Poetry of

Introductory Statement

"I am not a poet. There are times when I kneel and write words on a page that flow from the Throne of Grace, and these words become beautiful poetry flowing from my inner being, poems birthed in heaven, coming from the Heart and Spirit of the Father. At those times, when I sense, 'this poem is not from me', I am just as blessed by what He has said as anyone. I hear heaven breathing the words the Father would want to speak to His children, and for this I am sincerely blessed and humbled. This work is His and all the praise belongs to Him."

The Game

Life is a game we each must play,

With purpose and design.

The rules of life are in The Book;

The length of it is time.

You may decide to play the game

Without the rules prescribed,

But then you've played another game,

You've played your game..not Mine.


My Plan,

My Purpose,

My Design,


Is meant to bring you through

This game of life so hard to play

Unless you know the rules.


You may play the game with gusto,

With health,

With wealth and more,

But in the end you'll lose the game

Because the rules were yours.


Your Captain played the "Game of Life"

With Beauty and with Grace

He taught you how to play the game

For each one He did taste.


So seek to learn the rules of Life

By following the Son,

So in the end you'll be the ones

Who win,

Who overcome.


My Blood was shed for all to share

Eternal Life Divine.

So play the Game

And by the rules,

In the allotted time.....

April 2008 


When time has come

And time has gone

You can't get back the time.

It's lost!

It's lost!

And there is no cost

To bring it back again.

The value of each day,

Each hour,

Cannot be measured here

But when we stand

Before our G-d,

A reckoning we will give.

Of each minute spent alone with Him

And each hour in search of play,

But when the hourglass has been tilt

And all the sand there has been split,

We'll wish for longer days.

O, help us Yah, redeem the time,

To think of it as gold,

So when at last we see Your Face

And enter into timeless grace

What glory we'll behold!

"So teach us to number our days,

that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

Psalms 90:12-----



Walk in the way that I ordain.

Walk in My Ways and give Me praise.

Learn of My Statutes.

My Precepts be thine.

Uphold all My Judgements

And in your time,

The world will stand back

With wonder and say,

"Who is his G-d?"

"Who does he obey?"

For in You alone does Wisdom reside.

And in You alone can mankind abide.

For You are the Wisdom that comes from above

That seeks out and covers Your children with love.

You anoint them,

You call them,

You fill them with grace

And then give them a hunger to seek Your Face.

Oh, how then can man his own plans devise?

When without Your Wisdom it is his demise.

"A man's steps are decided by the LORD;

What does a man know about his own

way?" Proverbs 20:24



Like a man in the midst of the ocean alone,

With no where to turn or to plea,

This is the man in the depths of his soul,

This is the man without Me.



 Painting of Man

O, what is man that You bow to speak

Such words of wisdom, words so sweet?

To tell him of Your time, Your space,

That he may bask in Your embrace?

O, what is man, so frail, so weak,

Without a chance himself to keep

The purposes of Your plan in time

That he may walk with You Divine?

Your plan of heaven You've made known

To those who live for You alone,

To walk in mercy and in truth,

What man could do it without You?

"When I behold Your heavens,

the work of Your fingers, the moon and the

stars that You set in place,

what is man that You have been mindful of him,

mortal man that You have taken note of him,

that You have made him little

less than divine, and adorned him

with glory and majesty." Psalms 8:4-6



I planted The Seed in the garden of time.

The Seed did blossom and grow.

The Perfume of The Seed fulfilled My desires.

The Blossom was whiter than snow.

The Blossom died and was placed in the earth.

But in three days The Blossom revived.

The Fragrance of Life in the hearts of men,

The Beauty of G-d Glorified!

"I will be to Israel like dew;

He shall blossom like the lily...His

fragrance like that of Lebanon." Hosea 14:6-7