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A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Panoramic landscapes

Of magnificent billows

Fathomless sky-gates

So soft as pillows


A picturesque masterpiece

So lasting, while always changing

Like a never-ending gallery

Of a thousand matchless paintings


Fleece of the sky

Snowly pure white

Sheep drifting by

Bathed in sunlight


Cotton of the purest

Poisoned by darkness

Clouds ever fearless

Mighty, unharnessed


Storm clouds of wonder

Depthlessly immeasurable

Tears amidst the thunder

Emptied from heaven’s bowl


As the curtains of the sky

That are hung on the stars

In the wind they freely fly

Thru a prison with no bars


The breath of God blows

And they flee to the west

At the sniffle of His nose

They scatter without rest


The storm is without cease

As the clouds gather high

But at a word are at peace

At the voice of Adonai


For even clouds and rain

Are moved by a command

They are led by the reign

Of the Mighty One's hand


All of nature Yahweh holds

They are subject to His Name

Clouds of sky His hand molds

Always lovely, ne'er the same.


Look for Me

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Look for me in the wind and rain

In the gentle breeze and clouds

Look for me in trials through pain

And as you seek, I'll seek you out


Look for me when things are right

Love and unity surround like a wall

But keep me in your precious sight

When everything around you falls


Look for me during times of peace

As brethren dwell and joy abounds

Look for me in wars without cease

When times of rest cannot be found


Look for me when seeking wisdom

In the path of finding what's true

Look for me if answers won't come

And I will grant my wisdom to you


Look for me in joy and gladness

In every blessing which I bestow

Look for me in grief and sadness

When all that you can feel is woe


Look for me in the light of day

As safety guilds you as a crown

Look for me if darkness weighs

Look for me, but don't look down


Look for me in the depthless skies

Where bird and eagle freely soar

Look for me where the ocean lies

Resting its head upon the shore


Look for me in the raging gorge

On every river dancing with joy

Look for me in the sunset orange

As it fulfills its God-given ploy


Look for me in the mighty mountains

On ev'ry cliff I've set in its place

Look for me in the thriving fountains

Look for me, and seek my face


Look for me, dear son and child

Following in my ways and paths

Look for me waiting all the while

And you will see me gazing back!


The Cry of Our Brothers

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Deep is calling out to all

Is calling out to deep

The voices of our brothers call

Can't you hear them weep?


From the farthest stretches

Of the ground is heard a cry

But our nation of wretches

Ignores them as they die


Our children stand by day

Yet are slaughtered in the night

Helpless victims are they

Who are defenseless in the fight


Their blood screams for justice

From the grave of innocence

For the fateful judgment of this

Nation will lie in our sins


We are doomed beyond return

For the blood that we have shed

For all the souls that once did yearn

To live, but now are dead


Our hands are stained crimson

Our feet wade in their blood

We are drowning deep in sin

As we're caught up in the flood


And yet we boast in freedom still

When freedom forms a chain

That bonds our hands as we kill

All in freedom's holy name


Our kingdom soon shall fall

As divided does it stand

For we have come to a wall

Of judgment on our land


Even though we had the chance

To turn once more to You

We through every circumstance

Rejected what was true


So let us now incline our ears

To hear our brothers’ cry

Let us turn back all the years

That the innocent did die.


As We Wept by the Rivers

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans

Scriptural Reference: Psalm 137


As we wept by the rivers

And the streams of Babylon

We asked, “Have You considered

All that we have undergone?”


We have felt the pain of Egypt

And the chains of slavery

We have tasted of the hardship

Of our waiting to be free


We have had our rightful share

Of self-hatred for our nation

As we wondered, “Where You there

When we cried in lamentation?”


Our shame is as a painful thorn

A blemish on our face

And like a garment we are torn

We are a disgrace


The nations come from all around

To laugh at us on high

There is no muting out the sound

Of their scornful cry


We stand as helpless sheep which

Have no shepherd at all

For we have fallen deep in a ditch

And no one hears our call


So as before, we cry to You

To bring us from the grave

After all we have been through

Your love comes as a wave


For as we sat by Babylon’s shores

Repenting in sackcloth and ash

You Yahweh opened heaven’s doors

As a wave Your mercy did crash


We fell beneath the weight of Your love

Speechless at finding Your grace

Your favor shined on us from above

As You looked on us with Your face


For even though, by our misdeeds

We earned separation from You

Still You heard our earnest pleads

And You gave unto us life anew.


Death of a Dawn

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


A dieing dawn awaits

For death to come soon

Thru darkened gates

Lies her casket of doom


Bleeding red slivers

Of blood from her wound

Beginning to whither

While up comes the moon


Upon her last breath

She falls to the floor

She meets her death

And thus is no more


Once bright and lovely

Now clothed with black

Never again to be seen

And not to come back


She lies in the grave

As a blackened veil

Crashes like a wave

Or a blistering gale


Many hours fly

Thru the heart of the night

No stirring in sky

Not a single star in sight


Solemnity surrounds

Governing the dark

Silence with no sounds

Death looms like an arc


But as the new dawn

Shatters the horizon

Darkness splits in awe

Defeated by its rising


Death is overcome while

The sun rises in victory

For none could ever anile

The power of its energy


The death of a dawn

May seem that for a time

That death shall lead on

But again light will shine.


Desire for Desire

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


There is nothing in this world

That I desire but knowing you

You’re the treasure and pearl

That I seek for in your truth


Temptations come to follow

As in wonder, I am amazed

But false desire, it is hollow

‘Cause I keep you in my gaze


My desire stirs much deeper

Than counterfeit sensations

Yahweh is my true redeemer

His sacrament, my salvation


I desire to follow you Lord

Every one of my given days

Your word is my own sword

And a lamp unto my ways


I know that your streams

Aren’t dry, but flourishing

For by them you will lead

Me by your pastures green


Your word satisfies me

Like honey to my lips

I seek it with striving

To feel your gentleness


So with this great desire

To know you, Father God

Please come set me a-fire

With your spirit and awe


My plea and my prayer

To be intimate with you

To keep the flame a-flare

Giving thanks in all I do


So let not my heart’s fire

In vain, be blown away

Instead, let it grow brighter

So your word I may obey


And in all I say and do

With this passionate desire

May the glory be to you

Your name be lifted higher.


