved Ones; It Would Go On For Years.

With A Wall Built Around Me; I Would Pray For Some Love;

It Would Come With Some Trials; Then Would Come From Above.

I Would Try Some Religions; But My World Was Unchanged;

But The Lord Saw Me Empty, And It’s He That Arranged.

The Circumstances In Life; That Would Point Me To Grace,

And He Sent Me Toward Heaven; Till  I Arrived In A Place.

Where I Could Now Be Found; By The Angels He Sent,

And To Arrive On The Scene; In The Place Where I Went.

I Heard Now His Gospel; The First Time Of That Age,

And Would Now Seek An Answer; To My World Filled With Rage.

His Spirit Came To Me, And I Gave Him Control;

I Would Give Him My Heart, And He Then Saved My Soul.

Thank You Lord Jesus; For My Life Has Been Healed;

My Appointment With Judgement; Is Hereby Repealed.

When This Life Has Been Ended; I Will Go To A Place;

To Be With You Forever; And Behold Then Your Face.


Written This 18th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






I Give Thanks To My Jesus; You Are Lord And My Master;

You Gave To Me Purpose; I Was Saved From Disaster.

There Were So Many Days, When I Lived In Frustration;

But I Found A New Life; In A Heavenly Relation.

Thank You Lord Jesus; You Came Into My Life;

You Redeemed My Own Soul, And Did End All My Strife.

There Are Not Words Sufficient; To Give You My Praise;

I Will Give You My All, And My Hands Will I Raise.

Prepare Now My Heart; In Complete Adoration;

And Please Give Me The Words; To Build Our Relation.

Please Give Me A Love; For The Souls Of All Men,

And Send Me To The Cities; Tell Me Where and Just When.

You Gave Me Your Word; To The Souls Of This Day;

Please Give Love And Compassion; In This Hour I Pray.

Enlighten My Path Lord, And Please Send Me To Share;

The Words That You Give Me; For The Hearts You Prepare.

Send Me To The People; That Have Need Of Your Love,

And Please Give Me The Strength; That You Send From Above.

Lord Jesus I Love You; For You Went To The Cross,

And You’ve Changed Me Completely; When My Soul Was All Lost.


Written This 18th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





I Was Lonely And Hurting, And My Life Was In Pain;

I Wanted The Truth, And What Could I Gain?

Wrapped In Confusion; I Was Asking For Answers;

What Could I Do; To Be Freed From Sin Cancer?

Depression Had Gripped Me; I Was Lost And Undone;

I Needed God’s Help; As This Darkness Had Won.

Was There A Solution; To My World Of Great Strife?

Could I Call Out To God; To Control My Own Life?

I Read In The Bible; That Salvation Was A Gift;

Could I Ask God For Healing, And My Soul To Now Lift?

In My Sins I Was Guilty, And I Asked For Solutions,

And A Voice Spoke So Clearly; You Must End This Delusion.

In My Heart I Was Searching, And I Cried Out To Jesus,

And He Came To My Rescue; I Must Do As He Pleases.

Come Into My Heart Lord, And Save Me From Sin,

And Forgive Me For My Darkness; Do New Life May Begin.

My Burden Was Lifted, And He Shined Forth His Light;

He Came Into My Heart; In The Time That Was Right.

I Am Free And So Blessed, And My Path Has Been Set;

He Has Saved My Whole Life, And His Love I Will Get.

You Are Savior And Lord; I Now Thank You For Sending;

Your Salvation Now To Me, And A  Life Never Ending.


Written This 17th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida 





I Had Faulted And Fallen, But My Sins Were Much Greater;

I Had Made Bad Excuses;  As My Guilt Would Come Later.

God Was so Patient; He Did Not Throw Me Away;

He Saw All My Problems, And One Day I Did Pray..

Dear God In Heaven; It Is Not Now The Hour;

To Stop This Confusion; Of My Will Or My Power.

Please Take From Me Decision; For The Pains In My Life,

And Derail My Temptations; As I’m Drowning In Strife.

Conviction Had Started, And My Soul Was Now Aching;

He Saw In Me Darkness; It’s His Heart I Was Breaking.

