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  One Step Closer

With every day that passes by,

we're one step closer to the Son.

And we’re ever getting nearer,

the battle’s almost won!

Each day we’re in a struggle with

evil forces and the human race.

But just when thing seem darkest,

we'll see His precious face!

He’ll shout, "Come up hither!"

Safe as Noah in the flood.

Our righteousness is perfected

by the shedding of His blood!

For He’s not destined us for wrath,

but salvation through His Son.

Let’s watch for His appearance, friends,

when His plan for man is done!

Peggy McIlveene

April 1, 2003


No Turning Back

Once you’ve left this mortal life,

there's no chance for a plan of attack.

For by then you’ve made your choice,

and there is no turning back.

All your good works can’t save you,

your sins are still just as black.

You must repent to Almighty God,

for there is no turning back.

When you stand before The Throne,

your works in a neat little stack.

it’ll be too late to be saved then,

for there is no turning back.

Accept Him while you have a chance,

get your life on the right track.

Once you die, it will be too late,

for there is no turning back.

Note to the unsaved or unsure…
as long as you draw breath,
there’s a chance for salvation in God’s risen Son.
Once you stand before the Throne of Yahweh,
though, there is no turning back!

Peggy McIlveene

May 15, 2003

Happy Rosh HaShana!

(Feast of Trumpets, Jewish New Year, Rapture?

1st of Tishri—September/October)

Happy New Year, Israel,

may your day be very blessed!

May you promise Yahweh this year,

to give Him all your best!

May He give you His protection,

in the Father place your trust;

and may He guard your every step,

until He comes for us!!!


Peggy McIlveene

May 8, 2003


When We Step To the Other Side

We’ll be in perfect union with Him

when we step to the Other Side.

And our Father Himself has told us

that forever with us He’ll abide!

He says He’ll wipe away all our tears

when we step to the Other Side;

that we’ll live in perfect harmony…

no prejudice, hate or pride!

We’ll finally look upon His face

when we step to the Other Side;

and our precious Savior promises

we’ll be His cherished Bride!

Peggy McIlveene

June 20, 2003


We’re Not Destined for His Wrath


We’re promised from His own sweet lips

that we’re not destined for God’s wrath;

that He’ll rescue us before that day,

if we walk on the narrow path.

We have the blessed knowledge

that our generation is the last.

We’ll be with our Groom at the Feast

when life as we know it has passed!

While on Earth, the Tribulation’s hit…

a time like has never been!

Just like they did with Noah’s ark,

they’ll try, but they won’t get in!

Don’t be among the ones left here,

make a choice for Him today!

Open your eyes, and realize,

that Jesus is the only way!

Peggy McIlveene

June 14, 2003


New Heavens & a New Earth

(Isaiah 65:17-25)

For behold, I’ll create new heavens,

and a new earth to replace the old.

From the mouth of the one true God,

these things to us were told.

And behold, I shall create Jerusalem,

to give My people eternal gladness.

And never again will we hear in her

the sounds of mourning and sadness.

For youth will live to a hundred,

old men will live out their days;

the one who does not reach a hundred,

will seem to be cursed in his ways.

We’ll build homes and live therein,

plant vineyards for fruit to eat;

and no one will take what is ours,

when Jesus takes His seat!

Before we call, He’ll answer us;

while we’re speaking, He will hear.

The wolf and lamb will graze as one,

and nothing will cause us to fear!

For behold, I’ll create new heavens,

and a new earth to replace the old.

From the mouth of the one true God,

these things to us were told.


Peggy McIlveene

July 4, 2003


Marching Toward Eternity


Time is speeding rapidly by,

we're marching toward eternity.

The Scriptures are clearer each day,

if our spiritual eyes can but see.

The signs are there for His children,

the players are on the stage.

The weather’s in sudden chaos,

folks are full of hate and rage.

The world is in moral decay,

right's called wrong, and wrong’s called right.

He’s separating the wheat from chaff,

you're either in darkness or in light.

