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The Poetry of Jeffrey Thompson - Page One

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The Messianic Literary Corner is an independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry, offering scripture studies, scientific and archaeological apologetics, poetry and more!  Click "View Page" below to read more.

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The Messianic Literary Corner (formerly the Messianic Poetry Corner) was launched in 1997. It's original poetry ministry continues with the works of over seventy poets.  Click "View Page" to read more.


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An independent grace oriented Messianic Jewish ministry, offering scripture studies, apologetics, poetry & more!


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2 Stanzas On: Love (b. 5 - 29 - 2001)
By Jeffrey Thompson (b. 3 - 3 - 1968)

O love of love - do be my love
Where faith and hope do fall. -
And G-d above, do be my joy -
To prosper on - and onwards: all
Do have it - deep in self -
To teach it to their by-gone days
Where penance finds a vast abode
In higher, fragrant, godly ways.

Of: Heaven And Hell (b. 5 - 26 - 2001)
A Poem By Jeffrey R. Thompson (b. 3 - 3 - 1968)

Heaven and Hell
is a thrilling theme
of what it all does mean to me
my gifts were taken in a shift
of coffee
to the sway of the perfect image
of one g-d in me
making the page for a day.
Heaven and Hell
is a trilling wean
that captures by the sea ere
and past selahed to chaos
of coffee
and the greek gods ingrained
to my weather.
so come sweeter . . .
Heaven and Hell
is a billing scene
of what it sure does mean to men
in the pews at church
with all of their women, not knowing the lurch
that hides itself as near as Cain still speaks to this day, here . . .
abide: that fur elise has found me here
of LvBeethoven’s starry, seeing -
Mercy eyes?

"Big Money"
A Poem By Jeffrey R. Thompson

Big money.
seething bodies of corruption
steal the scene
away from me
and say that it’s obscene to type.
But: the Lord will surely make it right.
mesquitos bite . . . .
And: violin strings just sear of a well-burnished beauty.
what has really happened here?
I saw the rainbows past the dew
that made a hue for rhyme forgot
and distant people, so as sure.
i’m in it just for something more: -
like: role models and / decency.
i’ll steal the sinner from the grave
of: wake the dead, and what he gave
of: but a certain solution for all of the luxuries
inside my house. of doubts and rumors that so spread,
‘tis just big money to write dead
and thrill a nation with your sounds
that out-renown the comers there
to a slow-stroke of ransom
for a violin concert.
yes, alas, I have hearkened the dead
to a new page within me
to a rue-rage upon me
that just comforts me: sorrow.
it was: ME
so screaming at the dew in my headroom
that I’d play that one compact disc once all over again
just to show the salutes
of: my poetry works
of: a piety
before the sanhedrin in yeshua’s time.
God, do save us from the tidal waves as turb’lent times
that rage as fast as pen can go
at my deep-desert woe
turned to joy again, here
that I forget the year
that it happened at first -
on this page of my death
as this rage of my birth
woed to asunder, again
to a thunder attained
by the gifts that Christ gave . . .
will kill you
with the joy that does thrill you
to: classmates - adieu
to my cause - and me.
eventually: big money doesn’t matter / it makes no difference
whether you were rich or poor at your death,
and we all just breathe the same breath
of statutes
and gain
that I can’t say
what was I wore before the coming dew
made it’s own roar
at the cleft of the stars
in my jail-house room bars
I am bored w / the tricks
of political ######
working an acupuncture upon me?
I simply: do not know.
the coming fragrance winds shall ####
of vapors that try me, rancid
and a pacified #### of a new, truest vision
of tapers, and: Yeshua.


A Sonnet By Jeffrey Reed Thompson

from within
seizes my brain
for call it sin
on the wrath of this planet
to the devil in Hell
of my joy delivered as to another sanctuary
of the heaven within us / the heaven about us
the heaven we climb uselessly in struggle towards
like men in action / men at war, we say:
Man your torpedoes - again!
how it all claims it’s luxury
and comes to a useless, bitter end
or Hell’s escapees delivered . . . .

"A Sprinkled Seed - For: All Of The Tumble-Weed Inside ME."

A Poem By Jeff R. Thompson

Let us see what we can do. I have the sunlight
And the new
of the stagecraft i’ve passed
past a witchcraft so sage
that I forgot to play a game:
upon my name, here, fell a blame
of the fells
in the witchiest city:
Oberlin, Ohio
where heartland is by-passed
to the surgery of what will do me, and truly
just throw all those ####### strait into the sea
so that I can breath a nervous end,
at least
to all the derision
that so eats
the moral fibers of my body I can’t speak -
the earth is G-d’s gift to the meek,
not the wicked that geek
in a new way in secret
in the art for humility of me
in my humanity, that human need
that finds a spark out on the page -
great men may share a common rage
of graffiti upon them
of the so-spaken wren
that departs so a mourning dove
my roof-top wore awhile, and there, I smiled
that I could walk a common mile
w / the ########
w / joy of the #######, once escaping the truth
for my own Hell of joy . . . .
that, bottomless, for treating ware
of a mad snare
of w / in us/ upon us
the kingdom of Heaven comes back to the wind
of me: deep, and within
of the depth of sarcasm I write w / adventured
to a new land of bores, not /
as to a place that Heaven never can forget:
to know at least the curse of Noah?
all about the waters just flowed to a rainbow. -
and the wicked drowned in wicked need . . . .

