Poetry of David M. Heischman

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I’m A Child Of God; Who’s Been Sent as A Witness;

By The Power Of God; In All Of His Fitness.

I’ve Been Chosen To Serve; And Give Words To Recover;

The Words From My Master; I Will Follow No Other.

The Lord Sees His Children, And His Spirit’s Descending;

As He Visits Our Earth; In This Hour He’s Spending.

The Hours Are Passing, And Great Problems Are Showing;

As We Hear From Our Lord; Very Soon We’ll Be Going.

God Has Sent Us To Share; With The Souls Of Our Nation;

To Hear Now The Truth; For The Hope Of Salvation.

We Must Trust In The Lord; In These Times That We’re Living,

And Pray For Our Souls; For The Lord Is Forgiving.

Forgive Us Of Sins; As This Hour Is Ending,

And Grant Us New Life; That God’s Spirit Is Sending.

You Have Sent Us Your Love, And You Give Us Compassion;

As We’re Infilled With Your Truth, And A Heart That You’ve Fashioned.

We Are Saved By Your Mercy; Your Love And Your Grace,

And You’ve Healed Us Inside; As We Look At Your Face.

Lord Jesus We Thank You; As You’ve Come To Our Nation;

You’re The Lord God Of Heaven; That Gives Us Salvation.


Written This 20th Day Of August, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





God Has Plans In This Hour; I’m Involved As A Student;

He Has Sent Me To Learn; As His Courses Are Prudent.

I’m A Child Of Grace; I’m Attending His College;

As The Lord Has Now Sent Me; And He Has A Full Knowledge

His Love And Compassion; Are The Classes I’m Seeking;

As I Wait For Approval; Now God’s Spirit Is Speaking.

I Am Thankful For Knowledge; The Lord Jesus Has Sent Me;

To The Place Of His Classroom; And There’s No One To Prevent Me.

The Studies Are Hard; I’ll Attend Graduation;

I’ll Be Given His Blessing; As I Practice Salvation..

Lord Please Give Me The Strength; For The Courses I’m Taking;

As I Trust In Your Word; And My Life That You’re Making.

I Love You Lord Jesus; I’ve Been Sent For A Reason;

To Develop A Love; In This Very Late Season.

I Trust You My Lord; All My Life I’ve Been Waiting,

And You Gave Me New Life; And With No Hesitating.

I Praise You Lord Jesus; As We Wait For Your Spirit;

You Will Come For Your Children And The Nations Shall Hear It.

We Love You Lord Jesus; With Our Hands We Are Raising;

As We Look For Your Coming; Every Day We’ll Be Praising.


Written This 21st Day Of August 21, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





I Am Thankful For Peace, And The Love That You Gave Me;

For The Strength That’s Inside Us; On The Day That You Saved Me.

You Chose Me To Write; Unto Those Of This Nation;

The Assurance That’s Given; For The Joy Of Salvation.

You Had Me In Mind; For The Work That You Chose Me,

And You’ve Given Me Words; You’re My Lord Who Does Know Me.

You Have Chosen My Life; I’ve Been Sent On A Mission;

To The Souls Of This Earth; In An Unsaved Condition.

I Chose You For Service; Unto You I Am Speaking;

As You Speak To Those Hurting; With Their Hearts They’re Now Seeking.

Lord Please Give Us Our Strength; As You Send Us Revival;

To Plan For The People; To Mean More Than Survival.

The Troubles On Earth; Have Led To Destruction;

But The Lord Sends His Word; As Our Means Of Instruction.

Lord Please Send Us Your Peace; In This Hour We’re Praying,

As You Give Us Our Needs; In Your Will They’ll Be Staying.

You Have Chosen This Hour; To Bring End To Confusion;

As You See This Before You; It Is Not An Illusion.

You’ve Been Placed On A Course; That Leads You To Action;

As You See My Own Will; And You’ll See Their Reaction.

I Have Spoken My Word; In The Midst Of The People;

To The Ones That Are Searching; And Ones Under Their Steeples.

I Love You My Children; Please Send Me Your Praise,

As You Work To Now Please Me; With Both Hands You Shall Raise.


Written This 22nd Day Of August, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





The Lord Jesus Came to me; With A Love Beyond Measure;

I Accepted His Kindness, And His Word I Will Treasure.  