I Asked Of The Lord; To Help Me That Day;

To Forgive Me Of Sins; As They Won’t Go Away.

God’s Spirit Came To Me, And I Fell To My Knees;

My Eyes Filled With Tears; All My Words Did Say Please.

Come Into My Heart Lord; In This Moment Make Clean,

And Remove All My Guilt; From This Young Man So Mean.

His Light Had Now Come; To Enlighten My Path;

He Came Into My Heart, And He Cancelled His Wrath.

Thank You Lord Jesus; You Have Pardoned My Sins;

Starting On This Fine Day; My New Life Shall Begin.


Written This 16th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




I Was Empty And Broken; Like A Toy On A Shelf,

And Was Weary And Lonely, And Would Talk To Myself..

I Would Seek A Good Friend; But Was Not Fit For The Task;

What Is Wrong With You Neighbor?; Is All They Could Ask.

Troubles Would Follow; Everywhere I Would Go;

I Would Hope For A Positive; But My Answer Was No.

In My Thoughts I Asked Questions; As My Soul Was In Pain;

What Could I Change In My Life; So My Outcome Would Gain?

The Lord Saw Me Weeping; All Alone With Great Tears;

I Would Hear Servants Preaching; That Would Add To My Years.

God Sent Me To Clergy, And I Was Told Now To Pray;

Was The Lord Now To Hear Me; Could He Hear Me This Day?

Dear God In Heaven; I Am Depressed And So Lonely;

Can You Hear Now My Voice; From Me And Me Only?

Dear Lord I Am Weary, And My Life Is All Lost;

Can You Come To My Rescue; No Matter the Cost?

He Told Me A Story; Of The Cross Where He Died;

He Did Come To My Rescue; As God’s Son Crucified.

Come Into My Heart Lord; Is What I Did Say,

And He Changed My Whole Life; On That God Centered Day.


Written This 15th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





As A Youngster I Lived; But Was Sad And Most shaken;

By The Issues In Life, And Those Things I Had Taken.

I Was Lonely And Cruel; But Was Loved Of A Mother;

Was Rebellious And Mean, And Was Loved By No Other.

I Would Hide All My Feelings, And My Actions Would Tell;

Of A Void In My Life; I Knew Not Of A Hell.

I Would Go To Some Churches, And Would Look For A Reason;

To Find Then My God; I Would Know In Due Season.

All Alone I Was Searching, And Jesus Started To Shine;

A Pathway Of Presence; That One Day Would Be Mine.

I Needed Attention, And The Love Of A Father,

And He Started Inside Me, And Why Would God Bother?

In A Service One Day,  The Father Showed Me His Jesus,

And I Saw Then The Cross, And Would Do What He Pleases.

I Went Later In Life; To A Place Called Prayer Meeting,

And Heard A Knock At My Door; For My Jesus Was Greeting.

I Opened My Heart, And Invited Him In;

It Was There At That Meeting, That He Cleansed Me Of Sin.

He Now Holds The Keys, For The Rest Of My Days;

I Will Trust In His Word, And He Hears When I Pray.

I Thank You Lord Jesus; For Saving My Life,

And Giving Me Hope; From A World Of Great Strife.


Written This 14th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





Glorify The Lord Jesus; God’s Only Dear Son;

Let Us Worship His Name; Till This Life Has Been Won.

May His Word Now Be Taken; To The Souls Of This Earth;

To The Hearts Of Each Man; That They Come To New Birth.

Let Us Take Now His Word; May They Now Come Alive,

As They Open The Door, So That Man Might Survive.

May The Hearts Of All Nations, Respond To His Word;

That Their Lives Might Be Healed; By What  They Have Heard.

This Life Is In Turmoil, And This World Is Now Seeking;

A Solution To Problems, And Their Leaders Are Speaking.

They Now Ask A Big Question; As To How Do We Win?

And The Answer Is Plain; When Their Healing Begins.

Men Now Live In Great Anger; For Their Lives Are Undone;

May They Come To Our Lord; God’s Only Dear Son.

The Lord Jesus Is Waiting; To Heal And Set Free;

The Soul Of Each Sinner; Like You And Like Me.