The sides are chosen, God knows who are His,

our choice will soon be made known.

No one will be able to hide from His light,

for our motives will also be shown.

When we meet Him in the air,

we'll be happy as can be.

We’ll all be joined together as one,

marching toward eternity!

Peggy McIlveene

June 21, 2003


The Lake of Fire

When they’re before the Great White Throne,

His sacrifice ignored,

Their fate will have already been sealed,

and they’ll never again see the Lord!

Don’t wait until you’ve died, my friend,

accept His perfect sacrifice;

don’t be sent where the flame’s never quenched

and your worm will never die!

If He says to you, "Depart from Me!",

you've no one but yourself to blame!

Accept His Son and just make sure

His Book of Life contains your name!

My friends, there IS a Lake of Fire

full of flames and pain and strife...

eternity for those whose names

aren't in the Book of Life!

But you say, "Our God is only love,

He wouldn’t do that to men!"

But He sent us a way out of there;

His Son died for our sins!

He gave them chance after chance,

as long as they walked the earth.

But the wages of sin is eternal death

without receiving the Second Birth.

Peggy McIlveene


Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled away, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:11-15

But God is a loving God, how can He do such a thing to mankind?" God IS a God of love, but He is also a JUST God. From the time that Adam & Eve first sinned, sin had to be paid for. So He sent us His Son to die in our place. If we choose NOT to accept His sacrifice, eternal death is the only other answer… sin MUST be paid for somehow! The only two eternal options are eternal life (though Christ) or eternal death (by not accepting Him). But once we’ve left this life, there will no longer be any chance to accept this Sacrifice! Eternally His, Peggy.



Happy Birthday,America!!!

Dear Lord, please bless our Country,

until we leave this earth,

as promised by the Scriptures,

when we received our 2nd birth.

Please give our leaders wisdom,

and guide them in their ways.

Lord knows our dear ol’ Country

has sure seen better days!

But there are those who need You

to give a guiding hand.

So God, please bless America,

our birthplace and our land!


Peggy McIlveene

July 2, 2003


Blessed is the nation whose God is the Jehovah,
the people whom He has chosen
for His own inheritance. Psalm 33:12


The Fiery Furnace

(Daniel 3)

In Dura, a province of Babylon,

Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold

for the entire kingdom to worship,

absolutely everyone, young and old!

He said, "When they hear lots of music,

they're to instantly fall to the ground,

and worship this image that I had made,

whenever they hear this sound!

Whomever refuses to fall down to it,

shall be thrown into the furnace of fire.

Go tell everyone kingdom-wide…

their obedience this should inspire!

Some Chaldeans went to the king and said,

"There’s something that you ought to know;

three Jews won’t worship your idol, sire,

namely Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego."

The king then summoned the three of them,

and said, "Here’s your chance to make good!

I’ll throw you into the furnace of fire,

if you don’t bow down like you should!"

Then the men said, "Hey, there is NO way

we’ll bow to your idol of gold!

Our God can rescue us from the fire;

we won’t do what we are told!

They bound and threw them into the flames,

it was seven times hotter than the norm!

The king saw FOUR men walking in the flames,

and not ONE of them was harmed!

The king was shocked and called them forth

(they weren’t harmed at all that day).

The king said, "No one speak ill of their God,

only HE could deliver in this way!"

This shows you, when you go through fire,

and begin to fear and doubt,

the Lord has given us His word

that He will pull us out!

Peggy McIlveene

July 4, 2003

Happy New Year 2004!

I know we don't deserve it, Lord,
for our Nation's steeped in sin,
but I ask You to protect us,
'til Messiah comes again!

Terrorism's on the rise,
Satan's getting strong,
he wants to take a multitude
within his evil throng!

Please rain fire on our enemies,
confuse their thoughts and deeds.
Please be our Ark, dear Savior,
You know our fears and needs.

Please don't tarry, Jesus Christ,
and let this be the year
that you descend and give the shout,
"Dear children, come up here!"

Peggy McIlveene

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