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5. Studies

Prophecy Studies
          i.Israel's Prophetic Promises
          ii.Isaiah Prophecy Study
          iv. Zechariah Prophecy Study (p2,p3, p4,p5)
          v. Timing of Rapture
          vi. Theology of Triune God
          vii.Theological Roots of Antisemitism

Grace Studies
          i.Submitting Torah Observance to NC Principles
          ii. Epistle to Hebrews Study
          iii. Epistle to Romans Study
          iv.Epistle to Galatians Study
          v.Dismantling Legalism in Messianic Movement
          vi References of Freedom in Pauls Epistles
          vii.Why Gentile Believers Should Not Observe Torah
          ix.Cultural Marxist Roots of Torah Observant Messianics
          x. "One New Man" Error In the Messianic Jewish Movement
          xi.  Hebrew Roots Movement's Redefining of Words
          xii. Significance of Ancient Messianic Seal

Biblical Archaeology
          i. Ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah Found
          ii.Discovery of Red Sea Exodus Crossing
          iii.Read Mt. Sinai found in Saudi Arabia

Science & Prophecy
          i. Creation Theory and Genesis
          ii.Collapsing Universe Theory and Genesis
          iii. Global Flood Account and Genesis
          iv.Global Warming and the Bible
          v. Science and the Wormwood Star Prophecy (&intro page)
          vi. Zechariah Prophecy and the Neutron Bomb
          vii. New Shroud of Turin Evidence

MLC Poetry Collection

      a Poetry Showcase Categories

          i. New Poetry Showcase
          ii.Endtime Poetry Showcase

      b. Guest Poet Index Page
      Messianic Á Christian Poet Inessianic Literary Corner)
      c. Individual Poet Pages
Shaul David Austin , (p2)
          ii.Graham Barlin
          iii.Marshall Beeber (p2,p3
          iv.Gary Bertnick (p2,p3,p4)
          v.Asher Blake
          vi.Carol Blomberg
          vii.Joe Breunig
          viii.Bruce Buckner
          ix.Leelia Cornell (p2,p3)
          x.Lyle Davis
          xi.Eva (p2,p3, p4,p5, p6)
          xii.Penny Foster
          xiii.Roddie Harris
          xv.Donna Herman
          xvi. David Heischman
          xvii.James F. Hill (pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,favs)
          xviii.Barbara Knowles (Hesed) (p2)
          xix.Barry Johnson (p2,p3)
          xx.Matthew Kegans (p2,p3)
          xxi.Shoshanna Kurzweil
          xxii.Lita Kurtzer (p2)
          xxiii.Jeffrey Ludwig
          xxiv.Penny MacPherson
          xxv.Peggy McIlveene (p2,p3)
          xxvi.Doris McGohon
          xxvii.Roger Reeves
          xxviii. Dee Sadler (p2)
          xxix.Ron Shultz
          xxx.Jeffrey Thompson (p2,p3)
          xxxi.Tricia Van Seters
          xxxii.Ben Volman (p2)
          xxxiii.Martin Weiss
          xxxiv.John Zarbo