Echoes in the Still

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Your voice utters deep

Into the depths of my soul

Like water does it seep

Into my heart's open hole


It rises far above

All my unspoken fears

Words of hope and love

That wipe away my tears


It continues to rise

Above the world around

As a prophet prophesies

All will hear the sound


It will break through darkness

Shattering the atmosphere

As the world around hearkens

Above the silence it will sear


Above the greatest shout

Rising ever still

Beyond the highest mount

And every high hill


The final judgment will arise

With spoken word of justice

Which will turn all open eyes

To see the God of oneness


None will have not known

Of he who reigns on high

Who sits upon the throne

Beyond the endless sky


All will hear and see

And know that he is God

Bowing on their knee

Every head in nod


For no one can drown out

Hashem's spoken word

No loud noise or shout

Will keep him from being heard


He will speak into the silence

With echoes in the still

Beyond the growing violence

As a city upon a hill.


Everlasting One

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Flowers fade

Sunlight dies

Shadows raid

The twilight skies


Trees smolder

Plants expire

Earth is colder

And set to fire


Wind goes way

Water dries fast

And every day

Dies in the past


Earth is broken

The skies shatter

Ground splits open

Swallows matter


All is gone

As is its fate

A futile pawn

In checkmate


All will die

And all will fall

For drawing neigh

Is our downfall


We are passing

As a train

Never lasting

We are vain


Life is spent

Time has slipped

A garment rent

Torn and ripped


So what do we do

With this futile life

Can we make it thru

This pain and strife?


There is a hope and dream

Beneath the beating sun

No matter what it may seem

He’s the Everlasting One.


Flame of Passion

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Finding none to be deserving

Of my love and desire

Than He who I am serving

With my passion set a-fire


Seeing none as being rightful

To receive all of my praise

I find it much delightful

To worship Him all my days


Worthy, none are found

To undertake His name

We all fall to the ground

As humbly, we proclaim


You are the mighty one

You are holy still

You are God's own son

Prophesy fulfilled


We are less than capable

Of beholding your beauty

You choose to dwell in our souls

So we may know You truly


With You we become one

As You dwell in our hearts

In the flame of passion

We are then broken apart


You melt into our being

You open our blinded eyes

Now we are truly seeing

Our hearts becoming wise


From You nothing is hidden

All is open to Your sight

All the shadows are ridden

With Your blinding light


Your are searching deep

Into the depths of our souls

Like water that does seep

Filling up our open holes


We are touched as we try

To with You become one

To our flesh we now die

In Your flame of passion.


Ladder of Deceit

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


The lies of a fool

Are as a hammer

Each lie is a tool

Building a ladder


Rungs of deceit

Made by his hands

His own two feet

On it do stand


The ladder is tall

The ladder's a-sway

From it he’ll fall

If he follows the way


And swaying indeed

Shall it fall upon him

To death it shall lead

For deception is sin


A trap is his mouth

That He sets for himself

He won't escape out

Of the pit which he dwells


A deep stairwell

Founded on trickery

Bidding farewell

To he who misleads


Only truth will free

Him from his own chains

Only then will he be

Free from death's pains


Gossip and slander

Will no longer be

His might and power

His everything


So remember that as

The lies of a fool are

Like the pit and trap

Keep away, stay far


So watch what you say

And watch your two feet

Be sure and keep away

From the Ladder of Deceit.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


In a flame, on a candlestick

In the sun so shining bright

A burning fire upon a wick

The radiance of golden light


We are guilded as we gather

Around the table of cheer

With all the things we’d rather

Do, yet we are here


With the ones that we love

And the ones that love us too

And the Father God above

As the center of all we do


For all are joined as one

In the light of the menorah

With the dreidles and fun

And the sweetness of Torah


The sufganiot we all enjoy

We eat latkes ‘round the table

We sing sweet songs of joy

Telling tales of truth and fable


Peace is flowing thru the house

Love is burning like a flame

Joy is showing forth in shouts

As in our praise we proclaim


That Yahweh reigns on high

He’s our great deliverer

By His hand we did not die

For He is our preserver


Through all the battles waged

We won by Yahweh’s hand

Even when the enemy raged

By His strength we stand


Nothing can take us

No one can break us

We stand strong as a tree

When all else forsakes us

Endless we raise up

A shout of victory


We will persist and we will go on

We will not turn from the way

Even when the light of our dawn

Sets, we give thanks to Yahweh.


Look for Me

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Look for me in the wind and rain

In the gentle breeze and clouds

Look for me in trials through pain

And as you seek, I'll seek you out


Look for me when things are right

Love and unity surround like a wall

But keep me in your precious sight

When everything around you falls


Look for me during times of peace

As brethren dwell and joy abounds

Look for me in wars without cease

When times of rest cannot be found


Look for me when seeking wisdom

In the path of finding what's true

Look for me if answers won't come

And I will grant my wisdom to you


Look for me in joy and gladness

In every blessing which I bestow

Look for me in grief and sadness

When all that you can feel is woe


Look for me in the light of day

As safety guilds you as a crown

Look for me if darkness weighs

Look for me, but don't look down


Look for me in the depthless skies

Where bird and eagle freely soar

Look for me where the ocean lies

Resting its head upon the shore


Look for me in the raging gorge

On every river dancing with joy

Look for me in the sunset orange

As it fulfills its God-given ploy


Look for me in the mighty mountains

On ev'ry cliff I've set in its place

Look for me in the thriving fountains

Look for me, and seek my face


Look for me, dear son and child

Following in my ways and paths

Look for me waiting all the while

And you will see me gazing back!


Man of Mystery

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I am the whisper in the breeze

I am the cloud from whence it came

I am the water in the seas

I am the horizons thinning plain


I am the sunset doomed to die

I am the midnight flame a-flare

I am the diamond-studded sky

I am the cool, brisk evening air


I am the waking morning glow

I am the broken sunrise glass

I am the new days hasty flow

I am the dew upon the grass


I am the bird, I am the nest

I am the sweet song that it sings

I am the earths eternal rest

I am the new life that it brings


I am the river and the stream

I am the water in their hold

I am its tranquil, lucid gleam

I am the rapids raging bold


I am the fish in playful flight

I am life in bounteous measure

I am the deers enduring might

I am the forests unmet pleasure


I am the seamless heaven-portal

I am the golden atmosphere

I am the face of the mountain mortal

I am the skys first falling tear


I am the scent, I am the smell

I am the flower and its blush

I am the trees and leaves that fell

I am the winds sweet, solemn hush


I am the storm, I am the calm

I am the wind, I am the rain

I am the bending, waving palm

I am natures commanding reign


I am the basis of the earth

I am the dust, I am the sea

I am treasure, I am worth

I am the Man of Mystery.


