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An Ark Full of Critters

Before the flood, Noah loaded the ark

with 2 bears, 2 lions, and some larks.

But why, oh why’d God have to put

two spiders on the ark???


I’m OK with 2 elephants,

2 zebras, 2 cows and 2 goats;

but why do you figure He wanted to put

2 termites on a wooden boat???


Horses are also OK with me,

and dogs and cats and mandrakes;

but for the life of me, I can’t figure

His reason for adding on snakes!


It was cool that He added ostriches,

and giraffes and pigs and crows,

but I can’t think of a single good thing

about fleas, ticks or mosquitoes!


I’ve often wondered about these things,

one day I’ll have to ask Him.

I’m firmly convinced that flies must be

a result of man’s penchant for sin!

Peggy McIlveene

September 18, 2003


"You shall take with you of every clean animal by sevens,
a male and his female; and of the animals that are not clean two,
a male and his female; also of the birds of the sky,
by sevens, male and female,
to keep offspring alive on the face of all the earth. Genesis 7:2-3

Eternal Retirement

Eternal retirement's my fervent hope,

I’ll finally get some rest!

And never know another thing,

except the very best!

I'll be able to eat what I want,

and won't gain weight at all!

I'll never have to worry again

'bout too much cholesterol!

I'll never get a headache,

or feel the need to sleep.

I'll never again get hurt,

or feel the need to weep.

I'll never ever be broke again;

pure peace will be my rewards.

Richard & I will ride a Harley

that runs on the power of the Lord!

We won't be walked on anymore,

no more will people tease us.

And no more darkness will we see,

for our eternal light is Jesus!!!


Peggy McIlveene

August 14, 2002



By the sixth day of Creation,

all was made according to plan;

but Jehovah was still lonely,

so He decided to make man.

God formed him from the dust of the earth,

and breathed into him new life;

but man had no suitable helper,

so the Lord made him a wife.

The wife was called a "woman";

life was never again the same!

Cuz you haven’t lived, dear brothers,

until you’ve met a dame!  

Peggy McIlveene

September 2, 2003


Don't Know How People Handle

Don't know how people handle
life's many cares and fears
without Your arms to hold them
and wipe away their tears.

It's hard enough when we are Yours
and walk within Your light,
knowing You'll take care of us
at morning, noon and night.

And if we fear, You'll comfort us,
and we can be assured
that You will never give us more
than You know we can endure.

Thank You so for caring
for those You call Your Own,
and giving us the knowledge
that we'll never be alone.

December 30, 2006


here’s one I wrote the last time my husband was in the hospital

To Know I Have Your Shoulder

Thank you, precious Father,
You know how much it means
to know I have Your shoulder
upon which I can lean.

When Richard told me he was ill,
in tears I took a knee,
begged forgiveness for my doubts,
asked You to comfort me.

I feared it was his heart again,
which I thought that You had healed
and instantly I was ashamed,
and I knew that I must yield.

For You alone have the power
over life and death and such;
I know that he belongs to You,
but I love him oh so much.

The very thought of life without
my precious, loving man,
just terrified my mortal soul,
but then You took my hand.

And once again You led me through
life's multitude of fears...
It's so nice to have Your shoulder
on which to shed my tears.

Peggy McIlveene
August 3, 2008


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