Theology of the Triune Nature of God

In the last decade more Messianic Jewish ministries are straying from orthodox New Covenant theology and falling into error with teachings of mandatory Torah observance and anti-trinitarian doctrine. These erroneous teachings appear to be the result of an over-zealous attitude of returning to Hebraic roots.

Echad (Hebrew) - Multiple Unity

Such teachings support an orthodox Jewish viewpoint without due consideration to Messianic prophecy revealing the triune nature of G-d or New Covenant teachingsTo counter this error, doctrinal references from some of the most respected Messianic Jewish leaders are cited below. The mystery of the Lord's triune nature is revealed in these excellent articles.


Studies Supporting The Triune Nature of God

The Trinity - by Milton Lindberg (AMFI)

The Trinity Q&A - Karol Joseph (Jews for Jesus)

Trinity Is Jewish - by Rachmiel Friedland

Jewishness And The Trinity-by Dr.Arnold Fructenbaum (Ariel Ministries))

Recommended Books