I Had Spent Many Years; Pretending At Life;

As I Stumbled And Fell, And Consumed With Great Strife.

My Days Had Been Spent; In A Life With Large Questions;

I Was Filled With Confusion; That I Learned In These Sessions.

I Was Searching For Answers; In A Life Filled With Pain,

And I Longed For New Life; There Was So Much To Gain.

I Prayed Unto God; As I Had No Control;

Oh Lord What Can You Do; To Free My Own Soul?

The Lord Showed Me Mercy; For The Sins I Committed;

I Now Asked For Forgiveness; By His Blood Was Acquitted.     

Jesus Died On That Cross; And His Blood Was Then Shed;

His Blood Had Flowed Out; And Too Soon He Was Dead.              

He Was Then Taken Down; To Be Placed In A Tomb,

And He Gave Heaven’s Freedom; Unto Those That Gave Room.

I Asked Him To Save Me; It Was Then I Was Forgiven;

He Came Into My Heart; I’m Now Part Of The Living.

Thank You Lord Jesus; You Have Taken My Sins,

And Have Casted Them Out, And My Life Now Begins.

I’m Now One Of Your Children, And I Offer My Praise;

For The Gift That You Gave Me; Both Hands I Shall Raise


Written This 22nd Day Of August 22, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




I Was Raised By One Parent; Who Would Pray And Be Worried;

I Would Live To Adulthood, And Grew Up In One Hurry.

As A Weary Young Man; I Was Seeking Direction;

I Was Loved By A Mother; With No Dad For Affection.

I Came From A Home; When My Parents Collided;

At A Very Young Age; My Own Parents Decided.

To Part From A Marriage, And Our Home Became Broken;

By The Strike Of A Gavel; That A Judge Had Then Spoken.

I Was Searching For Peace, And The Love Of A Father;

But My Dad Shunned His Duties, And Would Simply Not Bother.

I Was Empty Inside, And I Lived Desperation,

And I Trusted No Father, As I Sought For Salvation.

I Had Lived Many Years; Seeking God For Affection,

And One Day As I Sought Him; He Would Give Me Direction

One Day I Was Reading; As I Opened His Word,

And His Light Shined Inside Me; With Small Voice That I Heard.

Our Father In Heaven; Had Sent Me His Son,

And He Found A Young Man; And The Sins That I’d Done.

The Lord Jesus Came To Me; To Find My Heart That Was Broken,

And He Picked Up The Pieces; By His Word That He’d Spoken.

He Knocked At My Door, And I Opened It Wide;

He Looked Into My Eyes; There’s No Place I Could Hide.

Lord Jesus I’m Asking; As You Make Preparation;

To Cleanse Me Inside; As You Give Me Salvation.

You Have Given Me Life, And I’ve Answered Your Call;

I’ve Become A New Person; Who’s Redeemed From The Fall..


Written This 23rd Day Of August, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






Please Listen To Jesus, It Is Now He’s Addressing;

For The Joy Of His Kingdom; He Now Gives Me His Blessing.

There Once Was A Day; That My Soul Was In Grief,

And He Spoke To My Spirit; As To Change My Belief.

I Was Grasping For Life; In My Lord I Found Favor;

In One Moment He Found Me; I’d Be Loved By My Savior.

Please Jesus Come To Me; As Your Angels Are Singing;

The Praises Of God; That His Spirit Is Bringing.

I Am Seeking Your Presence; As I Search For Your Face;

I Will Praise You Forever; As I Dwell In This Place.

You Came To Me Jesus, And You Showed Me Your Love;

Your Compassion And Mercy; That You Sent From Above.

You Came From Your Throne; From The Father Who Sent You,

And You’ll Be With Me Always; No One There To Prevent You.

I Love You Lord Jesus; In Complete Adoration;

You’re the Lord Of My Life; The God Of Salvation.

Please Be With Me Lord; For The Times Are Soon Ending;

As You Prepare For Your Entrance; And God’s Spirit You’re Sending.

I Thank You Lord Jesus; And Your Praise I Am Giving;

Every Time That I Breathe; In This Time That I’m Living.


Written This 23rd Day Of August, 2021

By David Heischman



Orlando, Florida






The Lord Is Now With Us; He Has Planned Visitation;

To Give Us His Love; And He Gives Us Salvation.