Natures Gold

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Light, so perfect in nature

Bright, in every which way

Night, scatters like vapor

As light, sheds pure rays


Piercing the shadows

Shattering the dawn

Thrusting like arrows

Bleeding light all upon


Precious gift from above

Blessing all who are below

Flying like a gentle dove

Granting life to all bestow


Revealing as truth in store

Aiding blinded eyes to see

Yah’s creation all the more

Giving life to those in need


Into dark thus it shines

Through shadows aplenty

Vast radiance that blinds

Robbing darkness empty


Corners once clouded

With blanketing shade

Now become crowded

With brightness’ raid


A sword blazing clear

In the openness of day

Striking endless fear

To all in darkness lay


But a safeguard to those

Living amongst the light

In what they are clothed

Encircled by bountiful life


Immense luminosity

A power beyond compare

Endowment for all to see

A greatness that is fair


But higher than any portrayal

Of what this stands to behold

Is He who has never so failed

To grant to us Nature’s Gold.


Ode to a King

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I speak it thru peace and quiet

Bless the name Yeshua!

I shout it thru the raging riot

Bless the name Yeshua!


I sing it in the noonday air

Bless the name Yeshua!

I utter it most everywhere

Bless the name Yeshua!


Thru my joy and in my laughter

Bless the name Yeshua!

Amidst my sadness, even after

Bless the name Yeshua!


I confess it in my midday prayers

Bless the name Yeshua!

Aside from all my thoughts and cares

Bless the name Yeshua!


As a whisper in a gentle hush

Bless the name Yeshua!

A lyrical, quick flowing rush

Bless the name Yeshua!


As often as the morning new

Bless the name Yeshua!

In everything for him I do

Bless the name Yeshua!


In my spoken word and silence

Bless the name Yeshua!

In the calm and thru all violence

Bless the name Yeshua!


In life and death, all circumstance

Bless the name Yeshua!

With all my breath, and in my dance

Bless the name Yeshua!


Forever and again, I say

Bless the name Yeshua!

In silent prayer as I pray

Bless the name Yeshua!


No matter if I feel or not

Bless the name Yeshua!

Even thru the battle fought

Bless the name Yeshua!



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


You bless Hashem

Yet you turn from his ways

I ask, How then?

Are you favored by Yahweh?


If you seek Gods will

Follow his commands

Only then will he fulfill

And exact his plans


But if you blatantly refuse

The truth he has in store

Then how can Yahweh use

You to do anything more?


A blessing and a curse

He sets before us now

The blessing, if we learn

The curse, if we turn down


Such simplicity is within

What he commanded for us

The curse comes with sin

The blessing with his Torah


He wills for us to prosper

When we follow in his path

Yahweh alone is the Father

And were his children that


He loves to bless and water

As we grow strong in his ways

For he is the almighty potter

And we are as formless clay


A chosen nation set apart

Are what we are in Christ

From Egypt he took us far

To live holy set apart lives


So why do we go on living

Apart from Yahwehs laws?

If we carry on pretending

From his branch well be cut off


You look but you do not see

You follow with blinded eyes

I rebuke, turn back to Yahweh

Or in end, you shall justly die.


Return to Me

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Why? Oh why?

We question why

That in your sight

We fall and we die


Our enemies scorn

They laugh in disdain

Our nation is torn

As we cry out in pain


Would you consider?

That we are your own

We have grown bitter

As we ache and moan


We were as sheep

In your tender herd

Now we are weak

And broken and hurt


Our cries of despair

Fall to the ground

Is anyone there?

Is there hope to be found?


We sit in our sorrow

In sackcloth and ashes

No hope of tomorrow

Our past is but flashes


But then Yahweh

Begins to speak clear

And what he’s to say

Puts our hearts in fear


“You deserted the path

That I told you to do

You’ve turned my wrath

Once more upon you


Your sin I can't stand

And your righteous deeds

I have turned my hand

And my ear from your pleads


But if you’ll go from

Your old wicked ways

And receive my Son

Again, you’ll find grace.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Death’s broken shadow

Falls over the land

The earth is made fallow

And none can stand


The light is now faded

All goodness has left

The morning is raided

In every single cleft


The world slumbers on

Unaware with no cares

Like a motionless faun

Into blankness it stares


Poisoned in blindness

Numb to these feelings

Enduring in blitheness

Complacent in dealings


They walk and talk

Pretending all’s fine

Ignoring the shock

That comes in time


But you can't ignore

What’s real and what’s true

There is still a war

That’s fighting ‘gainst you


For if you just go on

Ignoring the fact

That your own dawn

Has turned black


In time you will die

Fade like a breeze

And question why

Did I choose ease?


When I could’ve lived

For a purpose, an intention

Instead all I would give

Was the very least pension


So when the shadows fall

Upon your barren waste-land

Give everything, your all

So in time to come you'll stand.


Strings of Melody

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Once upon a crack in time

When love was yet fulfilled

There were melodies in rhyme

In the silence ever stilled


Truth had been but fable yet

In the world of youthliness

For into motion all were set

Life remained in the Abyss


None were found guiltless still

For all had fallen far below

Redemption would not come until

Mercy show for all to know


For love was but a melody

As faded echoes in the still

Had not come for all to see

Til prophesy would be fulfill


The lovely sound of His voice

Shattered thru the atmosphere

Love was shown by a choice

So that all could now draw near


To the spotless Lamb of God

Cleansed of all impurity

So on the Road we may trod

Toward the wedding Jubilee


Where there will be joy at last

Free from sin and free from pain

Where before His throne we’ll cast

Praises to His holy name


And as we shout to Him on high

Our praises rise to Him alone

As melodies flowing in one cry

Incense burning on His throne


For our voices are as instruments

Strings of melody and song

That have not been ever since

The beginning of the rising throng


But ever still they echo on

Resounding in the halls of time

To our God they rightly belong

Strings of melody and rhyme.


Tears From Heaven

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


As the rain on-pours

I think of the seas

That laps the shores

And meets the breeze


But as I imagine

My vision does wane

I cannot fathom

What really is rain?


