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An independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry, offering scripture studies, apologetics, poetry & more!


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Thanks for visiting our newly reconstructed website. The Messianic Literary Corner (formerly the Messianic Poetry Corner) was launched in 1997 by Marshall Beeber, a Messianic Jew (Hebrew Christian) since 1973.  MLC has evolved in its format to encompass "grace oriented" studies, basic prophetic teachings, scientific and archaeological apologetics, poetry and an associate store. - Read more at:

In Messiah's grace,

Marshall Beeber (Messianic Literary Corner director)

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An Introduction:

My name is Marshall Beeber. I am a Messianic Jew (Hebrew Christian), now in my mid sixties, married and the father of a lovely daughter living near Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. 
I am the director of the Messianic Literary Corner (, a "grace oriented" website offering teaching, poetry, books, and music. I do not consider myself a prophet, although I am a reasonably good teacher of grace doctrine and End Time Prophecy.  I do not have an MDiv. or have graduated any seminary, although I did attend a seminary for a while in my thirties. My education and current profession is in the field of biotechnology.  Given my creditentials, you may interpret my musings or take on things to be purely subjective if you choose.  I have designed this page to be a summary of my take on matters within the religious, political, scientific and cultural world that we live in and the pending Great Tribulation that will soon overtake the world.  I make no apologies for my musings. I wouldn't have written these things unless I believed them to hold a considerable amount of credibility.

I will be adding, deleting and editing my musings in time.  Feel free to comment thru MLC email or via the MLC Facebook Group.

In Messiah's gracious love,

Marshall Beeber

  • Musing #1 -  Messianic Judaism has largely missed the boat in its basic gospel  message and has fallen into error regarding grace teachings. (Ref. MLC grace teachings)
  • Musing #2 -  The Lord Yeshua's (Jesus) second coming will be delayed. In other words, the Rapture will not occur at the onset of the Great Tribulation, but rather in the middle or towards the end.  This will undo many believers. Those that are anchored in the Lords loving grace will overcome. (Ref. Rapture study)
  • Musing #3 - The Messianic Jewish Movement will more than likely disintegrate in the early stages of the pending Great Tribulation, in which most of its members will associate themselves with the remnants of the true Church.
  • Musing #4 - At the onset of the Great Tribulation, the USA will face a financial collapse, mainly due to the instability and devaluation of the US Dollar.  After this collapse the USA will face tremendous political turmoil and our present US Constitution will be terminated and martial law will be instituted.  The USA will become part of a new "World Political Order" and those in political charge will enact measures described in the book of Revelations.
  • Musing #5 -  Whoever is president of the USA at the onset of the Great Tribulation may possibly be the "Anti-Christ" described in Revelations.
  • Musing #6 - The 666 Mark of the Beast described in Revelations could very well be the electronic "chip" that is commonly used today to identify pets and cattle.
  • Musing #7 - The only possible place for a Messianic Jewish person to find safe haven in the Great Tribulation will be Israel.  Israel may not subscribe to the World Political Order which the USA will fall into.
  • Musing #8 - Those who are cashing out their stocks and bonds into gold now will find that is will be of no avail, since during the Great Tribulation, no one will be able to buy or sell without the "Mark of the Beast".  More than likely all gold will be confiscated or become illegal to use as public tender.
  • Musing #9 - As predicted for centuries by Protestant Christians, the Roman Catholic Church will conspire with the Anti-Christ and False Prophet to consolidate all Christian denominations into one.
  • Musing #10 -  All of the calamities described in Revelations will occur during the Great Tribulation, including the impact of the Wormwood Star whose tremendous heat will cause a chemical reaction in the atmosphere reacting N2 and O2 into Nitrous Oxide and Nitric Acid rain.  (Ref. - Scientific Scenario of a Comet and the Wormwood Prophecy").
  • Musing #11 -  In the onset of the Great Tribulation, WWIII will take place, which may be described in Ezekiel as the battle of Gog and Magog.  The enemies of Israel will attack Israel in a time of peace.  These countries appear to be Iran, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Libya and others.
  • Musing #12 - After the battle of Gog and Magog, Israel will rebuild its Temple in Jerusalem and animal sacrifice will resume for the first time in over 2000 years.
  • Musing #13 - As prophesied in Zechariah, Matthew and Revelation, the Anti-Christ will lead forces to capture the Temple and force a pagan animal  sacrifice called "The Abomination of Desolation" in which he will falsely assume himself to be the messiah and will conduct the defiling sacrifice.  At this time all of Israel will revolt against the Anti-Christ and the "Battle for Jerusalem and Armageddon" will commence. 
  • Musing #14 -  During the Battle of Jerusalem and Armageddon, Israel will use the "neutron bomb" on invading forces.  (Ref. Zechariah Prophecy and the Neutron Bomb)
  • Musing #15 - At the time of the Battle of Jerusalem and Armageddon, much of Israel will be praying for the Messiah to come and will accept Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior.  (Ref. Prophetic Promises Given to Israel)
  • Musing #16 -  During the Battle of Jerusalem an army comprised of all the nations of the Earth will invade Israel and attack Jerusalem.  It is at that time Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) will physically return to the Mt of Olives in Jerusalem to fight and prevail against all of Israel's enemies. (Ref Zech 14)
  • Musing #17 -  At the time of Messiah's return , all Israel will be saved (Zech 14, Romans 2)
  • Musing #18 -  After Messiah's return, the former curse that covered Israel will be lifted and Jews will be held in high regard by all the nations. (Ref. Prophetic Promises Given to Israel)
  • Musing #19 -  Shortly after the Messiah's return all Jews from around the world will return to Israel. (Ref. Prophetic Promises Given to Israel)
  • Musing #20 -  Upon Messiah's return the Messianic Kingdom will be re-established with Jesus sitting upon the Throne of David in Jerusalem, thus re-establishing the Davidic Kingdom, but this time the Kingdom's domain will be the entire Earth. (Ref. Prophetic Promises Given to Israel)
  • Musing #21 - Both Jewish and Gentile brethren of all nations will comprise the Messianic Kingdom. (Ref. Prophetic Promises Given to Israel)
  • Musing #22 -  After Messiah Yeshua's return and the establishment of the Messianic Kingdom, the term Christian will no longer be used.  All followers of Messiah will be called Jews!

The above are my musings written on Sunday, May 5th, 2013.  I will be adding more at a later time.  Feel free to comment on them via MLC email or MLC FB Group.


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