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Intelligent Design & Life
by Marshall Beeber

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features  of the universe and of living things are best explained by an  intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.  (click for reference)

Evidence of Intelligent Design In DNA

Dr Stephen Meyer of the Discover Institute gave a detailed explanation of  the Origin of Information in DNA and the Origin of Life.  He stated "As noted, biological information,  such as we find in DNA and proteins, comprises two features: complexity  and functional specificity. Computer codes and linguistic texts also  manifest this pair of properties (“complexity” and “specificity”), what I  have referred to throughout this book as specified information.  Although a computer program may be similar to DNA in many respects and  dissimilar in others, it exhibits a precise identity to DNA insofar as  both contain specified complexity or specified information.  Accordingly,  the design argument developed here does not rely on a comparison of  similar effects, but upon the presence of a single kind of effect  — specified information — and an assessment of the ability of competing  causes to produce that effect. The argument does not depend upon the  similarity of DNA to a computer program or human language, but upon the  presence of an identical feature in both DNA and intelligently designed  codes, languages, and artifacts. Because we know intelligent agents can  (and do) produce complex and functionally specified sequences of symbols  and arrangements of matter, intelligent agency qualifies as an adequate  causal explanation for the origin of this effect. Since, in addition,  materialistic theories have proven universally inadequate for explaining  the origin of such information, intelligent design now stands as the  only entity with the causal power known to produce this feature of  living systems. Therefore, the presence of this feature in living  systems points to intelligent design as the best explanation of it, whether such systems resemble human artifacts in other ways or not."   

Here, Stephen Meyer summarizes his argument:

Intelligent Design & Irreducibly Complex Molecular Machines

Molecular machines are another compelling line of evidence for  intelligent design, as there is no known cause, other than intelligent  design, that can produce machine-like structures with multiple  interacting parts. In a well-known 1998 article in the journal Cell, former president of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Bruce Alberts explained the astounding nature of molecular machines:
[T]he entire cell can be viewed as a factory that  contains an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines, each of  which is composed of a set of large protein machines.… Why do we call  the large protein assemblies that underlie cell function protein  machines? Precisely because, like machines invented by humans to deal  efficiently with the macroscopic world, these protein assemblies contain  highly coordinated moving parts.

In the 1990s Dr Michael Behe, a PhD from the University of Pennsylania and professor at Lehigh University discovered that the bacterial flagella with its irreducible complexity conflicted with Neo-Darwinian theory.  He wrote a book titled "Darwin's Black Box" which asserted that the only explanation for the origin of the flagella could be that of "Intelligent Design" rather than "Neo-Darwinian theory".  To better understand Dr Behe's reasoning see the YouTube video below. (click for reference).

Intelligent Design & The Origin of Animals

In his book Darwin’s Doubt,  Stephen Meyer considers the nature of animals and what is required to  build an animal. He finds that only intelligent design can explain the  abrupt origin of animal life in the fossil record, as well as the new  information required to build the integrated nature of parts and systems  that comprise animal body plans. Here’s how Meyer makes the case that  intelligent design is the best explanation for many aspects of the  origin of animals as witnessed in the Cambrian explosion.

Intelligent agents can generate new form rapidly as we see in the abrupt appearance of animals in the Cambrian fossil record.  See the YouTube video below explaining the origin of animals in the Cambrian period.

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