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All Human DNA Tracks Back To Noah
by Marshall Beeber

Scientists have been comparing the genetic differences between every  major people group around the globe. How did those differences arise? Assuming that God placed the ideal mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) sequence into Eve, all those differences arose by mutations since the Genesis 3  curse, about 6,000 years ago. Other scientists measured the rate at  which these copying errors occur. Though very slow—we acquire about one  mutation every 6 generations—a few dozen mutations could appear after  several millennia.

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson downloaded publicly available human mitochondrial genome sequence data to do exactly that. Publishing in Answers Research Journal,  his results show that the number of today's mtDNA differences exactly  matches the number predicted by the Bible's 6,000 years of human  history.1 Mitochondrial DNA from around the world shows no  trace of the 200,000 or so years' worth of mutations that the evolution  model predicts. (click reference)

Evidence of Three Branches of mtDNA Common For All Humanity

 Geneticists construct tree diagrams using software that places the most  similar genetic sequences near one another, and the most dissimilar  sequences on the longest branches. Jeanson found at least two distinct  patterns in the human mtDNA tree diagram that confirm Genesis.  The center of the diagram shows three main trunks. Each reflects a  specific mtDNA sequence with only a handful of differences from the  other two.
Could these three trunks represent the unique mtDNA from the wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth?

A second pattern emerges that also fits the three wives explanation.  Assuming longer times between each generation, according to the biblical  record of lifespans before the Flood, and using today's slow mutation  rate, the 1,656 years between Adam and Noah would have produced the  small number of differences that the short lines between each trunk  represent.  Jeanson compared the small number of mtDNA differences between each trunk, or central node,  with the relatively large number of differences in the branches. He  wrote, "About 1,660 years passed from Creation to the Flood, whereas  4,365 years passed from the Flood to the present—a ~2.6:1 time ratio.  Consistent with this, the branches connecting the nodes to one another  were much shorter than the branches spraying out from the nodes—as if  the short branches represented pre-Flood mutations, and the long  branches represented post-Flood mutations."1
It appears that modern genetics confirms Genesis, which says, "So Noah  went out, and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives with him." (click reference)

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