It hails in downfalls

It sheds in white sleet

So softly it crowns all

Thru cold and in heat


Some count it a blessing

Rained down from above

So sweet and refreshing

Like a heaven-sent dove


It fills the rivers

With waters anew

Pouring in slivers

And streams of dew


Heaven’s sweet mist

Embraces the earth

A supple brazen kiss

Of priceless worth


New life it brings

To every creation

Upon all things

Is found its libation


But amidst the skies

Is hidden God’s face

He weeps and he cries

For our own embrace


He mourns in the rain

For his sons and daughters

His sorrow and his pain

Is shown through rainwaters


Still his love does endure

In the skies that are clouded

In the heavens mixed a-blur

Yes in it his love is shrouded.


The Beholder

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


But what is beauty?

In the eye of him

Who seeks it truly

A priceless gem


A pearl of value

To be so desired

For it shall you

Give all required


And what is creed?

Of he who follows

His yearning to be

All that he knows


To seek hard after

His path of choice

Pursuing his aspir-

Ation with all joys


What to one may be

Of heartfelt intent

Another might see

Of pure insolence


What is to a man

The love of his life

Another one can

Deem as not right


And what is to one

His heart’s longing

Another will shun

Thinking it wrongly


But who can judge

Another man’s soul?

His heart, his love

His purpose and goal


So this must we ask

Are we looking inside?

Do we seek to grasp

What another holds high?


Despite right or wrong

Stronger, wiser or older

True beauty lies upon

The eye of the beholder.


The Cry of Our Brothers

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Deep is calling out to all

Is calling out to deep

The voices of our brothers call

Can't you hear them weep?


From the farthest stretches

Of the ground is heard a cry

But our nation of wretches

Ignores them as they die


Our children stand by day

Yet are slaughtered in the night

Helpless victims are they

Who are defenseless in the fight


Their blood screams for justice

From the grave of innocence

For the fateful judgment of this

Nation will lie in our sins


We are doomed beyond return

For the blood that we have shed

For all the souls that once did yearn

To live, but now are dead


Our hands are stained crimson

Our feet wade in their blood

We are drowning deep in sin

As we're caught up in the flood


And yet we boast in freedom still

When freedom forms a chain

That bonds our hands as we kill

All in freedom's holy name


Our kingdom soon shall fall

As divided does it stand

For we have come to a wall

Of judgment on our land


Even though we had the chance

To turn once more to You

We through every circumstance

Rejected what was true


So let us now incline our ears

To hear our brothers’ cry

Let us turn back all the years

That the innocent did die.


The Day I Died

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Once upon a time ago

When I was of my own

My savior I did not know

I was king upon my throne


I followed none, I listened not

To what the people said

I did not know the fight I fought

Would soon find me dead


I went along with the flow

That spread far from the river

I did not know where it would go

Down my spine was sent a shiver


I followed down a road of fright

For little I could see

But I could see my end in sight

No hope of eternity


The road lead to where I dreaded

A placer of death and doom

I soon knew where I was headed

Was where my death did loom


No matter where I did turn

I could not escape out

Of the fire which I would burn

No one would hear my shout


Now had come my demise

My end was near in sight

Darkness filled up my skies

Until there was no light


I groped for breath

For breath I had not

Here was my death

The battle’d been fought


But then my savior came

To die within my place

I’d never be the same

After I saw his face


But still upon that day

To myself I said goodbye

Though in a different way

To myself I did die.


The Gift of Life

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


As fragile as glass

Is life’s gentle touch

In time it does pass

But loved is it much


It comes and it goes

It lasts in our hearts

As the wind it blows

But painf’lly it parts


Some take it for granted

This thing we call life

As a tree that is planted

Ignored and walked by


While some seek to steal

What’s not justly theirs

They murder and kill

With no thought or cares


And still they go on

They walk their own way

The suns sets upon

Their guilt and their pain


They live and endure

Through the shadow of tears

Their mind is a blur

As they go through the years


And it all began

When they gave up the gift

They left their stand

And they fell off the cliff


Yes, life is so precious

A gift from above

‘Twas for us to relish

And giv’n out of love


For upon the cross

 Laid our precious savior

His life was at loss

So that he could save ours


So just remember this

As you go upon your way

That life is as a gift

That is given by Yahweh.


The History Writer

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Through silent word

By unsaid thought

By dreams unheard

History is wrought


Through actions vast

And measures small

By works of the past

Is fashioned our call


Through chances taken

Our hope hasn’t waned

By credence unforsaken

Our vision is sustained


Such has been our way of life

To control our own destiny

Bringing only pain and strife

Unhappiness and misery


As we've forsaken God our Lord

So he's forsaken us likewise

We fall by the sharpened sword

Under the bloodstained skies


We thought our future we knew

As a potter at the wheel

But stubbornly our nation grew

Openly welcoming Sheol


For of nothing we are capable

With not the strength given us

By God Hashem all powerful

Mighty, great and always just


We are humble vessels through

Which his glory is displayed

For our destiny’s to humbly do

Everything he has conveyed


We are weak and he is strong

We are few and he is great

Let us praise him just as long

As he directs our given fate


Though we are builders of time

Striving to make darkness lighter

Our flame has but little shine

Compared to the History Writer.


The Light of God

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


The tears I have cried

In my sorrow and mourn

Flow deep and wide

From my heart that is torn


Gathered are my tears

In a bottle of glass

From all of the years

Now withered like grass


Darkness shadows

The light of your face

The ground fallows

And lessens my pace


Now my feet stumble

As I go on ahead

I ache and I grumble

I am all but dead


I fight through the trees

To find where you are

I swim through the seas

To search near and far


But when my heart cries

You hear my every prayer

I look for your eyes

To know that you're there


Your love has washed me

And cleansed my being

I'm bathed in your mercy

And becoming clean


For you have rescued

My soul from sure death

My heart is renewed

I'm breathing new breath


You were the comfort

Whenever I cried

For you are my lover

You're on my side


So now I can walk

With God in my sight

With him I can talk

I walk in his light.


The Name

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans

Based off of Exodus 34 verses 5-7


Hashem, Hashem

The name above all

Once and again

It was said to recall


His love and mercy

To forgive every sin

Taking all misdeeds

Casting them to wind


A compassionate God

Is our savior Yahweh

Temptation he does not

Set in the sinner’s way


Slow to anger is he

Gracious and kind

To him who seeks

The truth will he find


Preserver of kindness

To a thousand generations

Clothed with highness

Standing over the nations


Forgiver of offense

Both known and accidental

He who does cleanse

Imperfection from our souls


So sacred is his name

For any mouth to confess

No man shall take in vain

But surely, he shall bless


Too great to be spoken

From lips without honor

It shall not be broken

With curses lain on ‘er


For he is high above

Every mortal man

Gentle as a dove

Peaceful as a lamb


And to anyone who calls

On his name will be saved

Bestowed with life eternal

He who trusts in The Name.


