The Spirit of Self sacrifice in the Celebration of Succoth (Feast of Tabernacles)

By Marshall Beeber

1. 0ld Covenant references to the celebration of Succoth:

a.  Lev. 23: 34-43

b.  Ex. 23: 16

2. Significance of Succoth celebrations in relation to the right sacrificial attitude:

a. Yom Kippur (5 days after)

b. Gathering of the fall harvest and a sacrifice of first fruits

C. A day of rest (Sabbath)

d. Joyous celebrations

e. Seven days

f. Holy convocation (trumpet blown, water poured, singing of Great Hallel (Ps 113-118)


3. Significance of the tabernacle, booth or succoth

a. Vulnerable

b. Of this earth (temporary)

c. Dependent upon God for food, water, and shelter.

d. Fruits and plants covering booth (God's provision)

4. Messiah's teaching during Succoth

a. John 7:16-18 Authority to teach and wisdom are not his own.

b. John 7: 24 Stop judging by appearances

c. John 7: 37-43 "lf anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink...


5. Significance of Yeshua's teaching

   a. Done one the 7th day of Succoth, signifying God's perfection, completion and rest from his work. Messiah Himself is that rest, perfection and completion. Yeshua will bring rest to the believer (no more striving in in the flesh)      and one day soon He will bring rest, perfection and completion to this entire world. (Is 35: 1-2, Zech. 8:23, Gen. 49:8-16)

b. Succoth has a strong reference to the Millennium and the reign of Messiah over all the earth. Succoth will one day be celebrated in the Millennium throughout the earth. (Zech. 14: 16-19)

  6. Summary: In the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) we can be confident of our redemption and rejoice, being at rest with God. Succoth signifies to those believers in Messiah, the joy, thankfulness and peace we can all have through Yeshua's atoning sacrifice.

7. The Logic of Self Sacrifice

   a.  Self Sacrifice In A World Dying 0f Selfishness
  "He is no fool, who will give up what he can't keep to gain what he cannot lose"  quote by Jim Elliot

b.  Why the world is dying to hear the Gospel!

   c.  Why believers in the Messiah Jesus must have the right sacrificial attitude to truly have any effect on the world.

d.  Counterfeits 0f Godly Self Sacrifice

  hedonistic sacrifice

 secular humanistic sacrifice

 luke-warm sacrifice

  legalistic sacrifice

 impure sacrifice

   vicarious sacrifice

  fearful sacrifice

e. Presenting one's "free will offering"

f.  Presenting an acceptable "sacrifice for sin"



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