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Once upon a time…

there was a little girl

who lived in a village by the sea.

She would play in the ocean, and she

often visited her aunt who lived

in the offshore islands. Sometimes

she would sit on the pier and watch

the great ships disappear over the

horizon with their cargoes of

cotton, lumber, turpentine and granite:

and she would wonder that

God made the world so big.


she grew into a beautiful

young woman with a wonderful

loving heart. It was a

turbulent time in history when

she married a quiet man who was

strong in spirit, and they

lived in an inland town where her

husband was a man respected.

For half a century they lived happily

as her children,

then her grandchildren

grew up as she grew older,

more loving and no less beautiful.

Still beautiful and gracious, she

lived in a little white house that

became the center and focal of

her family's love; and she was called

friend by everyone who knew her.

Then one autumn day as she

sought peace (for her husband

had gone to stand before God's

throne), she walked the road

that is called the Road to Emmaus

where once were the footprints

of the Risen Savior. As she walked,

she carried with her the

blessings of those who loved her.

Then she was astonished to find

a stranger disturbed her solitary

vigil. He was a man with

ancient scars on his hands, and she

recognized the Lord, for she knew

this story well. She said,

"Lord Jesus, are you going

to walk with me?"

And He said,

"I have always walked with

you. From the days of your

childhood in the village by

the sea, you have always

loved and given of yourself

to others. For every life

you touch is filled

with love.

Every life, including Mine.

This is the reason your race

was created: to love God

and to love each other. There

are few that love as you do.

Share with Me the blessings

of those who love you."

Then the Lord said,

"Come. Let us walk together."

Lloyd Barry Johnson

( October 1996)


               to Ramses Sadek

Egypt, O Egypt! In the ancient time when

the Flood was a recent memory;

Alpha Draconis was the North Star;

and Easter was only a prophetic promise:

your civilization brightly glittered bronze.

Egypt, who will cry for you today?

Egypt, homeland, has God forgotten you?

Who will call thy people to choose?

When Philistines fill your land,

who will fight Goliath?

Who will stand alone on the mountain

to challenge the pagen priests?

At sunset,

who will stand while others bow to idols?

Son of Egypt, I remember! Says the Lord Yahwah.

I am who I am! Says the Lord Yahwah.

When you say to your people:

"Choose you this day whom you will serve",

HE will make the sun stand still.

When the giant raises his sword,

HE will be your Rock.

When you ascend the mountain

and build an alter amid the prophets of baal,

HE will answer with fire.

When you stand as the wailing call to prayer is heard,

and your countrymen make prayer to

the golden idol of Babylon;

It is your prayer HE will hear.

Though you may be cast into the firey furnace

you will not be touched by the flames

and HE will walk with you.

HE will walk with you.

Is there one unbeliever who might believe?

Is there one brother who might draw strength?

Is there one sister who might need comfort?

Is there one warrior who might seek peace?

Is there one fanatic who might love?

HE will never leave you or forsake you.

Though you be a stranger in your own land,

you will enter His kingdom.

HE will walk with you.

copyright 1991 by Lloyd Barry Johnson


The gracious beauty of the rose

gently touches all of those

who see her face.

In the misty morning light

she softly shows her pristine white

with dewdrop lace.

Delicate as Esther's pride,

a message in her magic cried

of Amazing Grace.

( 1991 by Lloyd Barry Johnson


to Norma Pettigrew

Feeling valued

is like hearing Norma sing:

Her music, beautiful the sound

echoing the room around.

Touch my spirit with her song.

My soul aglow with selfless pride,

a wealth of worth I feel inside.

Even when the sound has died,

the feeling lingers on.

( 1991 by Lloyd Barry Johnson


Glorystar! New star I see;

Tell me now what you can be?

Rise on high, in brilliant hue;

No other star as bright as you.

I remember Words of old,

In which a Savior was foretold.

Glorystar! New star I see;

Are you His star of prophesy?

Glorystar! Proclaim His birth;

Emmanuel has come to earth,

Shepherds rise and run to meet,

The Savior Who will wash your feet.

Find Him in a manger laid;

His sinless life our ransom paid.

Holy Child: before Him kneel,

Mercy of our God revealed.

Glorystar! Now light the way.

Make desert night as bright as day.

Magi go and travel far,

Following His Glorystar.

Gold and incense bring with you,

God's Son is all our worship due.

Holy Child: before Him kneel,

Majesty of God revealed.

Glorystar! Our Savior find.

Bathe the earth in novashine.

Glorystar, your bright increase,

Proclaims the mighty Prince of Peace.

The God Whose glory is so bright,

He even dims your awesome light.

Holy Child: you've granted me

Access to eternity.

( 1991 by Lloyd Barry Johnson)