The New I Am

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I've left the man that I once was

To find the Man of my Dreams

My mind is a blur, a mist, a fuzz

The world is not what it seems


I've taken the road few have gone

A path of much uncertainty

The journey of love I've set upon

To find truth in this mystery


My past has forsaken my life

My present lies charred in the flame

My future is broken in strife

And I will never be quite the same


For I am changed beyond return

To a man that lives for one cause

I've gone thru flame without a burn

And I run without wait or pause


The race is set before my feet

The road lies open to me

But will I stand amidst the heat

In blindness will I see?


So many questions unanswered

As a road block on my way

No clues left, and not a word

No one to lead me every day


I question "Did I choose right?

And follow the true way to go?

Did I keep my Savior in sight?

Or only seek what I know?"


These questions, they haunt me

As I walk and as I sleep

I think of Hashem and all that He

Commanded me to keep


Sorrowf'lly I turn my face away

As He looks at me in love

Ashamed that I had turned astray

From the Father God above


He tells me of the man I was

And reminds me of the Lamb

Now I return to Him because

I'm becoming The New I Am.


The One of Old

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


To every weak and weary soul

There is one who is strong

He will heal and make you whole

All the weak to him belong


To every man and child alike

Suff'ring from a painful loss

There is one who offers life

He gave his own upon a cross


To every broken-hearted one

Torn within and wounded deep

There is one who gave his son

To die for you, your soul to keep


To every man wandering

Striving hard to find whats true

To every one thats pondering

There is one who offers truth


To every fallen child of God

There is hope to find the light

No matter where he has trod

There is peace amidst the fight


To every person filled with fear

Crying aloud all night through

There is one whos always near

Hell never leave or forsake you


To every woman still unsure

Of who or what is real in life

There is one whose love is pure

With pow'r to overcome strife


To every lost soul searching hard

In the maze of space and time

There is one whos never far

For he who seeks will truly find


To every youth at deaths last stand

Prepared to let it slip away

There is one who holds out his hand

To rescue those in death's sway


He is the ancient of days

Whom the prophets foretold

He is worthy of our praise

He's the mighty One of Old.


The Road of Life

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I was driving on a road one day

Just singing a song

Not caring bout the words I’d say

I was just going along


I passed beside the signs

Not caring what they said

I kept straight to the lines

Just driving on ahead


My mind was of my own

I ignored all the people

There I was, all alone

As I drove by a steeple


I looked high up at it

I didn’t think very much

In my seat I still did sit

I reached for the clutch


But my hand was drawn aback

When I heard a strange voice

Into my seat I then sat back

I listened without a choice


He spoke so soft and kind

His words were of pure gold

He spoke into my mind

And I listened to what he told


I hadn’t thought or question

Of who or what he was

I knew he was from heaven

I knew it just because


He held me in his tender grip

Protecting like a wall

He was a lighthouse to my ship

When I was in a squall


I followed him then onwards

As he lead me on his road

I can't describe in any words

The love to me he showed


My savior turned me around

When I didn’t have a clue

His great love I truly found

And he gave me life anew.


The Squirrel

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Once upon a time

On a day within the spring

In a lovely paradise

Lived a squirrel, in a tree


This squirrel was like any other

He gathered nuts as he went out

He had a father and a mother

Whom he cared very much about


Now it happened upon one day

In this family of loving squirrels

That the child ventured to say

Father, I wish to see the world.


So the father, though sadly

Permitted his son to go

And in tears, with the family

Bid his son well on road


Days preceded days

Months followed months

He gained the praise

Of those he was amongst


He lived in mock rejoicing

With many friends indeed

With pride and in boasting

Over his sworn enemies


But a day did finally come

When he in bliss freedom

Found himself stuck among

A trap he couldnt free from


His friends did quickly scatter

Leaving him with no word

He cried aloud, but no matter

How loud, he was not heard


He recalled his fathers words

Among all in life, find truth

Truth will set you free, so learn

Binding cords it will loose.


Now as he cried, close nearby

Among the trees in the forest

Was one who heard his cry

One who truly cared for him


His father had kept a close eye

His every move he watched

He had beheld him in his sight

As he slept, and he walked


When he heard this loud shout

He quickly ran to his sons side

From the trap he pulled him out

And saved his sons dear life


But in saving his sons life

Far into the trap he slipped

He carried his sons plight

Just so his son might live


The squirrel stood in wonder

Astounded at what hed done

His father laid there under

The trap of his transgression


He cried there unendingly

He wept the tears of repentance

Realizing how horrendously

His father paid for his sentence


He deeply mourned for his father

Remaining there three long days

He went, and brought his mother

Finding none, where he once lay!


They searched, but found no one

In the forest, far, deep, and wide

They grieved, the mother and son

For both husband and father died


They began to leave for home

In spirits of sadness and dismay

They returned to their tree alone

Wishing vainly hed not gone away


They entered their lonely tree

Expecting not to find any there

But what their eyes beheld to see

Was something they could not bear


What beheld they in their sight

Was not father, husband, or friend

But a redeemer clothed in white

Who loved them both unto the end.


The Three Sons

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


A Father had three sons

He loved them all the same

And to each and every one

He gave them their own name


The first he named Tzaeyutan

He loved him very much so

And every day that he grew on

His Father helped him grow


Tzaeyutan loved his Father too

And deep from his heart did he

Follow what he told him to do

And his Father he was pleased


The second son was unlike he

In many, many ways

His given name was Anokeyee

He always disobeyed


And though he truly knew

His Father’s love was great

He defied what he said to do

Taking for granted his grace


His Father did still love him

But broken was his heart

He tried to keep him ‘way sin

But Anokeyee did depart


The third son wasn’t like the two

Not like his fellow brothers

His Father’s way he swore to do

But he didn’t love the others


He followed all the ways

That his own Father gave

But then he turned away

From his Father that day


His name was Rabbinei

He was strict and unkind

He walked the Father’s way

But no favor did he find


Now you’ve heard the story told

Of the Father’s sons three

And the roads that they followed

But which son will you be?