God Showed Us His Mercy; When Our Sins Were Within Us,

And He Gave Us New Lives; With His Love He Did Win Us.

We’ve Been Sent On A Mission, And The Place Has Been Chosen;

To Live For His Glory, And Our Past Has Been Frozen.

We Praise You Lord Jesus; As We Wait For Revival;

We Will Live For Our Master; Not A Means Of Survival.

We Are Thankful For Love, And Compassion You Gave Us;

And Your Peace And Great Joy, On The Day That You Saved Us.

We Will Live In Your Kingdom; Forever And Ever;

For The Plans That You’ve Given, And Your Steps We Endeavor.

You Have Given Us Hope; Unto You We Are Trusting;

As You Fulfill Your Own Word; Our Own Hearts Are Adjusting.

You Have Chosen Our Path; In Blind Faith We Are Walking;

As We Follow Your Word; It’s God’s Spirit Who’s Talking.

We Will Follow You Lord; To The Ends Of Our Earth;

As We Walk In Your Footsteps; To The Joy Of New Birth.

You Have Touched Us Inside; As We Wait On Your Spirit,

And We’ll Answer In Praise; That All Nations Will Hear It.

We Love You Lord Jesus; As We’re Hearing Your Voice;

That You Go To The Sinners; As They Now Have A Choice.

That They’ve Sinned Against God, And They Ask For Repentance;

To Ask For Forgiveness; That Will Cancel Their Sentence

Lord Jesus Forgive Us; And Please Pardon Our Sins,

As We Follow In Faith; Our Own Life Now Begins.


Written This 24th Day Of August, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida






I Now Speak Of Yeshua; Who’s The Jewish Messiah;

He Is Jesus In English; As We Lift His Name Higher.

He Came To Twelve Men; Whom He Loved And Respected;

But To Most Of His People; He Was Alone And Rejected.

He Was Judged By The Leaders; And Sent To A Trial;

He Was Guilty Of Nothing; And They Lived In Denial.

He Was Judged For Some Crimes, And Would Die On A Cross;

To The Hearts Of Most Sinners; It Was Really No Loss.

Yeshua Has Saved Me; From A Life Of Confusion,

And He Healed Me Inside; This Was Not An Illusion.

The Lord Changed My Life, And His Word Has Been Shared,

And The Work I’ve Been Given; My Lord Has Prepared.

I Will Praise You Forever; As You’ve Changed My Whole Life;

For You’ve Brought Me From Darkness, And Ended My Strife.

I Was Once A Lost Sinner;, And My Heart Has Been Changed;

I Am Now A New Person; That God’s Spirit Arranged.

I Live For Each Day; As I Tell His Great Story;

About The Lord That Has Saved Me; In All Of His Glory.

Thank You Lord Jesus; My New Heart You Have Given;

I’m Now One Of Your Family; All My Days I’ll Be Living.


Written This 24th Day of August, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida





The Lord Has A Plan; Even Now He’s Preparing;

The Words That He Gives Me; Unto Those I’ll Be Sharing.

There Are Many Who Hurt; On The Streets Of Each Day,

And They Ask For Their Needs, And Would Seek Him And Pray.

The People Have Burdens; Every Day Of Their Lives;

As They Wonder Alone; Just To Say They Survive.

These People Have Plans, And They Want For Their Freedom,

And They’re Lonely And Sad; Praying Someone Will Need Them.

They Want Someone Who Cares, And Will Share With Them Love,

And To Share With Them Peace; Which Comes Down From Above.

They Ask God In Heaven, And Those Prayers Keep Repeating,

As They Pray For Their Lives; With No Hope Of Succeeding.

They Must Come Unto Jesus; With A Heart Of Repentance,

As They Ask For Forgiveness, And To Cancel Their Sentence.

The Lord Will Show Mercy, And Will Show Them Compassion,

And Plant Love Deep Inside Them; With A Heart That He’s Fashioned.

Lord Jesus Please Save Us, And Restore Us To Life,

And Please Cleanse Of Sins, As You Take All Our Strife.

We Praise You For Love, And Compassion You Gave Us;

For New Life You Have Given; On The Day That You Saved Us.


Written This 26th Day Of August 26, 2021

By David Heischman

Orlando, Florida




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