Give Your Heart Now To Jesus; Let Your Healing Proceed;

That Your Soul Might Be Changed; As He Meets Your Great Need.

Give Glory To God, For The Joy Of This Hour;

He Has Come To Your Life; By His Grace And Great Power.


Written This 14th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





I Love You Lord Jesus; For You’ve Given Me Strength;

To Share Your Great Gospel; I Will Go To Great Length.

To Help Prepare Now Men’s Hearts, And To Share Now His Word;

That It Break Up The Ground; With The Voice That They Heard.

Let The Seeds That Are Planted; Produce A Great Harvest;

To The Souls Of This World; Be They Near Or The Farthest.

May You Send Forth Dear Lord; Your Great Water Of Life;

To Give Life To The fields; In This World Filled With Strife.

Please Soften Men’s Hearts, And Extend Now Your Hand,

And Touch Now Men’s Spirits; From All Over This Land.

You Have Given Your Word Lord, To All Peoples And Nations;

May You Speak To Their Souls; To Receive Your Relation.

Praise You Lord Jesus; For Your Voice Is Now Speaking;

May You Open The Door, To Their Hearts; You Are Seeking.

We Thank You Dear Lord; For The Souls You Have Saved;

You Have Washed With Your Blood; Those Bound For Their Graves.

The Father Has Sent You; To Set Free And To Heal;

The Souls Of All Sinners; And Your Presence They Can’t Steal.

You Left Your Own Throne; To Go To Your Cross,

And Without That One Sacrifice; Their Souls Would Be Lost.

We Give Thanks To You Lord; You Are God And Our Savior;

We Were Lost And Undone; But In You We Found Favor.


Written This 13th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





The Lord Is Our Shepherd, And He Leads His Whole Flock;

But This Hour Is Late, As The Time Goes Tick Tock.

Give Our Thanks Now To Jesus; For The Time Has Now Come,

And To Preach To All People; For The Total Not Some.

To Go Forth With His Word, And To Share In The Streets;

The Gospel Of Jesus; That It Will Now Repeat.

He Has Given His Will; Till The End Of Our Days,

And He Promises Assurance, To The Ones That Do Pray.

To Our Lord Be The Glory; In This Hour We Live,

And Give Him Our Love; With Our Hearts We Do Give.

Please Give Us A Compassion; For The Souls Of This Nation,

And Please Give Us A Love; To Withhold Their Temptations.

In  This Hour We Live; Let Us Show Our Concerns,

To The Hearts Of Each Sinner, And The Love That They Learn.

Lord, Please Touch Now Our Spirits, And Please Open The Door;

To Show Love In Action; There’s No Need To Explore.

Please Share With Our Hearts; The Great Need Of Our Prayers,

And Please Give Us The Strength; As You Keep Us From Errors.

May We Share With The People; The Love Of Our Lord;

As We Live All Our Days; In A Life Of One Accord.


Written This 12th Day Of April, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida



I’m A Servant Of God; I Am One He Has Chosen;

I Was Saved By His Grace; I’m Now Warm But Was Frozen.

I Am Bathed In His Love; With A Heart Of Compassion;

I’m Now Part Of His Family, And My Soul He Has Fashioned.is FanmilyH

You Speak To Me Daily, And These Words I Shall Give;

To The Hearts Of Lost People; Each Day That I Live.

Bad Seeds Have Been Planted; They Have Grown Into Doubt;

They Must Now Be Extracted; That’s What Faith Is About.

I Once Was Alone; I Was Lost And So Weary;

You Have Given Me Love; As My Eyes Were So Teary.

I Was Covered In Sadness; All Alone I Did Pray,

And I Asked For Forgiveness; As I Sought Him That Day.

I Had Wondered In Darkness, And Was Filled With Confusion,

And You Washed Me In Blood; It Was Not An Illusion.

Comfort Me Lord, As I Send You My Prayer;

Please Send Me Your Spirit, And Remove All My Errors.

Your Grace You Have Given; I Have Gone Through Great Changes;

I Will Grow In Your Word; As Your Spirit Arranges.

Thank You Lord Jesus; You Have Healed Me Inside;

You’re The God Of Salvation; Every Day You Shall Guide.

