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The Poetry of James F. Hill - Page Fourteen

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An independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry, offering scripture studies, apologetics, poetry & more!


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From Texas To Israel, With G-d's Love


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(the fear of losing)

Nothing about losing

Is artificial___

It’s so very real,

Be it love or war,

There will be blood

On the ground

and pooling

In the pit of the stomach.

No one comes away

With all their pride in tact___

Matter of fact

Losing at anything,

Even watching over

An old friend

Should not be confusing,

First and foremost___

God watches over Israel.

If you are Israel’s friend,

Don’t act as an enemy,

Show loving support

So God may bless you!


The Fading Shadow

Of an American Prez.___


Whose only concern now….

Is pulling his bent legacy

Through a spaghetti press

Less the heat of time

Fixes tomorrow

In a likeness

He will despise.



Bombing Iran’s Bomb

Satan sits on his throne

In downtown Tehran

Hoping to one day

Rule the world from there,

But the 12th Mahdi’s coming

Is delayed.


Is not Satan’s

Or Iran’s

Strong suit.

Do we dare___

Do we dare not?

Or do we sit and wait

Till two-oh-one-six___

Do us part.



Born Again?

(a reminder)

Accept Christ


Your heart and strife!

There is no other road

To eternal life.

It starts

And ends

With your Creator

Who made

Heaven and Earth

And died

On a cruel cross

So you

And all others

May choose

To avoid

The horrors of Hell!




(is not an easy job)

It is fraught with pain

And time

And many attempts


To get the job done___




(cannot be done alone)


God must measure

The depth


And vision

Of the heart___

For therein lies

A person

He can use

For the purposes

Of Heaven___

And earth.





The Lady smiles

With graciousness___

Golden tresses

Frame the beauty

Of both___

God’s handiwork___




Climate Change

(and God)

They go hand in hand___

Only simpletons believe

Climate change

Happens by accident.


Created the universe

And humanity___

Can he not make the sea

Rise a few inches or more

Without earth

Falling apart?

Satan is delighted

When the people

Trust themselves___

Instead of God!




(for president)

Of the world___

In a loose sort of way.

Parse the man___

And you have the egotist

Seeking stardom,


For the incoming

Curtain of flack___

A fact

Rendering him


In the eyes of those

Who purchased him

As their man

Without sufficient study

Of his character

and spirituality___



The Mattering of it All

Black lives matter___

No more than white

Or yellow

Or tanned

Or red

Or any color combination.

The mattering is___

The heart and soul and blood

We each share

In this body, corporate.

God gave each

And every heart___,

Life to live,

Beats to race

When we see

And embrace

The loves

Of our life___.



-Contrasting Carly-

(to the pack)

Where others tread

She seldom follows___

Choosing rather

The wisdom of Her heart___




And a cleverness

Not given to many___



The Peace Knell

(or stones)

Rear its head.

Before light

The dawn

Breaks apart morning

And lays bare

The silent gathering

Of day.

Woe to those

Who refuse peace

And say___

Let there be death

Over the land___

Instead of life.

For unto you

Death will come,

And life

Will pick your bones.




Expanding Settlements

(creates: Love and life)

Love blossoms

In desert climes

And the moon___

Rises and sets

In the hearts

Of true lovers

Of Israel!




A Simple Message in Verse

(for the world)

The real terror

Of closing your eyes

In death___

Is opening your eyes

In death___

And realizing

Christianity was right

And every other religion

Was not!

Woe to those

Who murder innocents___

While mocking

Their God

Who delivers

The innocent

From hell and damnation___!



They Die in Vain

(these haters of Israel)

The angels work overtime

In the killing fields.

All the murderers of Palestine

Seek to destroy___

The indestructible___


They condemn themselves,


To an eternity

Of damnation

For the hatred

Of their hearts.




The Crime of Lies___

Spreads its tentacles

Through Islam___

Where truth

Has no friends

And the more delicate

The lie

The more appreciation

It receives___

On the streets

Of death and deception

In downtown ‘Martyrsville’.




The Man Putin!

(the crime murder?)

Is he guilty?

Ask Mrs Litvinenko.

Ask the Russian Jews.

They know murder!

They know Putin___!

Leave them be!


Putin will self-destruct.

Sooner?than later___!



Chasing false gods

In the minds of men

Where dwell

The best and worst

Of them___

There are those

Who worship men

Who are demons

And devils

In the guise of gods.

Take care

You are not one of those!

For if you are,

The best of intentions,

Often lay waste

To your soul!




