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The Poetry of James F. Hill - Page Ten

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An independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry, offering scripture studies, apologetics, poetry & more!


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From Texas To Israel, With G-d's Love



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The worth of Woman


A woman valued


nourishes the sun


and smoothes a path


for those behind


where nettles once grew.


jfrancis  1.7.2011





The grains of time


fall on a dying world,


the hour all but gone


the glass near spent,


when man’s choice


casts his die


toward eternity.







The Storm


blew in


out of a sunset


laying our saplings


near the ground.


The rest


was standard fare___


except the ending


when that rainbow


wrapped its arms


around the setting sun.











a place or time


to rest the bones___




it should be


a restful place


to engage


the face o G-d


in our spirit


and touch


the spirit


of his Son











Fame doth claim


many a mortal soul___


and earth knows not


what is gone


till sinews of time


lift immortality


above the rhyme.







In search of Home


where Love


blossoms a desert


with peace,


and peace


breaks shackles


of hatred


which enslave lands


and divide


the ancient family


of Abraham,


until history


well sated


opens the heart of terror


with Messiah and Grace.








Love is not gone___


once kindled,


it lives beyond


and returns


with the magic


of each


February whiteness.







Breath of Spring


Winter dies


as the goose flies


and spring awakens


the wildflower seed


for a journey


through the heart and mind


of humankind


where creation


paints the flowers


with man’s emotion.







Egyptian Bondage


Free the body


and the soul soars___.


It is old


as the sand of time


that flows


through the glass


to become


a flight of the heart


on tattered wings of hope.







Lyric or Law


When angels fly


humanity takes note.


Both lowly bard


and prophet king


know the voice of God.







The King is Coming


Great with child,


fear also,


then words of angelic wonder


calm the twisting turmoil


of her spirit nature


as faith


opens the eyes


of her heart


to see Messiah,


a Son of David,


whose kingdom


will never end.



Luke 2.16.2011


The Plan

Heavenly beauty

Through a veiled mist

Of personality and charm

Awakened my heart

To blessing 

God hath wrought

In such a place

Of fragile wonderment

And still the mystery

Wraps itself

Round my whole being

Yet gives room enough

To drink only

From the spring

Sparkling before me.





The Vows

Love to last,

A shared connection

Wrapping round

Vows never lost

But broken still

By pain of heart 

Which death

Pries apart.





The Life

Never done, never done___

Maintenance  of marriage

Consumes passion

And excitement

Years do not.

Life and love

Wear the fabric

Threadbare and faded

Beyond the early year 

When effort required

Only warmth and touch

To right the ship.

At the end

Parting becomes

That sweet sorrow

Poets dream of.





Tree of the Way

Legends are large

As the dogwood

Whose body

Fashioned the cross

And shame___

And became

A symbol of both

To dwell in the shadow

Of most 

And never repeat 

The horror of Golgotha

Where life died

And death became

A blossom


To the tree of life.






(inside a fairy tale)

Fairy tales

Are not real___

Only the characters

Who bring life 

To a child’s world.





“The Valley of the Shadow”

Death brings us

To that winding road

Where life missed

A serious turn

And now

The pieces are scattered 

Beyond the reach of time.

The small white cross

Marks a place

Not of our choosing

So God gathers the pieces

Binds them in to one,

As fathers do,

And gives the heartbeat

To eternity.





In Defense of Love


A pure emotion

Often misuse 

For personal gain,

None the less

Our hearts enshrine

This worthy creation

In the highest regard,

For no other passion

Of the heart

Moves man

To embrace

Another fair creature

Till death parts.





“Never into Nothingness”


Cast in gold

Hammered on leaf

Has not grief

But permanence

And moonlight

On lovers heads,

Pounding hearts


Never ceased__

Painted with

The broadest brush

Of eternity

Where poets rest

And we come, refreshed.






Children move

As the bouncing ball

Where gravity works

Part time 

And the butterfly


Totally unaware

Their footprint 

On the flowers

Move our world forward.







A rather

Slow creature

Given to stealth,

Disguised by time,

Until we are wrapped

In the gentle arms

Of weakness.







The distance to Love

From affection

Is the space

Of a heartbeat.





Rising Love


Love is. . . .

A knowing in the heart    


With patience


By soft words


With forgiveness__

Bound together

By spirit

That wakes the morning

And paints each day

Of the eastern horizon

In colors

Of a burning brush.





Eternity 101


Life is serious__

So much so

Ignoring eternity

Is a flailing of the wind

For the wind blows 

Without regard         

To human desire

And does not fail

To remind you,


Is the day

Of your death.





Winning Hand


What you’re dealt

Is why you’re in the game 

And this game

Is not chance

But choice

And sacrifice

And creation’s business.     

Each soul

Has gold to spend

Odds to beat

Time to burn

Grace to purchase

For free__

For the tree

Is cheap

And precious

And chosen

By me.





Meeting Death

A poem commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist acts.

(in the air)

Life comes

On angel wings

With pain

And euphoria__.


Are the good years

Of bonding and struggle

Producing worth

In human form.

Worth for sacrifice,

If we must,

Sacrifice in service

As duty requires;

In the air,

On the stair

Where death lingered

Far beyond the dust

And digging,

Death multiplied thrice.

Now the years

Lay waste,

For the worth lost,

The bones scattered

In our valley

Of grief.





Sparkling Eyes


The beginning__

Still and silent

Yet portends

The heart rending

To come.


The shoulders shake

As moisture appears

In a single sparkling


Moistens the mascara

For effect,

And the heart it takes

By storm

Is doomed

To fail

Or swoon.   





Watching the Grass Grow


Requires patience. . . . . . . . . . . .

bunnies and their foodstuff

a real quilt

the sun with shade

and a vacant heart

to be filled

with the song

of God’s quietness.





Time to Pass


God gives his world

Time to pass

Wrapped in families

With leisure to love

And laugh

For the joys of life

Where the woods and water 

Borrow the summer days

To construct

Hallowed halls

Of times past

Where the crisp days

Of October

Grow our boys

Into men.





Fall Silent


In your desert


Silence and emotion

The song

Of G-d’s quietness

Can be found

In the bass clef notes

Of a desert breeze.

Here he speaks

In a silence

Only you can hear.





The above poem was inspired by an article in Israel Today by Ludwig Schneider (


Untitled Poem



Washes the dust

From our soul

And licks the wounds


Has suffered us___

While it does not

Lengthen life

(Keats only twenty five)

Our years drip

With the honey

Of corporate passion

Read and writ.





Deal Gilad


Stained hands gone free__

For innocent years

Gone begging,

One winner, almost

One thousand losers

More or less___


The day of their death,

Then eternity

And certainty__

G-d deals

The hand!






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