Science, Supernatural & Scripture!

by Marshall Beeber

Artistic depcition of Big Bang Creation Event

An Introduction

A study series challenging the presumption that all Biblical prophecy is nothing more than myth by focusing attention on established scientific theories and plausible connections with physical phenomena. The study also focuses attention on biblically related phenomena and their plausible scientific explanations. The "God of Israel" not only claims to be the only true God, but also leaves us many physical proofs of His existence.


It was by the Spirit of God that the Hebrew prophets were able to site physical events that remained unexplainable until the last century. From a strict scientific viewpoint, all biblical revelation foreseeing natural or miraculously occurring events should not  be discussed in a scientific forum, since such considerations are considered devoid of empirical data.  Nevertheless, the revelation of physical phenomena described in this study begs to argue its validity. Let the reader make his or her judgment on its credibility.


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