Established  by puny man

Not God___!

Scripture tells

Of earth’s ending___,

Not by global warming

But man’s

Destructive behavior___,

The warring___

Of the middle east

Against God’s creation.

Heaven help us___




Sir Trump___

Whistling in the darkness.

He gave you

Breath and life___

A family,

Wealth and prestige,


In your old age. . . . . .

And what___?

Have you given him___?

Anything besides grief?

All he wants

Is your heart!

He owns

All of time and eternity,

But not you___!

The question is__?

Where will you/

Spend eternity?




The world’s greatest threat!

Iran’s greatest threat___

The God of Israel!___

God’s desire

Above all things___

That we may come to him

For eternal life

Or we come not___

At all___


For judgement,


We receive

Eternal death

For our sins

And rejecting Christ

In our hearts

At the cross___



This is Islam

Every Muslim

Hopes to die a martyr___

Little does he know

Upon entering death

His soul

Is transported

Directly to Hell,

The hell created

By the only God

Of this universe,

The God of Abraham,

Issac and Jacob___


You have been sold

A bill of goods___

It’s not too late though___

To accept Christ

Into your heart___

Failing that

You will spend eternity


Fire and Brimstone!


My Condolences to Islam


Time hangs

Between life and death___.

For most of this world

Life is eternal___

But death also___

Only the eternal part

Is far more “eternal”

For those

Rejecting Christ

And His Cross.




God's Hand


God’s Hand

Binds Heaven____

And Earth

While Eternity

Pays little attention

To the comings

And goings

Of Men____

Except those

Who strive

To do His will.



Believe God ?

(a word to Muslims)

Making you believe me

Is not the purpose here!

That purpose will be achieved

When you feel the warmth

Of fire and brimstone

The day you realize

Your god has deceived you____,

Big Time!



Words and Wars

(one often begat the other)

Speak truth to power

Then you need not worry____

For God is mighty.

The Angels of Heaven

Along with the Saints

Will rise to His command

And slay all who join

The armies of the East

In their final bid

To conquer Israel.



Obama’s Magnificent 14-0 Betrayal


Lest he forget___

Israel is God’s possession.

His wrath has destroyed many.

The world and I

Wait for His reply!



There is only one place____

(the Embassy belongs)


It will be moved there____

It is God’s will and favor,

As well as every Jew worldwide.

To quote a famous Arab line,

“from the river to the sea”

The Embassy must be free.

Surprise God____

And get it done

President Trump!




(is not a day)

A heart____

Wether yours

Or another

Wraps itself


A future

Of heartbeats

That keep you awake

While Hers

Beats in harmony

With the softness

Of Her breathing.



God is with Us!

(each day)

The dews of Heaven

Weep for us,

Watering the sadness

Of our endtime____,


God our redeemer

Shields our hearts

From the massive

Spin of life

Where disasters of choice


Inters us

Before our time!




Why the World Needs God!

Think about it_ _ _ _!

Falling into a world

Of fire and brimstone,

Having no means of escape

Forever and forever and forever,

Endless torment____!

There is a way out____!

But not after the fall____,

Before the fall!

God’s plan is flawless____

And simple____

So simple

Any human can follow.

You don’t come to Christ

By accident, but desire

And the realization

Of your lost condition.

Standing, kneeling,

Lying in bed,

Christ will meet you____

Where you are.

Ask Him

Into your heart____

He will do the rest!

This light from above!





Getting old is not fun!

But mandated by God,

The price He extracts____

For the Joys of Youth!

And middle age,

As we see them____


His Love for us

Can only be explained

By those who come

To Christ____

Before the twilight

Gathers us to Him

And carries us away,




Messaging the Future

Messaging the Future

(the end is near)

Not for Christians____

Not even the lost!


Will have a home.

The lost____

They have a destination

For eternity____

A place of eternal doom

Among fire and brimstone.

God has given warnings

From creation____

Until now.

God has warned the lost____

And most have ignored it

And most will continue____

In ignorance

To the end____

Until !!!

It is too late.




Who is Debra Dickson?

For some time now____

I have wondered

Who you were

And where you were___.

A real person?

With real blood

Who wrote poetry

That shaped

The Universe____

And lit the stars

At nite

So all would know____

That all was well

And we need not____

Worry or fear____.




The Warmpth

(of a person you Love)

Speaks to your heart

As no other can____



Or She

Has passed on

And no longer captures

Any part of you____


Love never dies,

Such Love____

Created by God

Dwells forever

Where He places it.



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