The WORD Of The LORD As Perceived Under SUN
A Sonnet By Jeffrey R. Thompson

"I am who I am."
- find some sinners god-damned
- find some sinners become
- and here, under the sun
Here, and fortitude - Yeshua in you.
The truth that has made us / what
Becomes: morning to ev’ning.
I go on in lim’rick
for the truth is a mad trick
upon sinners
upon winners
found the be-you slick . . . adieu.

Vast Ocean - The Vessels Will Brawl With The Storm (b. 5 - 29 - 2001)

A Sonnet By Jeff Thompson (b. 3 - 3 - 1968)

I just want to be forgiven
of the all I do not do; -
I’ll just try my hand at leavened
bread, for all the joyful, too
rue of the burning and starriest tensions
that arise in the lepers, as so
the one truth of the fallen liaisons
that just fallen, and fallen next: go!
I, how: seek to be wise. -
I, lo, and behold, seek to tame my own name
of disguise
that just beckons to meek eyes - the lame.
I, here, so just forget it all -
for: I am lon’ly again - and the vessels will brawl . . . .

Strange Moments Of Awareness (b. 5 - 26 - 2001)

By Jeff Thompson (b. 3 - 3 - 1968)

Vanished felt
was myself
driving the road
in that car
thinking: I / me.
A doctor's prescription
saw sheets
formed my mad way
out of heart.
The valley of desert
confronted the flower
I was
by gypsies.
Does it all prove me any saner than all of you?
I gather / sow.

It was better in those days.
Manuscripts and doctors
all made me wise.
I just want to get it done now;
so shackle me
to the dearest.
The sheets found me again
coming out of my heart
a slavery?
Use the gifts that G-d gave you - ask your questions, you poets.
And: dream on . . . .

"A Story Of Onion Head - A Freaked Out Monk."

A.D. 10 / 20 / 01 Written In The USA
A Sonnet By The Poet, Jeff Thompson

Onion head dreads cancers of his soul; shined
So well mind, which, so sunny, too, a rue
For wearing well around the town - remind
Me why hate they've a me! Jesus is true -
Even to them who lack the sense enshrined
Sublime to men, women, and children - view
A birth of they today, so vast, entwined
To fate they choose - a loser's fall - - adieu
To me! My destined braves pray which, repined,
Give health to ours - I, who, in psalm askew,
Give yields to verse - my fairer way! Declined
The fools to hear the Lord is good to who
So seek His name for help - all sinned! A kind
Is God who, from strife free, forgives . . . me, too!

An Eve' Of Johannes Brahms' 1st Piano Concerto."
10 / 17 / 01 A.D. Written In The USA
A Sonnet By The Poet, Jeff Thompson

Had where you gone? It was my heart in black,
To soul! I tossed a bit in fits of strife,
I found "it" really wasn't gone - I lack?
Evil of mine in question, comes a wife
Of sorrow, seemed I in peace - flagged attack
Of derision in creeping mind's - mine lifed
A many raindrops, glides the winds in what
God love does bring - ah! perfect - gifts, of night
In chorus with an evening bride, so young,
Marries a Virgin, that Yahweh - of slight
Ages ago that breeze, in still of tongue
Too short to frame it art, in sages, bright
Intellect, massed beyond - in stars' cry, clung,
Clustered, unseen imaged, but Brahms - gold? Right!

"Do Not Interrupt The Virgin In Her Meditations."
A.D. 10 / 20 / 01 Written In The USA
A Sonnet By The Poet, Jeff Thompson

My tastes so change in music flows that turns
Away with haste - the next day news that feels
The privacies I've made to know what yearns
Inside myself . . . Devils! It wrecked; appeals
To some salutes of notion's wares - it burns
Inside me - consumes crushed soul which for heals
Of it's need, greed? I have so many churns
Of that nuisance intruding stings - the deals
Men make bereave me who together learns
So just as it's from where it comes that steals
My solitude and stars for peace - to ferns
At grow on grave of mine in time repeals
Me towards a finer place - Heaven returns
To you a portion owned by you God seals.

"Atlantic Ocean Seized My Mind."

A.D. 10 / 20 / 01 In the USA
A Sonnet By The Poet, Jeff Thompson

Ocean comes, learned it's hues of sky, so rich
In blue by day to see it's leagues that seize
The mind to higher realms of beauty's stitch
To hem a bit of fathomless fair freeze,
Mysteriously, and beckons the pitch
Of the sound towards a music - shoreline trees
To the hum, true, in blessing mind's own itch
To reach the sands before it was - what breeze
Did call but God's? Endlessly, souls may snitch
To think they caught a wink of God by sea's
Reply - so vast, and rings archaic hitch
Of which so sweetly seems to sing that seize
The heart and mind, as soul made whole; the ditch
To sea is water born - ponder what frees!

"Nocturnal Dream Freedom: Insanity"

A.D. 10 / 20 / 01 In The USA
A Sonnet Written By The Poet, Jeff Thompson

Insanity does seize my mind, harbored
In chaos, strikes oblivion! So sad
An outcome, which is mine to bear, labored,
And trod by those who come afar, so glad
To see the pressure feast I eat, arbored
By change as the lily's domain, as mad
As dandelion's seed spree, froths sabered
Sergeants to tree life, whacks the leaves so bad
They drown me - sins of nature! Ghastly, and
Evoking witches for approval! Knights
The shepherd - sheep for snatching lures the land -
Idolatry in the still breeze - come lights
Of those, who, seen by God, escape from bland,
Restore nocturnal freedom - freedom fights!


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