The Wind Whispers

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Solemn, sweet whispers

I hear through the breeze

It fades and it withers

Yet remains like the seas


It tells of great things

That no one has heard

The song that it sings

Hold wond'rous words


All the myst’ries within

Fill my heart with wonder

For these sacred winds

Have never gone asunder


Ancient like mountains

Enduring as the sun

Flowing like fountains

Evermore on the run


It shouts and it speaks

It brings on the tide

It cries and it shrieks

It flows deep and wide


As strong as an urge

That’s pushing you forth

With every strong surge

That flows from the north


Comes the breath of God

His voice, his utterance

His strong prevailing rod

His lasting governance


Great and commanding

Still soft as a lovesong

Forever-long standing

Has never gone wrong


And in it he speaks

His love for mankind

He looks and he seeks

He searches and finds


For his Spirit inhabits

The wind like many rivers

It flows and it crashes

But oh, the wind whispers.


Unfailing Love

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


My heart is overwhelmed

By this unfailing love

Of what it is, I cannot tell

Or what it is made of


All I know is that He gives

It when I don’t deserve

It is the reason why I live

And why I choose to serve


To serve Yahweh for all my days

Obeying His commands

It's for His love I offer praise

And why in Him I stand


This love surpasses all

Mankind has ever known

That even when we fall

His kindness is still shown


But quick to bring us to our knees

When in lofty pride we boast

Just as the ocean fills the seas

But halts abruptly at the coast


It’s endless and forever

A love beyond compare

He offers it whenever

We feel He is not there


So every time I’m sad

And no one cares for me

I’m angry and I’m mad

His love does set me free


It never goes away

I can feel it in my soul

I thank Him when I pray

His love makes me whole


And for His love do I

Press on in knowing Him

For all my sins He died

That my soul He’d win


So as I live in sight

Of the Father God above

His love I don’t take light

Oh, His Unfailing Love.


Walking with Him

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Every day is a gift I give

That you may greatly prosper

But this I ask, will you live

In all the ways of the Father?


Yes you praise and glorify me

And love me with your heart

So open up your eyes and see

The path that I have set apart


These I have commanded you

To follow with all your being

So start afresh this morning new

Lift up your voice and to me sing


Give me glory in more than just

Singing songs and bringing praise

Turn away from your sinful lust

And follow me for all your days


I wish to see you prosper in

Everything you do for me

But how so? If still in sin

You vainly try to be pleasing


My ways are to safeguard you

If you will firmly safeguard them

So walk in them to faithf’lly do

And youll be blessed by Hashem


But there is more than what it seems

In these ways that Ive laid down

To follow them through loving me

And daily laying down your crown


Do not think that you are redeemed

Through any works of your own

Or by any way that you have deemed

For its only by Gods blood alone


He is the only rightful way

That we can come before his face

Its not by anything we say

Its only by his love and his grace


There is nothing that we can do

In works or obedience to him

But its only by and in and thru

His blood that we are washed from sin.


We Said We Said

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


We said, “God won't care

If we sin this one time”

We said, “He’s not here

Why should God mind?”


We said, “We’ve no need for

His ways in our lives”

We said, “He’s no more

For to us he has died”


We said, “He’s forsaken us!

He’s brought us here to die

At least being the slaves of

Egypt, we ate and survived”


We said, “Moses has gone

So make us idols of stone”

We said, “For there is none

To lead us, we’re all alone”


We said, “Give us a king

To justly rule our land

Like the nations we’ll be

For then, we will stand”


We said, “These prophets

These prophets shall die!

They’re liars and scoffers

Of a king, prophesying”


A king who will reign

Over all of creation

A kingdom he’ll bring

To rule all the nations


We said, “This Yeshua

Claiming to be Adonai

This King, the Jews of

He shall be crucified!”


We rebelled we turned away

From Hashem the Lord God

Still for us, God died to save

Man, from his wrathful rod


We said, yes, we said

But now I stand to say

Never, ever, ever again

Will we reject Yahweh.


What Hath a Man

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


What hath a man knowledge?

Hath he knowledge alone

Without the wisdom

To truly know


And what hath a man riches?

Be it riches, no more

If he hath not the richness

Of eternal store


What hath a man power?

To rule all the lands

When come final hour

He shall not stand


And what hath a man life?

Spent in vain, null and empty

If not through Jesus Christ

We are wholly redeemed


What hath a man all these?

Knowledge, riches, power, life

For death comes as a thief

To steal all that we hold tight


As fragile as a butterfly

Here one day, gone the next

Like a passing wind, is life

That’s come but now has left


A fleeting instant in infinity

A glance at a passing train

Makes us question, “What have we?

How long will we remain?”


So what really do have we?

But futile dreams and visions

Why do we so vainly seek?

In manners of self ambitions


Oh, how wretched a man

That seeks only his will

Rejecting the command

Of him, his breath he fills


Oh, how blessed a man

Hath he salvation within

Then he will fin’lly stand

With the King in heaven.


What Ive Done

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


My past has come

To haunt my heart

All that I’ve done

It tears me apart


My dreams of old

Are nightmares of present

My thoughts untold

Have come to bring torment


It’s never relenting

This torturous pain

I pray in repenting

But still it remains


The sins I’ve committed

Have poisoned me deep

My being's afflicted

I cry out and weep


In anguish and misery

Thru puddles of blood

All that is within me

Is drowned in a flood


Ev’ry dream and desire

I have had in my life

Is burnt within the fire

Of my pain and strife


I’m left to endure

This road of despair

To die is for sure

But when or where?


Misery surrounds

Like a wretched wall

I’m tied up in bounds

To the ground I fall


In brokenness I grope

My life is at a loss

But then returns the hope

Of the blessed cross


The blood that was spilt

Was the blood of God’s own Son

He washed away my guilt

And forgave all that I’ve done.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