I Give Thanks To You Father; You Have Sent Me Your Son;

He Has Healed Me Completely; On That Day He Has Won.


Written This 17th Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





I Am Praying My Lord; I Must Ask You A Question;

Can You Fill Me Inside; So My Heart Has Possession?

There Are So May Needs; Many People Are Hurting;

They Rely On Their Flesh, And With Sin They’re Now Flirting.

I Love You Dear Lord, And In You I Will Trust;

You Will Be With Me Always; When This World Turns To Dust.

I Give Thanks To You Jesus; Your Compassion Astounds Me;

You Prepare Me Each Day; With Your Spirit All Around Me.

Every Day I Am Living; You Have Placed My Provision;

I Am One In You Lord; For There Is No Division.

You’ve Been Teaching Me Things; Every Day I Am Learning;

Your Love And Compassion; Each Day I Am Earning.

I Thank You Lord Jesus; On This Day I Am Praying;

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving; For My Life You’ll Be Staying.

I Praise You This Day; You Have Filled By Your Spirit;

I Will Tell All The People; With My Voice They Shall Hear It.

You Have Placed In My Heart; Blessed Words I Will Share;

You Have Given Me Life; There’s No Need For Repairs.

My Life I Have Given, And I Rose From The Tomb;

I Have Come To Save Sinners; Who Will Give Me The Room.


Written This 18th Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





As A Child Of God; I Have Made A Decision;

If A Growth Is A Sin; One Must Have An Incision.

The Physician Is Jesus; He’s Physician On Call;

He’s The One Who Can Save Us; He’s The Savior Of All.

In This Hour Before Us; Man’s Entangled In Sin;

He Must Seek God’s Forgiveness, So His Life Can Begin.

Come Now To Jesus, As He Seeks Invitation;

He’ll Come Into Your Heart, And Will Give You Salvation.

Please Come To Me Jesus; I Ask You To Forgive;

The Sins In My Soul; So That I Might Now Live.

I Have Been In The Darkness; Now I Reach For Your Light;

You Have Come Now To Save Me, And The Time Was So Right.

I Was Lonely And Sad; The Lord Gave Me A Reason;

To Leave When He Calls Me; In A Soon Coming Season.

I Thank You Dear Jesus; For My Soul You Have Saved;

I Am Bound For Your Heaven; I Was Bound For My Grave

Teach Me My Lord; I Was Lost And You Found Me;

I Was Tied In Great Knots, And Your Spirit Unbound Me.

I Have Left My Dark Past, And You Called Me By Name;

I Am Now A New Creature; That Will Not Be The Same.


Written This 18th Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





The Hour Is Late; It Is Just About Time;

For The Lord Shall Appear; To Judge Earth Of Its Crimes.

Conditions Are Bad, And This Earth Is In Trouble;

Their Sins Are So Evil, And In Time They Will Double.

The Lord Sees All Things; Even Now  He’s Preparing;

The Courtroom Of Heaven; For The Sins Man Is Sharing.

Great Storms Are Approaching ; There Are Signs In The Sky;

You Will See Men’s Hearts Failing, And You Needn’t Ask Why.

Sins Have Gone Rampant; They Are Out Of Control;

There Will Be A Great Darkness; For The Life Of Man’s Soul.

There Are So Many Issues, And The People Are Praying;

But Without The Lord Jesus; These Problems Are Staying.

Come To The Lord; With A  Heart Of Repentance;

Give Your Heart To Him Now; To Expel Your Soul’s Sentence.

Confess Now Your Sorrow; For All Of Your Sins;

You Must Ask Him To Save You; So Your Life Can Begin.

Lord Jesus Forgive Me; You Must Say With Your Being;

Please Come Into My Heart; For A Life With New Meaning.

Please Enter My Heart, And Please Give Me Your Peace;

And Make Me All New; So My Soul Is Released.

You’ve Become A Creation; Of The Lord Now Your Savior;

Your Sentence  Is Cancelled; For In Him Was Found Favor.

Glory To God; For His Love And Compassion;

You Now Have A New Life; That His Spirit Has Fashioned.


Written This 19th Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





I’m A Servant Who Cares; Taking God’s Love To All Places;

And Is Giving God’s Word; Unto Those He Embraces.

