Torah Observance & Cultural Marxism!

by Marshall Beeber


The more you understand what Cultural Marxism is and how it has negatively affected Western society, the more you will discover how modern counter culture movements have easily adopted Cultural Marxist deceptive techniques. When studying the origins of "Torah Observant Messianic Judaism" (TOMJ) you will find that its founders wholeheartedly adopted a Cultural Marxist counterculture strategy.

Kark Marx - Photo & Quote

The goal of Cultural Marxism is that of undermining the spiritual and moral foundations of a society and supplanting a counterculture of their own design opposed to the social norms that they intend to destroy. TOMJ leaders at the vanguard of the movement, though dedicated to a Messianic vision, also had a vision of creating a wholly Torah observant Messianic Jewish movement.  To be successful, their vision of total Torah observance within the MJM being in opposition to the grace teachings of the Apostle Paul had to be promoted in a fashion that would circumvent their opponents by deceptive means. Using Cultural Marxist theory as their strategy to achieve their goals they shamelessly perverted the historical record of the early Church and invented the myth of a "Torah observant Rav Shaul".


They should have known that such deceit would only cause sin to abound, but they were blinded by the goal of overturning the Pauline Gospels. Their object was that of stealing the identity of the Apostle Paul and reinterpreting his Epistles, to forge a false gospel!  Though the originators of this erroneous doctrine were quite aware of their deceit, once the ruse was passed onto Messianic teachers with itching ears for new "higher criticism" it was considered to be a refinement of a prevouosly flawed historical and doctrinal viewpoint. In a simlar fashion Cultural Marxist deceit has also crept into Protestant teachings by theologians assuming such "higer criticism" was constructive for the Church to progress in modern society. 

The Smoking Gun

The task of challenging the historicity of a "Torah Observant Rav Shaul (Paul)" is not very difficult, given that prior to the late 1980s there were only two opposed theological camps regarding Pauline teachings; Those that believed the Pauline gospels to be divinely inspired and those that considered Paul a heretic and his teachings opposed to early Church teachings (Neo-Ebionites).  Within the Messianic Jewish Movement from the 1970s throughout most of the 1980s there was little discussion of Paul ever promoting Torah observance and some discussion regarding the Biblical authority of the Pauline gospels.  By the mid 1990s though, the debate within the Messianic Jewish Movement by these two opposed camps apparently ended and a movement had begun to promote the acceptance of a Torah observant Paul and the reinterpretation of his Epistles . Why so?  Did the TOMJ Neo-Ebionites discover a way of achieving their goals within the MJM without winning the theological debate?  Apparently they did so!  By adopting a Cultural Marxist historically deceptive strategy they hijacked the entire Messianic Jewish Movement without a fight.  The beauty of all this deceit was that once the majority of believers within the movement accepted the historical fabrication, the originators never had to argue that Paul was a heretic again, since they invented a new Paul (Rav Shaul) that totally agreed with their goal of total Torah observance within the MJM

The Evil Fruit of Deceit

After the Pauline gospels vanished from the mindset of most Messianic Jews, the heresy then spread to the Hebrew Roots and Messianic Gentile movements that promoted this false gospel among thousands of Gentile Christians successfully. Today the Gentile Torah observant population predominates over the its smaller Messianic Jewish counterpart to the dismay of most Messianic Jewish and Christian leaders.The Messianic Jewish leaders that originated the heresy though have washed their hands of any guilt for promoting these historical distortions. Many Messianic Jewish rabbis and their dedicated followers still cling to the Torah observant Rav Shaul fabrications and refuse to consider them as historical distortions. To compound the problem, the grace oriented Messianic Jewish or Hebrew Christian ministries mostly address the problem as "their problem".  This apathy alludes to one of the reasons why they were so easily defeated decades ago. Also, in the last decade many historical errors have filtered down to these ministries as well.  

Taking Action

So why bring this up now? The time has never been better for a dramatic change in the Messianic Jewish Movement!  With growing discontent within Messianic ranks, believers are looking for the truth.  It is also apparent that many grace oriented Christian and MJ leaders never really understood how they were so easily defeated. The time is now right for grace oriented believers to expose the deceit and persuade those believers who were unknowingly deceived to reject the historical lies and abandon their mandatory Torah observances. To fight this false gospel, grace oriented believers must pray for the Spirit to empower them to exhort and teach Torah observant Messianic Jews and Gentiles  the principles of freedom and grace that are so evident in the Epistles of Paul.  They must also show those in bondage how Cultural Marxism works and how it is the near perfect weapon designed by Satan to destroy the gospel of grace. Grace oriented believers must be bold and approach their deceived brethren with power and persuasion. 

Informative Articles

Below, you will find a factual video explaining how Cultural Marxism began and how it has permeated all of Western culture.  Other articles also explain the fight that Christians must wage to combat these false spirits.  The Messianic Literary Corner also has numerous articles and reference links below explaining the principles of grace and the necessity to submit all Torah observances to these principles.