The skies are seamless

The ground is white

The climate is ceaseless

Seems ready to fight


I look all around me

Thru the beauteous sky

Wonder churns deep

In the twinkle of my eye


I cherish the scene

As I catch my breath

So soft and serene

And so far from death


I look through the forest

In spellbound wonder

Oh how the wind flowest

From hence and sunder


It goes where its told

And stops suddenly

Bestowing white gold

Upon every tree


The breeze is a kiss

Blown upon my face

So gracefully bliss

Is its gentle embrace


The air is so chill

But sweet as a song

My breath it does fill

So I can sing 'long


Down falls the snow

From heavenly storerooms

Descending in a flow

From the cloud that looms


It blankets the ground

In long endless fleets

No blemish be found

Upon these bles't sheets


Oh, this winter season

Above all, beyond compare

And It's the only reason

That springtime is so fair.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


The heavens shatter in anticipation

The skies grow cold with their tears

The rivers crash on, in fear they run

For the Wait held back in these years


The trees fade like the flowers of field

The rocks cry out to the ground

The desert blooms with no hope of yield

And the birds go on without sound


In restless onslaught the wind whips

Cascading through echoes and screams

The mountains crumble as water rips

Through the violent dashes of streams


Clouds gather in great fields of gray

Turbines of fusion rage through

The seas writhe all through the day

As ever their strength they renew


The towering skies are mixed a blur

As crashes of light break the dawn

Calamity strikes untamed as it were

Till all peace as we know it is gone


The Seals are broken in final recall

For judgment will reign on the earth

The nations rage and so will they all

When their portion will be but mirth


For dreams may come and times pass

In the shadow of what is still to be

But the essence of truth shall ever last

Though the eyes of men fail to see


For listening still, they shall not hear

And walking, they will turn away

In the paths of unrest they shall fear

And in revile, go upon their way


For upon the storm of justice He rides

To deliver the wicked their due

But the righteous who in Him confides

Shall be washed thru and thru


All those who endure He will reward

For those who in Him are found

Sin and death'll be put to the sword

When the bells of time resound.


In The Waiting

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Today I face the world anew

But find myself drawn back

There is much that I could do

But my vision is in lack


Today I join the battle rage

Beneath the wind-torn sun

It seems that I am in a cage

And there's little to be done


I feel the goal within my reach

I taste the victory

The will of God do I beseech

To be all I can be


I hunger for the truth indeed

And seek to be approved

I see the vision and I plead

I'll not be illy moved


But as the vision fills my heart

My mind comes to a still

As north and south are torn apart

So my mind is 'gainst my will


I see the path is set before

But cannot set upon

My destiny I can't ignore

But nor can I go on


I'm torn between the now and then

And all that's in the middle

The question of time is truly, when?

But it still remains a riddle


It's like I'm falling farther from

Where I first began

My song's dimmed to but a hum

And I'm doing all I can


But all I can is good enough

When waiting seems the longer

Measures that are truly tough

Will only make you stronger


And stronger still will you endure

The trials that are fading

Seeing clear, you know for sure

Your calling in the waiting.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I felt it come so dreadful still

Like poison to my heart

It slowly crept against my will

And painf'ly tore me 'part


I tried to fight it off of me

But it would not let go

I cried until I could not see

And it continued to grow


It hit me hard as brick or stone

And it would not stay ‘way

I wanted just to be left alone

But it kept on in its way


For my regrets, like crimson red

Have stained my soul scarlet

They killed inside till I was dead

And would not let me forget


There was nothing to be done

And not a word to speak

There was no place I could run

For I was far too weak


I tried and I tried to leave them behind

But nothing could seem to redeem

They left my soul with no hope to find

And I became lost in a dream


And into this dream I fell in so deep

Until all my strength was far lost

For my regrets I could no longer keep

And no more could I pay the cost


A Man of Peace had come to take

The fears that for so long did reign

It was not for me nor my own sake

But because He'd suffered in pain


I came near just to know His name

And touch His hands with my own

From that time on I was not the same

For this Man was a man I had known


He was the one who shattered my fears

And threw my regrets to the wind

He was the Man, who thru all the years

Forgave me whenever I sinned.


Sea Of Fears

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I stood by the waters and watched for the tide

To carry my fears to the sea

I scanned 'cross the ocean, how far, how wide

And begged for it to take me


The waves broke the shore as if to say

"The time is near for your end"

It battled the wind thru night and day

Deflecting the attacks it'd send


I stood by the waters, my soul at its edge

My tears mixed in with the flows

The shore it at all, was little a hedge

The fend off the ear-piercing blows


The sparkle and shine, their luster had lost

The glass, long shattered had stood

The wind-whipped cascades, ever toss'd

Lay broken beneath heaven's hood


My heart if still, would these reflect

Weighed down by the darkening sun

Crashing at long, and far from perfect

At best, as the blood-stained horizon


So there I stood, the wind in my hair

Still failing to see through the gray

Though having sought long it wasn't there

The ship that would take me away


Long dead were my hopes, and soon would I be

Were not faith to shatter the sky

My vision was blurring to where I couldn't see

And all I could question was why


Then across the horizon I saw a ship

That embedded in me such desire

Past the storms and waves did it slip

'Cross the horizon blazing with fire


All of a sudden from out of the blue

The storm and waves were at peace

The now-silent air, how ever it grew

Twas as calm as the autumn breeze


I knew right then this ship came for me

Twas for it I had waited all these years

For once in a lifetime I felt truly free

Now that the ship had taken my fears.


The Colors Of Love

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


The colors of love, a picture paint

Diverse and skilled, it flows

Bright and pure, still ever quaint

On canvas that ever grows


Truth and justice are the brush

The heart, the palette within

Slow and gentle the colors rush

Across the horizons of men


Enduring it lasts above all else

To speak of the memories of old

The heart's intent surely it tells

With hope love never grows cold


For love will not fail in doing good

As sure as the sun in the sky

To turn from the day if ever it could

In truth, shall it break if it try


The rays of love emblazon the dawn

Like shadows, all else disappear

Nothing is left but the essence upon

Which love has dispelled ev'ry fear


For where love is no fear shall be found

In the company of Him we adore

All our despair is brought to the ground

As we come to know Him more and more


Love shall not be quenched by flame

Nor drowned by waters or wind

In love is no hurt, nor envy or shame

But is open to all who have sin'd


It trickles like water to those in need

And brings life wherever it shall go

It searches until it finds ready seed

And in mercy will it help it to grow


The colors of love infuse the new day

With speckles of truth in-between

How majestic it tis a marv'lous array

Like the day, it's for all to be seen


For life is the plain of love's masterpiece

The window of God's home above

Forever it lasts, and it shall not cease

To shine forth His true colors of love.


The Final Cause

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Everlast, the fears have come

To take me from your way

The feeling's gone, I am numb

And I've no words to say


The time is ticking down to par

And drawing near to close

Though time is short, it is far

As the distant past grows


The reasons are becoming clear

Of the things still to be done

Just as the changing atmosphere

Of the heavens stained with sun


The daylight flitters like a flame

But soon shall be erased

Until the moon is full in fame

With doom, light is faced


The heavens tremble as they stir

The ground is growing cold

The time of judgment is for sure

As was prophesied of old


For waiting still, creation groans

For the day of heaven's peace

But violence utters from the thrones

Of the King's sworn enemies


For much is still to be fulfilled

Before that awesome day

And much blood is to be spilled

In preparing the way


The final cause is heaven's goal

As bread is to the baker

The Spirit of God is to the soul

As man is to his Maker


And for the purpose of His name

We are brought forth in power

For we were made to proclaim

The great need of this hour


There are souls that ever wait

And travail as they yearn

But none can yet deny the fate

Of the day of His return.