I Will Seek You Each Day Lord; For My Heart Has Been Strengthened;as Been DStrengthenedH

I Shall Share With All People; For My Life Has Been Lengthened.

Great Illness Has Come; As Men Ask For A Healing;

God Has Heard Their Petition; It’s With Sin We Are Dealing.

You Must Come To The Father; Through Jesus To Pray;

To Ask For Forgiveness; Or Your Sins Will Now Stay.

Please Hear Us Dear Lord; As We Pray You’ll Forgive;

Our Darkness And Sins; On This Day That We Live.

We Have Now A Conviction; For The Sins In Our Soul;

Please Show Love And Your Mercy; We Are Out Of Control.

Please Forgive Us Dear Jesus; For Our Lives Have Been Wasted;

And Come Into Our Hearts; For This Evil We’ve Tasted.

We Repent Of Our Sins, And We Give You Our Hearts;

Make Change In Our Souls; As Our Lives Do Now Start.

Thank You For Life; You Are Savior And Lord;

You Have Purchased Our Freedom; From A Life Of Discord.

Thank You Lord Jesus; For Our Lives You’re Addressing;

We’re Now Part Of Your Family; It Is We You’ll Blessing.

The Curtain Is Closing; For So Soon Is The Hour;

For The Lord Shall Return; With His Love And Great Power.


Written This 20th Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






I’m A Soldier Of Christ; Who Does Dwell In This Nation;

I’ve Been Given The Truth; As A Voice Of Salvation.

There Are Many Lost Sheep, Who Now Wonder In Pastures;

They Now Play With Their Lives; One Inch From Disaster.

There Are Problems Ahead, And Our World Tries To Solve Them;

If They Trust Them To Jesus; It is He That Dissolves Them.

There Are Thoughts I’ve Been Having, And I’ve Made A Decision;

We Must Now Come Together; There Should Be No Division.

Praise Be To Jesus; For New Life Is In Store;

We Must Trust In His Word; For He Gives So Much More.

Thank You For Life; For Our Hearts We’ve Entrusted

For The Strength Of Our Faith, Our Own Spirit’s Adjusted;

You Are Teaching Us Daily; To Put Trust In Your Word;

We Will Grow In Your Presence; With The Things We Have Heard.

We Give Thanks To You Lord; For Divine Education;

You Have Taught Us To Learn; Your Great Life Of Salvation

Our Soul Was  Once Dead, And Our Spirit Was Frozen;

You Have Entered Our Hearts; And Our Lives You Have Chosen.

Your Coming Is Soon, And Your Will Must Be Done;

You’ll Return As The King; The Father’s Dear Son.

Thank You Lord Jesus; You Now Gather Your Children;

For The Joy Of Your Kingdom; You Will Love And Will Hold Them.

Thank You For Healing;  All The Pains Of Our Life.

You’re The Savior Of All; Who Has Freed Us From Strife.


Written This 21st Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





Our Lord Has Compassion; Full Of Love And Such Kindness;

He Shares His Own Word; To End Sin And Its Blindness.

He Has Seen A Great Darkness, And Has Made It His Mission;

To Save Souls From Their Sins; In Their Present Condition.

Man Thinks Himself Safe; He Is Right For Exemption;

Without The Shedding Of Blood; There Will Be No Redemption.

The Lord Jesus Came To Us, And He Went To The Cross,

And Was Slain As A Lamb; For All Sinners Were Lost.

Sinners Sought Life; But Did Not Seek Intrusion;

But The Lord Saw Them Needy; They Were Wrapped In Confusion.

Their Lives Had No Hope, And They Looked For An Answer;

What Can Be Done; For Our Lives With Sin Cancer?

Every Day Of My Life; Your Own Words I Am Sharing;

With The Souls Of Lost People; And Their Hearts God’s Preparing.

Please Show Them Dear Lord; That They’re Drowning In Sin;

That They Need To Repent, And Their Lives Can Begin.

Thank You Lord Jesus; For Your Love And Your Grace;

For Forgiveness And Mercy; Till We’re Called From This Place.

