Zechariah Prophecy & The Neutron bomb

by Marshall Beeber

An Introduction

"The Prophetic Visions of Zechariah" provides a glimpse "above history and time", peering into Israel's immediate and far distant future. Zechariah, like Jeremiah and Ezekiel was a priest as well as a prophet.  His prophetic writings focus primarily upon the restoration of the second temple in Jerusalem after the 70 year Babylonian captivity, but also foretells the coming of the Messiah to suffer an atoning death and later to reign as King over all the Earth. On the 24th day of the 11th month (Shebat), in the second year of Darius (536 B.C.),  Zechariah received the first of his seven visions. In the seventh vision, events leading up to Messiah's return are vividly portrayed. Zechariah envisioned a future time when all the nations of the Earth will turn against Judah (Israel), laying siege against Jerusalem. Within this prophecy is the prediction of a plague that will fall upon the armies that fight against Jerusalem.

Zechariah 14:12  This is the plague with which the LORD will strike all the nations that fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. (New International Version)

A Compelling Interpretation of Zechariah's Prophecy

This prophecy seemed like a horrific fantasy until the dawn of the nuclear age.  In the 1970s Samuel Cohen, a nuclear physicist, invented a new tactical nuclear weapon called the "neutron bomb" which would have the exact effect that Zechariah's prophecy stated.

Artillery deployment of Neutron Bomb

Neutron Bomb Definition:

"Also called ENHANCED RADIATION WARHEAD, specialized type of small thermonuclear weapon that produces minimal blast and heat but which releases large amounts of lethal radiation. The neutron bomb delivers blast and heat effects that are confined to an area of only a few hundred yards in radius. But within a somewhat larger area it throws off a massive wave of neutron and gamma radiation, which can penetrate armor or several feet of earth. This radiation is extremely destructive to living tissue.


Due to its short-range destructiveness and the absence of long-range effect, the neutron bomb would be highly effective against tank and infantry formations on the battlefield but would not endanger cities or other population centers only a few miles away. It can be carried in a Lance missile or delivered by an 8-inch (200-millimetre) howitzer, or possibly by attack aircraft. In strategic terms, the neutron bomb has a theoretical deterrent effect: discouraging an armored ground assault by arousing the fear of neutron bomb counterattack. The bomb would disable enemy tank crews in minutes, and those exposed would die within days. U.S. production of the bomb was postponed in 1978 and resumed in 1981."Source: https://www.britannica.com/technology/neutron-bomb

The neutron bomb is now part of the arsenal of most countries armed with nuclear weapons. After a recent threat of Israel's annihilation by the leader of Iran in 2006,  Israel admitted having an arsenal of nuclear weapons.  The types of weapons Israel possesses were not specified.

Some theologians believe the plague will emanate directly from God's angels rather than being of human invention.  They admit the plague resembles the effects of a "neutron bomb", but refute the prophetic connection with nuclear weaponry.  In support of the "Neutron Bomb Connection" in Zechariah 14:12, some propose certain human inventions to be "Wrought of God" when fulfilling a purpose in God's prophetic plan. Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph made such a statement upon its inception. The Zechariah 14:12 topic remains an intriguingly credible bit of prophetic speculation.  See the referring links below for details.


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