Timeless Bounds

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Everything with bounds are tied

Imprisoned in the now

For even life to death has died

As low, it's made to bow


Yes life is to its limit held

And no one can resist

Even nature is compelled

To succumb to this


The forests stretch heavenward

Yet are consumed in flame

The mountains soar like the bird

Yet crumble all the same


The fingered fields touch the sky

But yield come harvest tide

The rain thunders in boastful cry

Yet is purged from its abide


The oceans ever wage their war

To conquer all it meets

But bounds are set upon the shore

To quell the rising fleets


Even earth and sky are chained

To stay within their abode

For the sky in its trying feigned

In straying far from its road


And gravity in barrier still

Has labored in its upward climb

Ev'ry stride up sky-bound hill

Has ever run since birth of time


And as all come to their demise

With staff in hand or hence unprepared

To take Death's hand and meet her eyes

In bounds of life, how have men faired?


Were their lives so vainly spent?

Or worth the Cause, in end to pay

For all will soon come to judgment

On that great and terrible day


These are questions of the past

But are true in the present grounds

Which forever will always last

To find us in these timeless bounds.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


I am a blind man on a road

But I don't walk the road of the blind

I follow the paths my God has showed

For as I seek, the truth shall I find


I am a deaf man listening hard

But I don't listen to what the deaf speak

My ears are open but under guard

So always and ever I will remain meek


I am a foreigner in this strange land

But I don't come as a stranger to You

I walk in Your shadow led by Your hand

For as I trust You'll guide me through


I am one thirsty for water to drink

But I do not thirst for what is dry

I search not for oceans that I may sink

But only for what will truly satisfy


I am but dry bones needful of breath

But I do not seek what's empty within

I seek for life which conquers death

But I do not seek for what's uncertain


I am a servant of the true one above

But I don't serve as if I were enslaved

My whole desire is to serve out of love

For from the Pits my soul was saved


I am but nothing with no one to lead

As a stumbling man do I continue on

The voice of my Father I solely heed

Thru trials and failures I have gone


I am a flower of the blanketed fields

Dieing and passing my beauty is vain

My heart lies dejected with no shields

Yet still comes the day flowing with rain


All I have ever desired has left

For desire itself has fallen from me

My soul confides deep in the cleft

Of the Rock of the great Almighty


So as I go on in the storms of life

Thru wind and rain, fire and dust

My Savior is here amid the strife

As all along I am learning to trust.


War Of The Elements

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


'Midst the sun's gemmed tomb

In the youth of night's soar

Past the dim haze's loom

Play the Elements in war


The heavens are cloaked

And the seas turn to fields

The flames of grey, stoked

Re-gather their shields


With the brilliant light staves

And its twin-echoed cry

Its time-scarred hand craves

For his enemies to die


With the falling on-pour

Of its endless inflictance

The clapping encore

Of its enemy's resistance


And the e'er rippling clouds

In tremendous discord

Now the land lies in shrouds

As in waging, its war'd


While the ocean lies tattered

Self-inflicted by glass

That's so long been shattered

By the winds that pass


And the gusts blow like sand

In a glorious crusade

Their swords raised in hand

With a stinging blade


They're met by the trees

In unmoving stance

Hence stops the breeze

Given no chance


Then comes the quiet

Peacemaker of all

Stilling the riot

And embattl'd squall


It's made to be clear

And to rest all's brought

For right now and here

The battle's been fought.


Wisdom's Call

A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


Wisdom sought for one to find

But no one heard Her call

For the eyes of men were blind

And stumbling did they fall


But still She shouted in the street

Raising Her voice all the more

But Her cries were met with frail defeat

As fighting, She lost in the war


The chiefs of the land mocked in disdain

Despising Her calls to return

For all She had done was done in vain

As no one from evil would turn


The house of Truth was consumed in flame

And Wisdom to death was condemned

From mem'ry of old was blotted Her name

By the ones She had once called friend


Though value was Hers, none took heed

But burnt it within all that she kept

The hearts of men were fill'd with greed

As into their minds pride had crept


She was led to face Her given demise

Oblivious to all She'd once known

Her face was toward the heav'nly skies

Striving to see mercy's throne


Her captors led on with no feeling of guilt

For the sacrifice about to take place

The time drew near for Her blood to be spilt

Peace was the expression of Her face


Placid and fervent, She gave Her life

For those who in arrogance went 'long

In all Her persistence, striving in strife

She forgave all who'd done Her wrong


Their lust for blood had been fulfilled

And to their ways they'd turned aside

Rejoicing now that Wisdom was killed

But in the hearts of men Wisdom died


Though dead She may be, She is near

Shouting Her cry thru time's hall

For She is alive in those who'll adhere

To listen to Wisdom's great call.



A Poem, By Matthew E. Kegans


The trees, the trees how they flitter with ease

As the butterfly lays there to rest

When the dance begins by the earliest breeze

How the music soars from its nest


But whence comes the music of nature's song

And who are the masters of tune?

For into this melody do all join along

To dance 'pon the floor of the moon


When the birds and bees join as one

With the wind in hottest pursuit

The ballroom is lit beneath the sun

As its rays ignite like a brute


Still even the sun in its splendor alight

Shall no sooner go than arrive

The glorious array and majestic sight

Lies dead where once it did thrive


The forests clap, their might unmet

But from where comes their strength?

Their vision dies as the sun has set

By the hand that holds days at length


And from this hand all come and go

Their destiny at its bid

Its gift to man, the rain and snow

In which the night is hid


The birth of the morn' comes flowing with rain

In depth like the thund'rous sky

But from whence has it come, or even in vain

Has it come thus far just to die?


Still just as the waters trace 'cross the line

Of the mountains perched high atop

Shall hills and valleys on boastfulness dine

When crumbling, through ages drop?


And even the decades, so wond'rous appear

Yet time comes with a sword to destroy

Mountains shall crumble and valleys revere

When history conspires through its ploy


For conspiring still, all nature relents

In doing their deeds to the full

When time has passed unto former tense

He who is, shall be undeniable.

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