We Shall Soon Hear The Trumpet; As The Cloud In The East;

Roll Back To Announce You; The Prince Of God’s Peace.

We Praise You Dear Lord; As We Wait For That Sound;

As Our Lord Will Return; And Our Souls Leave This Ground.


Written This 22nd Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






I’ve Been Given Assignment; I Will Do What He’s Chosen;

I Have Fire Inside Me; From My Past I Was Frozen.

I Once Had No Hope; And I Used Not My Voice;

He Did Choose Me To Speak; As He’s Made His Own Choice.

I Share Words With the People; As They’re Down And Discouraged;

God Gives Them Their Strength; To Regain Their Life’s Courage.

Please Help Us Lord Jesus; There Are Wolves In Our Nation;

They Seek Now Men’s Souls; To Thwart Their Salvation.

The Spirit Is Searching; The People’s Of Earth;

To Expel A Great Darkness, And To Share God’s New Birth.

Please Lord Send Your Spirit; As It’s Time For Revival;

To Give Souls A New Life; Not A Means Of Survival.

Thank You Dear Lord; As We Wait For Great Changes;

Our Faith Will Grow Stronger; As Your Spirit Arranges.

We Thank You For Love; And The Blood That You Gave;

From The Voice Of Your Spirit; It’s By Grace We Are Saved.

They Now Enter Your Family, And Their Sins Are Forgiven;

By Your Grace And Your Mercy; On This Day They Are Living.

It’s By Love And Adoption; That They Live In Your Nation;

To Live Life In Its Fullness; As You Gave Us Salvation.


Written This 22nd Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida







I Would Start Out My Days; Thinking I Was Now Winning;

But I Found Out Real Soon; That I Was Only Just Sinning.

I Would Go Through The Motions; Thinking I Was On Track;

But My Actions Deceived Me; My Depression Was Back.

I Was Searching For Answers; For The Pains In My Life;

The Things I Did Different; Would Just Add To My Strife.

I Made Many Mistakes; I Did Ask For A Reason;

Could My God Hear My Cries; In These Days Of My Season?

I Was Down On My Knees; And My Soul Was Now Praying;

Please Hear Me Dear Jesus; For This Darkness Is Staying.

Dear Father In Heaven; Is There Hope For My Soul?

I Confess I’m A Sinner; Who Is Out Of Control.

In An Instant Came Jesus; With His Love And Compassion;

He Came To My Rescue, And To Hear All My Actions.

I ‘m A Sinner Dear Lord; Please Come Into My Heart;

Please Totally Change Me; From The First Day That I Start.

I Am Now A New Person; You Have Healed And Forgiven;

The First Days Of My Life; When My Weakness Was Living.

You Gave Me A Purpose; I Am Saved And Reborn;

With A Heart Of Compassion; I Was Sad And So Torn.

Thank You Lord Jesus; I Shall Tell All The Nation;

Of Your Love And Your Grace; With The Joy Of Salvation.


Written This 23rd Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






When I Was Real Young; I Was Sad And So Shaken;

By The Lack Of Affection; That A Loved One Had Taken.

I Was Hoping For Love; But Was Just In The Way;

I Would Wait A Long Time; I Would See It One Day.

I Went Many Years; I Was Searching For Peace;

Then My 20’s Were There; And My Soul Was Released.

A Man Spoke Of Jesus, And My Heart Was Prepared;

And God’s Spirit Came To Me; With The Words That Were Shared.

The Lord  Jesus Came To Me; On That Day He Arrived;

He Showed I Was A Sinner; I Need Him To Survive.

Please Save Me Dear Lord; You Have Heard My Heart’s Cry;

I Now Give You My Heart; Or My Soul Will Just Die.

My Sins Were Forgiven, And My Heart Has Been Changed;

I Now Have A New Life; That My Lord Has Arranged.

I Give Thanks To You Lord; For The Joy Of New Birth;

For The Healing You’ve Given; While I’m Here On This Earth.

I Am So Very Thankful; For New Life You Have Given;

I Am Newly Created; On This Day I’ll Be Living.

Thank You Dear Father; You Have Sent Me The Savior;

I’ve Been Born Of His Spirit; By His Grace I Found Favor.


Written This 24th Day Of June, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida